Webtrends Optimize: Optimizing CRO with an ‘All-Inclusive’ Business Model

Webtrends Optimize

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The accelerated transition to online platforms has proved highly beneficial for businesses in increasing profits and maximizing market spend while improving brand equity. Along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has become a leading aspect of marketing.  As the COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed a notable transition to online platforms, several companies and start-ups shifted their focus to CRO.

Various organizations and individuals are currently investing their focus on online conversions and boosting search performance. Incorporating a simple approach with market-leading technology, Webtrends Optimize helps businesses increase online conversions. It helps maximize the ROI from their website and other digital assets with informed, data-driven decisions.

Full-Stack CRO Platform

In 2018, Webtrends Optimize was born out of a management buy-out from Webtrends Inc. The company officials believed that the opportunity for online growth, particularly in the retail space, would continue to accelerate at a rapid rate and that CRO would become a commodity in much the same way as SEO and PPC. The existing product and offering needed to be re-focused for making CRO and experimentation open to a much broader market as opposed to just those with larger disposable budgets.

Webtrends Optimize is an unrestricted and full-stack CRO platform. It comprises an ‘all-inclusive’ model that enables its tools and features to be available for everyone—so no tiers, paywalls, upgrades are required to access anything. The platform’s suite allows businesses to enhance their visitors’ digital experience and increase conversion rates and revenue through a combination of testing (A/B, Multivariate, etc.) and personalization techniques. It can be done via Webtrends Optimize’s in-house fully managed service, a SaaS platform license, or by utilizing a third-party agency.

Built on Robust Ethos

Webtrends Optimize is built on the ethos– “one size rarely fits all.” It is built on flexibility in its products and support. The company understands the varied industrial niche and requirements such as goals, objectives, and resources, and hence aims to align with its clients and partners to work out the best approach for businesses.

Webtrends Optimize offers its products to everyone at a fixed price, based on traffic volume. By doing so, the company enables its clients to utilize different tools/ techniques or deliver more complex experiments without having to worry about the additional costs. For businesses with smaller or growing traffic (including those users on their free version), the company enables access to all features and tools without technically restricting them in any manner.

Solidified Team Spirit

Every business is propelled by a team of passionate professionals who hold vast expertise in their respective fields of interest. With that being said, every team member of Webtrends Optimize is passionate about their work and share in the success of the company’s business. Webtrends Optimize organizes a weekly all-hands meeting to inform everyone on the team regarding the state of play with the clients, its product development, marketing, and the new business wins. The company also organizes regular team-building and social events that help solidify its team spirit.

Operated by Eloquent Professionals

The team of Webtrends Optimize is spearheaded by Matt Smith. As the CEO, Matt is entrusted with several important roles and responsibilities. Being at the helm, he is responsible for the success of Webtrends Optimize’s business. He upholds an open-door policy, where anyone can talk to him at any given time regarding any topic.

According to Matt, the success of the business is not only measured in financial terms, but also the wellbeing and happiness of the company’s clients, partners, and his team. “Without our people, we are nothing so we ensure that anyone new joining the company will be the right fit to add value to both us and our wider network of valued partners and clients,” he quotes.

Alignment with Market Trends

The current paradigm of the market landscape emphasizes the necessity of leaders as well as enterprises that can cater to the values and potentials of the emerging trends. Being a part of the marketing avenue, Webtrends Optimize takes pride in being aligned with market changes.

To be ahead of its competitors, the company’s development roadmap considers the requirements of its existing and prospective clients along with its partners and the market trends. During the previous year, the company delivered over 25 product enhancements without any additional cost to its clients—either during their contract term or at renewal—and further aims to continue doing that.

Webtrends Optimize is currently in a dignified position to ensure keeping its ear to the ground. The company stays ahead of the curve in terms of delivering functionality and features into the platform which brings immediate real-life value. It is working closely with valued agency CRO partners around the world and has its in-house managed-service team looking after many clients.

Crisis Optimization

The COVID-19 pandemic created various challenges for the company’s clients—especially when people were working from home and social distancing. Instead of scaling back, Webtrends Optimize stepped up its communication to ensure that its clients received more support than usual. The company continued to host quarterly business reviews, utilising Teams or Zoom, rather than face-to-face meetings. As a result, the customer satisfaction levels increased and have been maintained post-COVID-19—further reflected in the number of clients who have chosen to extend for 2 and 3 years at renewal during this period rather than a standard 12 months.

Monitoring and Encompassing Challenges

All start-ups–small or large–face challenges while presenting their brand and solutions in front of their potential audience. Despite the advancement in digital technologies such as PPC and SEO, the market is crowded, and being heard is challenging.

In addition, companies with limited marketing budgets need to rely on customer satisfaction and recommendations which can only be gained by developing strong relationships built on trust. With that being said, Webtrends Optimize constantly aims to over-deliver and go above and beyond. “Nothing breeds success like success,” adds Matt.

Keynote to Aspirants

Webtrends Optimize has successfully delivered its commitments. Under Matt’s leadership, the company has achieved various targets and fulfilled its clientele requirements. He believes that passion and belief are prerequisites to starting and building a company. Being a prodigious leader himself, he suggests individuals to surround themselves with good and talented people who share that passion. Additionally, he also recommends listening to critics and quickly adapting to changing market conditions.

Webtrends Optimize

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