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A decade ago, CRM solutions were limited to large-scale enterprises to such an extent that it was only available to small businesses that were specialized like B2B marketing automation service providers. Today, SaaS as an industry has evolved and the wider business community has significantly adopted tech, thus, even freelancers and solopreneurs have started recognizing the need for a dedicated solution for their client management.

To meet the needs of small-scale enterprises, vcita has developed a scalable and manageable business management and client engagement solution, tailored specifically for service providers. The company redefines the methods of interaction with clients, driving more opportunities from the web, mobile, email, and social media while empowering clients to become self-reliant.

Complete Business Solutions

vcita was co-founded by Chief Executive Officer, Itzik Levy in 2010 and has diversified considerably since its inception. By 2013, vcita’s first app was available in a handful of languages. Gradually, the company expanded the scope of its services by adding payment processing capabilities along with its newly developed CRM software.

Presently, vcita delivers a diverse set of offerings including a self-service customer portal, contactless billing via mobile, email, and SMS marketing, native integrations with platforms like Zoom and Square, pre-paid packages of services, and event management capabilities. At its core, the company has constantly been developing solutions to aid small business owners with managing their time, money, and clients.

Furthermore, the company has also invested heavily in a partner ecosystem, collaborating with banks, fintechs, and financial institutions as well as marketing and telecom companies, allowing them to build on vcita’s platform. These additional solutions deliver added-value services to SMEs.

Extensive Services for SMEs

vcita is an intuitive app that keeps the owner fully connected to their business, whenever and wherever needed. The company has a unique approach for businesses. Its CRM software offers a comprehensive business management and client engagement solution—in turn, empowering the digitalization of SMEs and partners alike. 

While most businesses focus on CRMs that support functionality beyond strictly relationship management, vcita has curated everything an entrepreneur needs in one dashboard. Additionally, vcita also provides a digital-first solution uniquely designed to serve the needs of small businesses.

Employee-centric Approach

By being cooperative and creating an environment of trust and openness, vcita’s employees have been able to find the balance that they need to thrive, thereby enabling success at work. Furthermore, vcita has always been extremely employee-centric. During the pandemic, the company instituted new policies that helped employees work from wherever they were most comfortable. vcita maintained this policy for a long period of time, even after the offices were allowed to fully reopen.

“Working with this amazing team has been one of the greatest pleasures of these ten years for me,” says Itzik.

Notable Milestones

vcita has bagged a significant amount of milestones to date, however, Itzik considers opening the company’s first international office in Seattle during its first year of operation as, “a risky but smart move” that proved to be highly productive. Later, in 2019, vcita made its first acquisition with WiseStamp. “We had so many questions about what it would be like to have two products under one ownership group, each with its own culture and its own specialties,” recollects Itzik. However, the two companies aligned perfectly and continue to deliver exceptional products to the customers. With the WiseStamp app, vcita has widened its scope and has enhanced its vision and capabilities as a brand.

Pandemic Transformation

vcita helped businesses transform radically during the pandemic acting as an enabler for their success. The company also amplified tools on the dashboard within the CRM software to empower entrepreneurs even further, helping them deliver their services virtually while being able to nurture their leads online more effectively. This included tools like Zoom to hold online appointments and channels like live social media videos to educate sales prospects in real-time.

For the clients that needed to perform their services physically, vcita offered enhanced features within the contactless payments capabilities. Additionally, small businesses were able to confirm a client’s negative Covid status via an automated healthcare declaration prior to them scheduling an in-person appointment.

vcita also boosted the grasp of its client’s business acumen with the launch of Business Unusual – an enriching learning hub in partnership with MasterCard. vcita brought to life a large library of educational materials with dozens of bite-sized lessons and practical tools created by and for small businesses, with all content curated to help entrepreneurs navigate the ever-changing ‘new normal’ and beyond. 

Aimed to Progress

vcita continues to enhance its capabilities around payments and accounts receivable, highly confident in its CRM’s progressive native integrations. With tools for invoices, payments, service bookings, and automated reminders, it has everything a small business needs to get paid and maintain detailed customer-focused records all while growing its financial health.

Be on the lookout, vcita will be launching its latest features with an aim to deliver even more to its partners and small businesses alike in the not too distant future. It will continue to enhance its services by supporting fully automated invoicing and billing, to make it even easier for the users to earn with the services, packages, and products that they offer. 

“In addition, we are planning to take our platform to the next level by adding more integration with third-party applications to the platform, allowing businesses to do more with vcita,” says Itzik.

Empowering Small Businesses to Think Big:

“vcita is proud to be championing digital and financial inclusion for SMEs at a global scale, enabling them to go beyond banking all while empowering our partners to become leaders in the digital space.”

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