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Vincent Lee, CEO & Owner, Wavelet Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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Seeking inspiration from iconic leaders such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Vincent Lee, the CEO & Owner of Wavelet Solutions Sdn. Bhd. wanted to pursue his dream in entrepreneurship. Since his early childhood days, the inclination and drive to make a significant impact on the society through innovation and inventiveness was deep-rooted within him. Later, after acquiring his master’s degree in Signal Processing from the world-renowned Cambridge University (UK), Vincent began his professional career at DBS Bank (Singapore). However, the innovator within him wanted to take a plunge in the dynamic business landscape, irrespective of the potential challenges that lay ahead.

In July 2002, Vincent first began working on the source code for a unique ERP software and a year later, successfully launched his company. However, this crucial journey was not as easy as it sounds. The innovator behind Wavelet had to completely invest his energy, focus, and patience to turn his vision into reality. And as they say, all the sleepless nights and early mornings finally paid off in a big way. Today, Wavelet has more than 60 professionals in its team, the user base spread across more than 5 countries, along with 160+ loyal customers.

All-in-one Cloud based ERP System to Scale and Support Business Growth

Headquartered in Subang Jaya, Wavelet was formed to develop, implement and market a web-based ERP system called “Enterprise Management Portal” (EMP) which is a cost-effective software running on open source platform. This cloud-driven software built to handle multi-branch and multi-company customers caters to numerous industries including franchises, chain stores, and trading and distribution companies. What’s more impressive about it is its ability to manage multi-dimensional functions with ease and finesse, giving it a significant edge over the market competitors. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Wavelet’s all-in-cloud EMP solution is being utilized by companies in Malaysia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, and Brunei.

Furthermore, Wavelet’s next-generation product, Data Lake is designed to target the big enterprises looking for the best-in-class digital transformation solution, to automate their operations, and to ensure informed decision-making via valuable customer insights. The company also provides multi-channel outsourcing services to client companies. This Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) serves as a potential tool, assisting companies in developing the enhanced strategic solutions by giving the executive team time to focus on the firm’s core activities.

The Thought-out Solutions Tailored Specifically for Clients’ Businesses

In today’s customer-focused market, the service providing organizations must possess the insights to understand, design, and cater solutions as per their clients’ requirements. Such sincere and authentic attitude truly defines their practical approach. Walking on a similar path is Wavelet, whose solutions are based on a genuine desire to help its customers reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and accelerate business growth. Moreover, the leading ERP software provider does not deliver mass-to-market software solutions. Instead, it strongly believes in the crucial role of personalized tools to ensure the highest level of convenience and automation for businesses across various industries. Every customer is special, every project is unique. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the projects handcrafted by Vincent and his team are tailored to the needs and preferences of a business, taking into account the specific requirements of the industry they operate in. This client-centered ideology forms the cornerstone of Wavelet’s business strategy.

Owing to this, Wavelet has been showered with distinguished credentials and recognitions. To name a few, Certificate of Membership: Malaysia Retail Chain Association (2018), Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards: Digital Technology and Business Excellence Award (2017), MSC Malaysia Apicta Awards: Best of Retail & Supply Chain Management (2015), and 1-Innocert: Excellence in the Innovation Ability, its Commercialization & Management (2013).

Delivering Enhanced Customer Experience through Digital Platforms

Digitization being the key influencer responsible for improving customer experience, Wavelet too leverages a wide array of tools both for the development of customized software solutions, as well as for the premium customer support experience. Additionally, the on-demand cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are highly beneficial since Wavelet’s ERP/EMP solutions are completely cloud based. The AWS technology offers a secure cloud services platform with a set of infrastructure services to assist businesses to scale and grow. Ultimately, these AWS resources are an essential part of the cloud architecture solutions developed by Wavelet, where the priority is placed on the data security, flexibility, and digital empowerment.

Building and Maintaining Strong Partnerships are the keys to Wavelet’s Success

Acknowledging that true strength lies in collaboration, Wavelet is known to have an effective active network with technology partners spread across Malaysia and other SEA countries. These partners are solely chosen based on their market knowledge, industry pertinence, and expertise. Moreover, its global network of trusted partners provide continuous support in developing and delivering the innovative technology solutions for the company’s cloud ERP solutions and Data Lake platform clients.

Delineating Key Priorities for 2019

Incepted on a mission to empower every business to be run on a cloud native platform that will seamlessly orchestrate business operations & decision-making with software agents, Wavelet will continue its victorious march this year as well. Therefore when asked about the three key priorities that the visionary CEO has set for Wavelet, Vincent asserts, “Our first key objective will be to pivot Wavelet’s services to our customers from an ERP software vendor to Cloud Framework Provider; second would be to empower our team members with greater responsibilities and letting them take complete ownership of their projects, and lastly, enhance and lay the foundation of our latest user-centric, next-generation akaun platform.”

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