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Digital marketing services for healthcare service providers are the need of the hour. It is about time that healthcare solution providers leverage the power of digital marketing aspects to broaden their audience and extend their services to the vast majority. A robust and effective digital presence allows streamlining services and information while significantly reducing errors.

Several digital marketing professionals are offering holistic marketing strategies for helping healthcare providers build a profound digital presence—WebMarkets Medical being one such prime example.

In 2011, Kris Lloyd (Founder) established WebMarkets and WebMarkets Medical with the foundation based on the need to provide a higher-level strategy and better customer service in the digital marketing industry. WebMarkets Medical offers comprehensive strategies for healthcare service providers to help them build a significant digital presence. With the help of its digital marketing professionals, the company identifies a suitable audience for improving the digital presence of its healthcare clients.

Strategic Medical Marketing Solutions

WebMarkets Medical provides strategic solutions based on the specific needs of healthcare clinics, hospitals, and surgeons. It provides all services under the digital marketing umbrella. These include branding, awareness, advertising, SEO, SEM, social media, geofencing, photography, videography, link building, to name a few.

WebMarkets Medical’s main service is reliability. The company has been regarded as a reliable resource when it comes to the digital marketing needs of its healthcare clients.

Mighty Team of Digital Experts

WebMarkets Medical constitutes a small yet mighty team of cognizant experts in digital marketing. The company employs those who are passionate about digital marketing and understand the depth of the impact of their expertise. Its culture is based on a ‘work hard, play hard mentality’ where it creates an environment focused on being autonomous, empowered, and team-driven. The company strives for monthly employee outings—be it breakfast, baseball games, or other team-building activities.

This robust team is managed and spearheaded by Kris. He asserts that it was challenging for him to keep employees motivated, particularly, during times of crisis. He mentions that maintaining intact positivity, ensuring employee health safety and job security worked out for the team and the members in the company’s communications. “We persevered. Our clients persevered. And with a strong work ethic, accountability, a good attitude, and a little bit of luck, the future is bright,” asserts Kris.

An Empowering Leader at the Core

Being at the helm of the company, Kris manages all aspects of the business. As the company grew, the prior focus of being a valuable resource to the medical community evolved to seeking great talent and like-minded individuals to hire accordingly. According to him, “This strategy primed WM Med to focus on high-quality healthcare marketing services and growth.” Currently, Kris primarily focuses on several aspects of the company’s functioning. These include focusing on strategic partnerships, recruiting top team members, and identifying emerging industry trends that can be capitalized on by the clients.

Surviving the highs and lows induced while establishing a startup in a competitive environment is challenging. WebMarkets Medical grew from generating minimal revenue during its initial stages to generating a seven-figure revenue range with more than 15 employees. “I am incredibly grateful for everyone, past and present, who have been a part of the journey,” gratifies Kris. WebMarkets is presently on its third office headquarters and has continued to outgrow its previous expectations. It has added a variety of services including a hyperlocal multi-media Totally Local and expanded its branding, web design, and SEO capabilities.

Pristine Communication and Strategies

WebMarkets Medical prioritizes providing exceptional client services while experiencing business growth. During challenging times, the company focuses on communication. As a company, WebMarkets is ultra-transparent. During instances when the staff and team are overwhelmed with work projects, it emphasizes communicating accurate timelines and expectations to the clients. The company also focuses on ensuring the correct management of employee processes, strategies, and client-driven goals.

Kris firmly believes that no two plans are alike. He states that comparing digital marketing plans is a great challenge for healthcare companies. Unlike many companies operating under the theory of “mystery is margin”, WebMarkets Medical does not comply with the concept. When the clients need to forecast projections that affect the company’s profitability metrics, the company evaluates all aspects of strategies, tactics, and costs.

Building Reliability during Crisis

WebMarkets Medical’s mentality of ‘giving first and helping others’ was hyper-emphasized during the COVID-19 lockdown. The company understood the insecurities of its clients regarding in-person meetings and focused on increasing its digital presence. It innovated, pivoted, adjusted, connected more, and worked harder together to surpass the challenges.

WebMarkets Medical offered a variety of free digital marketing services to all of its clients to help them get through the pandemic and get back in business. The company asserted its reliability for the clients. As a result, it successfully helped its clients improve their revenue and helped them stay afloat while establishing improved client relationships during times of crisis.

Envisioning Greater Proliferation

Kris envisions continuous growth for WebMarkets Medical during the second half of 2021 due to the success of its exceptional services, cutting-edge strategy, and partnering with people. Since the inception of WebMarkets, Kris has perceived the company as a vehicle for happiness and as an excellent resource for healthcare professionals who need a sincere, strategic, and profitable approach to their marketing plans. Throughout the decade-long journey of its establishment, WebMarkets Medical has been honest, accountable, and reliable while implementing digital marketing services based on its client’s unique requirements. Kris adds, “This mission of company integrity is known as The WebMarkets Way.”

WebMarkets Medical

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