Veronica Gallardo: Making Others Entrepreneurial Journey Easy Through Her Franchise

Veronica Gallardo

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In recent years, the U.S. Hispanic market has proven to be one of the strongest and fastest-growing markets. It has been an uncharted land for years with a lot of ground yet to be explored and several opportunities waiting to be discovered. In a country like the United States, it is difficult to stay without insurance. Not just insurance but the market needs people who can convey information in their language. Veronica Gallardo is an expert in this market and understands the potential it holds. She started Veronica’s Insurance in 2008 in Norco, CA.

Veronica’s Insurance has an industry experience of more than 25 years and helped several Latino families. The company always prioritizes its clients and is looking for ways to make the processes faster so they can serve better. Language is never a barrier for them, and have recently the company added sign language too. Moreover, Veronica’s Insurance offers the lowest prices in the market and has a track record of giving quotes under 5 minutes.  With the digital world on a rise, Veronica understands the potential of technology. She said, “It is a world that is changing second by second and I can proudly say that Veronica’s Insurance has always been one step ahead, and we plan to continue like this.”

In the United States, it is can get difficult for the Hispanic Community to get their insurance. Veronica’s vision has always been to prioritize the clients and with this platform, she could help the community by assisting them with the coverage they need. She is not just helping with the insurance but in doing so has created employment opportunities for more hundreds  of families. Now with franchise offerings, Veronica is helping people fulfil their dream of entrepreneurship which has become one of the main reasons to keep going every day.

As an entrepreneur and a mother of three, the challenges Veronica faced in her initial journey were not easy. Maintaining the balance between work and her children was difficult but she was fortunate to find that balance without compromising the growth of the company.

Today, we will be interviewing this successful woman entrepreneur who is leading a prominent company in the Hispanic insurance industry, proving to be sustainable, profitable, and knows how to adapt to the new market tendencies.

How would you describe your reaction after receiving almost all positive feedbacks from the clients?

We have an average of 4.5 stars in reviews on Google and Yelp, and this would not be possible if our clients did not recommend us every day on these platforms, which fills me with pride and a lot of happiness because it means that we are doing our job well. And always in my mind is how we can improve customer service even more since for me that has been one of the most powerful keys to keep us in the consumer’s preference for more than 20 years now.

As a franchise partner, what all benefits can I expect from Veronica’s Insurance?

My dream is to help more people build their businesses in much less time than it took me. By becoming a franchisee they not only get to fulfill their dreams but also more than 25 years of my own experience in the insurance market is made available to them. We have very good relationships with the carriers which allows us to offer high commissions to our franchisees, a call center, and 24/7 customer service in English and Spanish, intelligent marketing, advertising throughout the country, and specialized strategies to increase sales, training system, I am putting all my experience at the disposal of whoever decides to take this opportunity with us.

The pandemic has been disastrous for several companies. What did the pandemic mean for you?

The pandemic for us was an opportunity to innovate, to improve for our clients, and that is what we did. I am not going to lie, it has not been an easy road, but the results, the confirmation that we are a recession-proof business, made it all worth it. This was difficult but it made us see how strong we are as a company. Reinventing the way we help our clients to get their auto insurance, or any of our other services, faster and more affordable for everyone. 

Did you undertake any measures for your and your employee’s safety and wellbeing?

Yes, we invested in infrastructure to protect our clients and everyone in the company. We expanded our services from home, and during times when others closed their doors, we grew and even opened more offices. We opened franchises in Florida, Colorado, and San Jose, California. Giving the opportunity to other entrepreneurs to open their own business and that makes me feel very happy because, in uncertain times, Veronica’s Insurance was able to give that security to others, both, our insurance clients and new franchisees.

As an aspiring leader, what advice you would like to give to the aspirants who are looking to make a mark in the franchise business?

You are closer than you think, do not give up. Everything is difficult until it has been done, and seeing your brand expand in this way, in all states is an unexplainable feeling, I think the secret is to love your company so much that other people fall in love with it just like you.

Why become Veronica’s Insurance Franchise?

  • Fast-growing market
  • Recession-proof industry
  • +120M in Written Premium
  • Access to Top Carriers with 100% commissions
  • Step by step support with experts in all areas: legal, training, accounting, marketing, etc.
  • Own call center in English, Spanish and even sign language.
  • +1.5M on Nationwide TV networks ads and digital channels advertising.
  • Technological integrated system for calls, leads and online quotes.

Veronica Gallardo

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