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Vizitech USA: Elucidating Complex Concepts and Tasks by Using AR/VR Technologies

Vizitech USA

Learning is a life-long process and an integral part of human life. As technological advancements have revolutionized every aspect of human life, they are transforming education and learning systems too. The education and training sector and its parts—teachers and learners, are rapidly witnessing several tech-trends. Moreover, abundant innovations and novel approaches in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Personalized Learning, and Internet of Things are making the training and learning processes extremely simplified, engaging, and convenient.

Various business entities are altering the learning process through different technological approaches. Based in Eatonton, Georgia, Vizitech USA is a state of the art training and education company that specializes in 3D and interactive AR learning programs and technology. More specifically, the team of Vizitech takes complex concepts and processes and recreates them virtually for an interactive and safe learning experience.

A Venture that was founded to fill the Gaps

Vizitech’s President Stewart Rodeheaver, a retired Brigadier General for the U.S. Army, founded the company after realizing that the military needed a better way to train young recruits. After writing to the Army Leadership, Stewart studied AR, VR, and 3D technology and discovered that these interactive learning methods improved training outcomes. Further, after several years of working on military projects for training their young soldiers, Stewart moved forward to utilize interactive AR/VR technology for education and civilian training, and established Vizitech. Today, the company’s client base includes school districts across the southeast, commercial clients, and government clients.

Stewart served in the U.S. Army for 38 years and earned several Awards for Excellence for his units and commands due to his focus on experiential learning and adding virtual, problem-based learning to the Army training program. Furthermore, his enlightening experience became the catalyst for establishing Vizitech.

Solutions Bringing Learning to Life

Vizitech, a leader in education and training programs primarily in the Education, Commercial, Military, and Healthcare fields, offers 2D and 3D Hardware, software, imaging, and custom content solutions. Its major offerings are as below.

  • zSpace: It is a VR desktop with 3D glasses and a stylus that allows the user to interact with a virtual object or environment. Using the stylus, users can move objects, take them apart, and build complex electrical circuitry and physics experiments seamlessly. Moreover, the 3D glasses allow peering around an object to view it from all sides. Vizitech installs zSpace desktops in a computer or media lab environment, and students can work individually or in groups on various activities ranging from science to the arts.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Vizitech creates AR and VR learning and training experiences for schools, commercial organizations, museums, textbooks, publications, and more. These tools provide a deeper, more complete view of complex concepts and ideas such as biology or history. In addition, they also offer a more interactive way to experience advertisements or articles in magazines.
  • 3DAV Rover: This is a portable 3D projector and theater system that projects videos, images, and interactive lessons into classrooms. While explaining how 3DAV Rover has simplified teaching methods for teachers, Matt Walker, Medical Lead Teacher, Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School, says, “Using the 3DAV Rover (3D projector & theatre system) this year has been GREAT! Let’s be honest, keeping up with our students’ development in technology is a difficult task, but the Rover allowed me to keep my curriculum relevant and exciting for my students.” Moreover, Matt also asserted on how this solution is highly immersive, stated, “The really amazing part was watching the students’ engagement with the programs. The clips were outstanding because they brought lessons to life in a way that textbooks and traditional movies could not. Students could truly see their units coming to life right before their eyes. The 3DAV Rover was an outstanding addition, increasing student understanding in various topics.”

Elevating Learning Experience with a Distinct 3D Technology

Unlike the 3D at the movies, which is 3D on a 2D plane, Vizitech’s 3D is considered Holoprojected 3D, by which the images are projected into the classroom and do not simply jump out from a screen. Holoprojected 3D is more stable and interactive that help deepen user’s understanding of procedures and ideas. Apart from that, Vizitech’s 3D technology does not cause dizziness or headache, which keeps students to remain engaged in the learning process. As a result, the technology, which promotes experiential learning, increases test scores by up to 33% and retention rate by up to 100%. All of these benefits of Vizitech’s 3D technology make it stand apart from its competitors.

Delighting Clients with Customized Content Offerings

For an organization, to serve its target market the best, it is necessary to understand its clients’ needs and fulfill them in an appropriate manner. To satisfy its clients’ unique needs, the customer-centric organization designs and creates custom content for its education and commercial clients. Vizitech’s team works with its clients’ experts to develop a training or education program that is comprehensive, safe, and cost-effective. Notably, it creates everything in-house and rarely outsource, which makes its outcomes of less cost. Moreover, its team, with extensive knowledge and experience, creates solutions using 2D and 3D videography, audio engineering, CGI modeling, logic replication, and 2D & 3D photography.