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Over the years, traditional marketing such as print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising have evolved. Along with the new era of various types of digital marketing, the internet, social media, email, streaming video/audio, connected TV (CTV), and digital out-of-home (DOOH) have uplifted the marketing industry. Many companies have also included Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has helped them grow leaps and bounds. Veewz is one such organization that is lifting businesses and magnifying customer experiences with excellent digital marketing techniques.  

Establishment of Growth-enabler

During the pandemic of 2020, many companies reached out to Shan Serran (Currently the CEO and Founder of Veewz) for help. Out of this necessity, he was inspired and established Veewz in 2020. Moreover, his business connections were trying to find new ways to stay in business and convert to digital as they could not accept walk-in traffic. While consulting his network, Shan found that many of them were offered business growth strategies that were hard for them to understand. He wanted to change the same and for that, he created a straightforward, transparent, easy, and results-driven company. 

Veewz believes in establishing genuine deals with all clients. It is committed to doing the right things and strives to stay uncompromised as well as build strong relationships. Moreover, it stands out in the crowd with its straightforward and simple approach. The company also helps businesses grow with excellent performance.

TISP: The Core Values  

Being a major company in digital marketing, Veewz offers an array of unique solutions. Its core services are two foundational digital marketing strategies and tactics that any business should have for growth. They include Paid Media Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Paid Media Ads include search engine and social media ads while SEO deals with the ranking and online presence of the business. Moreover, the company offers its clients managed services like Influencer Marketing, Social Media Management, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. It has end-to-end services and applies four core values with the partners:

  • Transparency: No smoke and mirrors. Veewz says what we’ll do, and then do what we say.
  • Integrity: We’re honest, and always committed to doing what’s right.
  • Simplicity: We believe that being an expert should not mean sounding complicated.
  • Performance: Being in the digital marketing space, data is a given. We ensure each campaign translates into real business growth.

Applying Technology

As new technologies keep emerging in the digital marketing industry, companies must incorporate technological advancements in the procedures and strategies for growth. Veewz uses technology to automate business processes. The company holds a goal to be able to scale quickly by keeping costs down. For that, it needs to constantly innovate and adopt new technologies. It further adds that to keep up with the changes, it is important to hire smart people who know how to work together well.

Empathetic Approach

For a company to develop and grow, client satisfaction has utmost importance. Client reviews and testimonials teach the company how and where to improve. Veewz works for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that wish to grow their business through digital marketing. The company focuses on helping its partners build their brands and generate leads using SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, etc. Moreover, it ensures client satisfaction through great customer service. Veewz also believes that providing excellent clientele satisfaction will enable it to build strong relationships with its partners. Furthermore, it wishes to be a growth enabler with all the partners and use empathy to reach customers’ goals.

Biggest Contributors

A strong team is foundational for any organization. Veewz also has an outstanding team that has 10+ partners globally. The company calls and thinks of the employees as partners. It thinks that this is one of the first motivators because they are contributors in creating the company. It makes sure that all the partners know their worth and puts people as a priority. With this culture, all of the company’s partners become innovators as they contribute to new ideas and their creativity comes out even more. This is the way to grow together because everyone motivates each other.

Strategies for Brand Recognition

Alongside a robust team, branding is also one of the keys to building successful businesses. Potential customers recognize a business only because of strong branding. A strong brand helps the company stand out from competitors and increases the likelihood of repeat sales. To create a recognizable brand is through consistent messaging and visual elements. Speaking about Veewz’s branding, the company has used several tactics to build its clients’ brands. They include a combination of digital and offline strategies. The biggest tactic has been building relationships with influencers who can spread the word about their business. Moreover, it indulges in digital ads and social media. However, the company also makes sure that one tactic cannot work by itself and for business growth, several tactics must be applied together.

Face Everything and Rise

Being at the helm, Shan shoulders many responsibilities. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the business including sales, customer service, product development, operations, finance, HR, etc. The biggest challenge Veewz faces is to stay true to itself and its partners. Moreover, the company admits that there is so much out there that can be overwhelming and complicated. “However, we stick with the core values and follow F.E.A.R which is Face Everything and Rise to grow and develop,” mentions Shan. 

Future Plans

Shan assures that the new services from Veewz will help businesses grow. As Google and Meta are evolving, companies must start becoming more visual in the Metaverse and Google Search Engine. To help these kinds of new marketing initiatives, the company takes steps as this will soon become the norm.


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