Warren Pickett: Building Profound Brand Strategies for B2B Technology Clientele

Warren Pickett

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Media serves as a great source of influence on society, where it plays a crucial role in uncovering, promoting, and disseminating information. And in the corporate world, it maintains an ethical environment. As a vital industry, the media sector has accelerated the evolving digital culture. This evolution has placed importance on influential media leaders, as leadership is key to the strategic execution of relevant information and content. 

As a prime example of influential media leadership, Warren Pickett (VP, Brand Strategy at Blast PR) is recognized for his brand strategizing calibre. As an undergrad, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University. Warren began his career as a technical editor in environmental engineering and shifted into B2B print media when an opportunity opened up for him to become the first staff editor on an IT magazine. With an affinity for tech, he has been involved with B2B media ever since, in print, online, and at in-person and virtual events. Throughout his career, he has also prepared and produced media ranging from magazines to newsletters, websites, white papers, webinars, and others. 

Previously this year, Warren transitioned from managing B2B marketing and advertising conference content to public relations and communications for B2B technology clientele. As an executive at Blast, Warren is working directly with clients to help ensure their success, as well as establishing a purposeful corporate advisory board to help inform the agency’s future and stay connected to the market.

During a recent conversation with Mirror Review, Warren highlighted his roles and responsibilities while analyzing the various aspects of the media industry in the present scenario. Following are the snippets from the insightful conversation.

When was Blast PR established? What are the various services and solutions offered by the company?

Blast PR was established in 2000 to provide communications services for a nascent ad technology industry. In our 21-year history, we have prided ourselves on providing top-tier services for B2B clients, which have included media relations, strategic PR, media and speaker training, event production, guerrilla marketing, crisis communications, content creation, social media strategy, strategic marketing, and CMO advisory services.

As an executive in the company, what are your roles and responsibilities?

My role is to build Blast’s brand to re-enforce our position as the market leader and help develop the agency narrative in support of content strategies. I share insights into industry events and trends, strategize client communications and efforts, and help drive business development opportunities. I also serve as a liaison to a network of marketing and advertising industry contacts, and I contribute to developing and refining our capabilities as we expand our integrated communications services for our clients. 

How do you focus on building impactful relationships with your clients?

We partner with clients by setting clear expectations, kicking off campaigns and go-to-market initiatives with clear goals, providing workshops around content and events to spark and fine-tune ideas, providing training to educate our clients for better media and industry engagement, and establishing and exceeding benchmarks to measure our progress. 

We consider ourselves an extension of our client’s internal team and offer insights and guidance as well as listening to and incorporating client feedback. We also work to be proactive and anticipate opportunities for our clients, while conducting reviews and planning to steer those communications efforts. 

Being a part of an industry where information flows rapidly and constantly, how do you ensure authenticity and transparency?

We strive to be a trusted source for the media outlets we regularly contact. That means holding ourselves and our clients to the highest standards. Being a B2B agency, a lot of our focus is on industry trade press, which tends to be less susceptible to any sort of ethical concerns. We always differentiate and educate our clients on earned opportunities and sponsored opportunities, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Our clients have a good sense for the market with a keen understanding on how to navigate media relationships with our help.

The COVID-19 pandemic induced disruption in every sector. How did you respond to this unprecedented situation?

Blast PR has always operated as a flexible and fast responding agency. Even before the pandemic, we were familiar with remote work and maintained a presence in several markets. In the past, we have regularly connected with clients face-to-face and virtually. While the pandemic shifted most of our client contact to the latter, we still seek opportunities to engage them in person where possible. 

With many businesses having to cut back their marketing spend during the pandemic, we were directly impacted as an outside agency. However, we worked with our clients to adjust to their needs and grow with them as things began opening up. 

What are the upcoming services and solutions lined up for the near future?

We are excited to find new ways to help our clients. As media continues to evolve, it presents new opportunities to elevate products, services, and thought leadership. Beyond their communications needs, several clients have marketing needs that range from strategy to content development to social sharing to having an enhanced media presence at events. Blast PR is growing our capabilities to meet those needs. 

Being an established media leader, what would you like to convey to leaders who are aspiring to make a mark within the industry?

Do not be afraid to try and try again. Seek out new opportunities. Do not be afraid to switch gears in your career to broaden your perspective of the industry. 

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