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Based in Langenhagen town of Germany, Whitepaper InterfaceDesign provides integration solutions as well as consulting services in the SAP context. Its main focus is on interfaces; application, system, or process integration, cloud connectivity, and business process modeling. It offers product categories which are add-ons to SAP’s middleware products. These products include SAP Process Orchestration (PI) and SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI). They are marketed under the registered brand, WHINT® and provide solutions for Connectivity, Interface Management, and Plug&Play Interfaces.

Improving SAP’s Middleware Solutions with Connectivity Products

SAP middleware does not provide adapters for all specific protocols and integration formats in the market. Further, an efficient connectivity in the market is needed to improve the efficient usage of SAP interfaces with middleware solutions. To compensate such pitfalls, Whitepaper InterfaceDesign is focused on the SAP ecosystem in the area of application integration. They also deliver consulting services: in order to stay connected to customer projects and current requirements. Whitepaper InterfaceDesign products add value to every single company running their interfaces on SAP middleware with better connectivity, providing transparency, quality, and control.

The leading SAP solutions provider understands the importance of middleware for the daily operations of client’s business processes and interfaces. Hence, Whitepaper InterfaceDesign provides connectivity products for middleware that are especially made for stability and reliability. In addition, it offers a maintenance and support service for its solutions which are charged at 20% of the software license. The support plan includes product updates for feature enhancements as well as e-mail support.

Whitepaper InterfaceDesign aims to avoid reinventing the wheel repeatedly and provide high-quality project accelerators for pure connectivity requirements and complete integration scenarios. This enables the company to deliver configurable interfaces for specific SAP to Non-SAP integration. Whitepaper InterfaceDesign believes that the make or buy approach not only works for standard software products but also for integration challenges.

Enhancing Productivity with WHINT® Interface Catalog

In order to increase the quality and minimize downtimes, Whitepaper InterfaceDesign provides Interface Management solutions which target the improvement of transparency and control of interface landscapes. The solutions deliver documents and reports about the integration assets based on SAP middleware as well as interface runtime statistics. This helps them to improve transparency along with monitoring and alerting capabilities and achieve zero outage with quick resolution times.

The bestseller product of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign, WHINT® Interface Catalog downloads all interfaces, channels, and trading partners including their configuration details into Excel documents. Due to this, team leaders and senior integration experts can gain a better overview about the integration landscape and increase their productivity. It also serves their main goal to reduce the risk of interface downtimes, delays, and financial risk like revenue loss.

Dedicated CEO, Handling Variety of Jobs at Whitepaper InterfaceDesign

At Whitepaper InterfaceDesign, the Owner and Founder, Adam Kiwon focuses on business development. Additionally, he contributes his knowledge by working on projects at customer site. According to project requirements, Adam continuously switches his work. He plays different roles ranging from integration consultant, trainer for SAP’s integration courses to product owner taking meetings in Hannover.

The versatile CEO of Whitepaper InterfaceDesign believes that there is a constant flow of new solutions surfacing the business world. Due to his keen interest in emerging technologies, Adam likes such new improvements make him work more productively. Moreover, he enjoys the diversity of his job, improving every aspect of services. Adam and his team follow a culture of high moral standards and a good form of discipline. They embrace diversity and work together in harmony to offer best-in-class solutions and services. Whitepaper InterfaceDesign has a family friendly environment which respects working times and allows the team members to develop their personal potential.

Whitepaper InterfaceDesignHelping Companies to Achieve Integration Excellence

Over the last year, Whitepaper InterfaceDesign has mainly focused on its Interface Management solutions. Continuously adding functionality to its solutions, the company believes that this product suite is an important pillar to achieve Integration Excellence. Integration Excellence is the ability to build and run an interfaces in a smart and robust way using best practices and reliable, state-of-the-art integration technology.

Furthermore, the leading SAP solutions provider is diving deeper into SAP’s strategic PaaS: SAP Cloud Platform. This deep expertise assists Whitepaper InterfaceDesign to add complementary integration technology solutions of SAP, such as the API Management layer into its products.

Developing Solutions with Future-Proof Planning

With the distribution of other cloud platform vendors, the company sees a high demand delivering connectivity options and plug & play interfaces called as Turn-key Integration Content. Moreover, there is a large amount of generic interfaces which can be standardized in a way where connectivity, mapping, and routing is delivered as ready-to-go integration content. In addition, such content would be optimized, maintained, and modernized over time. This is the least developed area in Whitepaper InterfaceDesign’s portfolio so far. Therefore, the leading Germany-based company plans to deploy a central team which performs all phases of building, stabilizing, and optimizing in a single wave. These arrangements will enable clients to benefit from this central knowledge and allow them to can focus on their specific needs and market/industry related challenges.

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