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The Public Relations industry has changed drastically in the past few years. The increased access to technology has caused a digital shift in the PR industry. Digital media has provided a platform that increases reach exponentially. It provides multiple types of audiences to target, which helps a company increase its visibility and communicate its strengths at a wider channel. Digital channel is becoming a popular investment choice for businesses that aim to establish a digital presence.

Victorious PR is an agency established in 2020 with the vision to become a disruptive and industry-leading PR business. The company provides 360° campaigns that promote clients as thought leaders in their respective industries. With newsworthy content, Victorious PR helps the clients reach the targeted group.

The company provides solutions such that the client gets an opportunity to explore the media industry. This in turn helps Victorious PR in developing a strategy that projects the brand, its value, and highlights more precisely.

We wanted to offer a unique service that is tailored to the needs of our clients, not focusing only on working for them but with them,” says Victoria Kennedy (Founder and CEO, Victorious PR.)

 “A Perseverant Woman”

Unlike most entrepreneurs of recent times, Victoria Kennedy is not a techie. In fact, a while ago she did not know PR either. She is a professional opera singer. Victoria decided to reinvent her life when she had to move back to Las Vegas. She started learning digital marketing and soon got an opportunity at Atman Real Estate. Victoria’s experience as a professional singer helped her promote herself on digital platforms. Her success attracted clients. Within 90 days, Victorious PR went from zero dollars to a hundred thousand dollars in profits. The company is now on the track to reach its first million-dollar revenue in 2021.

“I’m blessed to run a successful digital business; from a virtual office; with a team of international professionals; and especially, after the pandemic,” states Victoria.

Victorious PR has rapidly expanded to a team of 12 professionals that possess years of valuable experience in their field of work. The company’s rapid rate of growth and achievements has brought Victoria into the limelight. She has been featured in over 200 publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inman, and In January 2021 Victoria was also invited to the stage of TEDx.

Highest-Quality PR Services

Victorious PR offers custom-designed campaigns according to the client’s needs and industry trends. The company provides every client with a personalized strategy. This unique approach draws results and in turn, creates strong relationships. has worked alongside entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. Victorious PR has achieved outstanding results with the solar, mortgage, digital marketing, health care, and beauty industry clients as well.

Presently, the company is being recognized for its unique range of services. Its standard 3-month business contract guarantees 12 publications along with Facebook and Instagram verification, specific press coverage, and media training. Victorious PR also offers annual contracts that are very specific and created for each client personally.

“We make industry leaders, and as part of our program, we offer industry-specific press coverage regardless of your sector,” mentioned Victoria.

Victorious PR excels in its solutions. It started working with emerging businesses that grew exponentially in their space. The company aims to provide meaningful advice to the audience and potential customers, for the clients. The targeted group is fed information so that it fully understands the proposition of the companies. Satisfied clients in the past have referred and introduced Victorious PR to other related clients.

A Progressive Culture

The secret to Victorious PR’s ever-growing success rate is its culture that emphasizes learning and sharing knowledge. Being at the helm of the company, Victoria maintains a culture of excellence. She is responsible for communicating the vision and mission of the company. The team works in coordination with each other remotely. Victorious PR organizes team meetings on a daily and weekly basis to ensure a perfect understanding of objectives between its different sectors.

Dedicated to Client Growth

The company is constantly putting efforts to improve and offer better PR services. Recently, the Victorious PR provided Facebook and Instagram verification on a special request, which was later added as a feature of the regular PR campaign. The company also has a Done-With-You public relations coaching program where its team personally coaches the clients to work on getting their own PR team. Victorious PR gives access to its proven scripts and media lists, along with exclusive access to ‘the secret Blackbook’ of top industry publications. These activities are done bi-weekly as groups over a conference call.

Reputation: Subject to Praise

Victorious PR works hard to ensure the success of its clients. The company reduces miscommunication by maintaining consistent relationships with the client. This creates a clear understanding of the brand’s goals and its PR strategy. Victorious PR also has a certain level of transparency that is well appreciated and accepted by its clients. The company involves the clients in strategizing their campaigns. “Good and prompt communication with our clients is the key to maximize results,” asserts Victoria. Victorious PR tries to work in close coordination, to maximize the promotion of their offerings.

Aaron Martinez, co-founder of Re Agent Growth, who has been a client of Victorious PR says, “We’ve been flooded with a bunch of calls over the past couple of weeks. Literally again, people are scheduling on our calendar just from reading about us in different articles and things like that. We’ve been closing clients left and right. Just the people that have been coming from the PR stuff. Thanks so much, Victoria.”

Victorious PR

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