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A company’s digital presence is one of the most significant factors in reaching today’s savvy consumer. Every business wants to be on the first page of Google – after all, that’s where consumers turn first. While some businesses leave their marketing in the hands of their general manager or cousins’ brothers’ sister-in-law, others hire experts to help manage and grow their online presence. When it comes to finding the best marketing expert or Google premier partner, hundreds of thousands of businesses turn to Vivial.

A Premier Marketing Technology Company

Vivial is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses connect and engage with customers. Vivial employs nearly 1,000 experts and has a presence in 20 major U.S. cities from Dayton to Honolulu—Anchorage to New York City.

Vivial serves clients across 6,000+ industries, working to increase visibility, build loyalty, manage content and track results for their customers with an easy-to-use suite of innovative marketing tools. They work behind the scenes so that their clients can get back to running and growing their businesses successfully.

From content marketing to social media management, SEO and SEM to mobile messaging,  Vivial builds, implements and monitors each program on behalf of its customers, making the complex world of digital marketing, simple.

An Innovative Leader

As Vivial’s Chairman and CEO, Jim Continenza is an innovator in the martech industry. Continenza recognized that there was a lack of integrated solutions within martech and saw an opportunity to create a new category in the industry.

Continenza explains that the vision of Vivial is to stay ahead of new digital marketing trends so that clients don’t have to – and instead can focus on driving their own business growth. He knows how complicated this landscape can be for a business owner to navigate. Hence, Vivial has developed a Software-as-a-Service based platform to make it easy to manage all aspects of digital marketing in one simple dashboard. Vivial’s proprietary platform integrates social media management, Google rankings tracking, review management and generation, content marketing, email, and much more.

With a deep commitment to the business community, Continenza also serves on several boards, including as Chairman of the Board for Eastman Kodak, Merrill Corporation, Neff Corporation, Sorenson Communications and Tembec Corporation.

Google Technology Solutions provided by Vivial

Google solutions help businesses reach new customers when they are researching and/or ready to buy. With almost 95% of mobile searches happening on Google, businesses can’t afford to miss these potential customers. Vivial helps businesses get found on page one of Google in the paid, organic and map sections of the search results.

Seamlessly managing the complete set of Google tools—from Google My Business to Google Adwords and organic rankings—Vivial develops and implements holistic solutions for its clients.

  • Directory Optimization: Vivial will correct and maintain the accuracy of a business’ information (name, address and phone number) across Google My Business and 70+ other online directories. This in turn helps bolster organic search results.
  • Google Adwords: Vivial delivers highly targeted local exposure through paid ads on Google. The company’s programs offer robust tracking, allowing customers to monitor campaign performance, calls, clicks and keyword activity.
  • Organic Rankings: Vivial develops SEO-rich content for distribution across social media, email marketing and search engines. A part of its work focuses on off-site link building essential in establishing credibility and value for the client’s website. Each link is strategically placed on industry-specific websites and surrounded by quality content. And, they work with clients to implement on-site changes that affect search engine placement and click-through rates.

Vivial’s powerful technologies and local marketing expertise help their customers get found on Google. In fact, 85 percent of Vivial’s SEO customers achieve page one Google search rankings within six months.

Company’s Digital Helping Hand

Vivial is committed to facilitating connections – connecting companies to customers and people to products. However, digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Each business is unique, and its marketing needs will vary across geographies and industries. Vivial matches its products and services to meet a client’s specific needs and budget.

“We conduct the research, build the campaign, continually monitor and optimize and provide an easy-to-use dashboard to review traffic and lead details,” Continenza explains. “Simply put, we do the work while the client focuses on running their business.”

One key differentator for Vivial is the service provided to each client after the sale.  An on-demand service team works with every business to provide support, performance insight and content ideas, ensuring a successful marketing program. Coupled with Vivial’s intitute and easy-to-use dashboard, clients can review, manage and take action anytime that’s convienent for them.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As the prominent driver behind Vivial’s success, Continenza taps his extensive experience to give wise advice to today’s young entrepreneurs. He shares,“In an industry of rapid change, falling behind is not an option. It’s crucial to bring advanced and relevant product and service offerings to customers. Accessing data that tells a complete story of consumer behavior, staying ahead of the trends and constantly innovating are the keys to success.”

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