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With the emergence of the latest trends such as social media marketing, digital campaigns, and others, within the industry, PR as a profession has become a quintessential part of the organizational structure. Presently, several PR and Marketing agencies have emerged as one of the important pivoting factors of marketing by covering various facets of communications. 

Established to help corporations and startups accomplish their digital transformations, Valux Digital has been delivering successful marketing projects by blending exclusive business solutions with the latest market trends. As a nationally recognized digital marketing agency and PR group, Valux has been thriving at generating industry-oriented stories along with stories on local, regional and national levels for its clients across North America.

Valux is the brainchild of Jessica Wong (Founder and Digital Expert), who forged the company with award-winning digital and data experts. It was established to help organizations develop effective data-centric e-commerce infrastructures for the future. With a collective experience of over 100 years in both digital as well as traditional marketing, several members of the design and marketing teams have been recognized with prestigious awards. The company is also a proud participant of the renowned ‘Forbes Communications Council’.

Sustainable Growth Strategies

Primarily focused on its clients, Valux has established itself as a forward-looking organization from the beginning. Its profound mission is to provide high-quality digital marketing and PR to businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes. The company’s primary objective is to offer scalable and sustainable growth strategies to brands all over the world—every Valux campaign is uniquely designed to work cohesively towards a shared omnichannel performance objective.

Utilizing data-driven analytics, the company strives to create effective, fully customizable digital marketing campaigns that put forward the future of marketing. It is highly driven by the goal of improving efficiency, affordability, rapidity, quality, and most importantly results.

Holistic Marketing Services

Valux operates on the belief—‘The key to increasing sales and brand loyalty is investing in relationships with customers’. It offers a plethora of services associated with digital marketing, which include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Programmatic Display, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Branding, and many more. Since its inception, Valux has developed countless social media campaigns and surpassed an impressive number of competing web pages in search results to help clients expand their digital footprint.

With extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing, it specializes in building customized marketing packages taking real data into account and ensures quality returns on its clients’ investments by helping them achieve their marketing goals. The company’s ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere has earned remarkable recognition for Valux amidst the crowd.

Robust Team of Digital Experts

At the core of Valux, Jessica takes responsibility for all the crucial operations of the company. She has been spearheading the company with her insightful digital expertise and has contributed immensely to its growth since its inception. Apart from being a leading digital expert, Jessica is also an esteemed member of the Forbes Council.

Jessica leads a team of high-quality talent working on brands collaboratively to generate successful results. The team constitutes of designers, directors, strategists, researchers, tinkerers, web developers, and a multidisciplinary advertising team. It comprehensively navigates through the regular trends in the industry to keep the clients updated on shifting consumer habits and trends. During instances when the team members are unable to accomplish a successful campaign, they create it themselves.

As a digital expert, Jessica was invited to join Forbes Communications Council and contribute insights to Forbes articles. She also provides business advice to millions of readers as a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. The Women in IT Awards have also named her a finalist for the Digital Leader of the Year award in both 2018 and 2020. MARsum USA 2021 has recognized Jessica as one of the Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leaders.

Client-centric Approaches

Striving by ‘Our work is our passion, not what we do in between our social lives’, Valux has been steering success within various brands and organizations with its comprehensive client-oriented business model. It is committed to fulfilling clients’ expectations—with over 30 US-based and 200 offshore workforces working on client campaigns.

Leveraging its profound relationships with national and local media outlets, the company provides its clients with both competitive rates and advanced scale into localized and national markets. The company’s clientele portfolio—exhibiting proven and illustrated results of streamlined processes of collaborations making differences in the world—makes it distinguished in the industry.

Proactive Public Relations

Imbibed with excellent marketing and advertising strategies, Valux holds the key to not just establishing a brand name in the market, but also creating a dynamic business ecosystem for the brand. To draw attention and help achieve strategic goals, the company consistently pursues stories with media outlets on local and national levels. It excels at generating multiple launch opportunities—building personalized launch-timelines of media opportunities to instigate growth and confidence. While positioning its client as the subject-matter, Valux further helps identify various speaking opportunities to maximize chances of gaining visibility in the crowd—showcasing the company and its leaders.

Moreover, Valux also ensures creating brand recognition by pitching its client for various award nominations and works with companies to expand their community involvement—maximizing the public awareness opportunities created by the outreach. Valux also strategizes candid product launches and interviews, effectual communication management, and also provides coaching and media training—all to help new companies/brands/products attain a domain in the budding marketplace.

Leveraging Future Digital Assets

The recent global pandemic disrupted the daily fundamental norms. Yet, we’re beginning to see a certain pulse within the turbulence. Valux is driving innovation, bolstering capabilities, and assuming responsibility for the company’s growth—doing far more than just sales, promotion, and brand building. With its abundant collective experience, the company strives to form an intuitive connection with its market and has been able to pick out emerging new values, behaviors, moods, and trends. It practices ethical consumerism to address prominent concerns based on racial equity, inclusivity, and sustainability. Owing to the economic and social disparity of 2020, consumers have grown more value-conscious and have shifted focus towards the fundamental basics of life. Digitization being at its peak, brands have adopted holistic trends. These include the ‘phygital’ transition–an amalgamation of physical and digital aspects. Moreover, adoption of other factors such as conversational marketing, ‘digital borderless’–integration into the customer’s online and offline ecosystem, and others has also increased. Encompassing several hindrances, Valux remained uniquely positioned to thrive during the pandemic. It has always operated as a nimble, tech-forward firm, and hence succeeded in quicker adjustment to the new norms and provide clear direction to its clients.

Valux Digital

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