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The Need for Regenerative Therapies

It is clear that the current healthcare sector needs a shift towards regenerative therapies to help the correction of underlying diseases by utilizing innate healing systems as opposed to therapies based on symptomatic interventions with attendant side effects, comorbidities and excessive costs. By “Harnessing the Power of CellsTM, the US-based Vitro Biopharma is focused on achieving the full potential of regenerative medicine. Established in 1986, Vitro Biopharma provides a unique mix of research and clinical products used by leading universities and institutions worldwide. Over the last 25 years, it has been providing human stem cell lines and related primary cells for use in research, drug discovery/development, and pre-clinical studies.

Vitro provides a unique competitive advantage through the supply of the highest quality stem cells coupled with stem cell activation therapy and molecular diagnostics to track relevant biomarker profiles, allowing the assessment of stem cell regeneration.Along with this extensive experience, Vitro possesses expertise in highly-regulated, commercial biologics manufacturing. The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, cGMP compliant, FDA and CLIA registered as well as ISO 13485:2016 compliant.

International Stem Cell Trials utilizing advanced medical diagnostics and therapies

With its vast history of working in the healthcare sector, Vitro has developed innovative products in medical diagnostics, cancer research, cell line regeneration, and stem cells. Essentially, its cell lines include primary and cancer-associated fibroblasts and animal & human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)derived from various tissues together with MSC-derived progenitor & terminally differentiated cells like dopaminergic neurons, cardiomyocytes, etc. Similarly, it carefully tests cell lines for purity, integrity, and contaminates. This leading biopharma company is also currently focused on stem cell therapies for a variety of conditions including neurodegenerative diseases, musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis, and conditions characterized by inflammation.

The company’s breadth of services and products is unique in the industry.  Vitro’s strength in research provides a platform for extension to clinical studies, through the supply and knowledge of all essential components of modern stem cell therapeutics under appropriate oversight by regulatory agencies.The company has ongoing clinical trials in the Cayman Islands, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and has recently received approval for a new stem cell therapy trial for musculoskeletal conditions from the Ministry of Health in the Bahamas.

Improved Results with Vitro Biopharma’s Stem Cell Activation Product

At present, Vitro Biopharma offers a nutraceutical product, NutraVivo™/Brain Grow Technologies™ for health benefits of stem cell activation. With the use of NutraVivo™, the company has tested successful activation of human neural & mesenchymal stem cells by enhanced migration & proliferation as well as enhanced gene expression. These superior outcomes are the results of the dedicated efforts made by Vitro’s talented CEO and his skilled team.

Through its outstanding portfolio of products and services and exemplary contributions to the healthcare industry, Vitro Biopharma has received several elite recognitions. In 2014, it was recognized by Frost and Sullivan as a “Thought Leader in Stem Cell Tools & Technology” in North America through the Receipt of a Technology Innovation Leadership Award. Similarly, the company was also recognized for its accomplishments in stem cell lines and media for supporting global stem cell research and its innovative stem cell activation technology. The company has numerous national and international patents and patents pending on its intellectual property.

vitro biopharmaCEO, Accelerating Vitro with Advanced Regenerative Medicine Applications

Dr. Jim Musick, the President and CEO of Vitro Biopharma, is currently handling the operations of this rapidly growing stem cell firm. Along with his committed team, Jim is involved in research& development and oversees the essential processes including intellectual property development, marketing, sales, business development, and new product releases.

With his mission to ease patient care, Jim proudly asserts, “My greatest pleasure comes from seeing a patient’s favorable response to our stem cell therapy. We are beginning to see advances in diseases with limited or not treatment options other than stem cell therapy” Additionally, with these continual positive outcomes and deep insights, Jim is currently working towards expanding Vitro’s presence in international medical tourism while simultaneously pursuing opportunities in the US markets such as a new cosmetic stem cell serum product.

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