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Every day, we make decisions that are related to our personal or professional life. These decisions can be hard and tough because they can have a long-term impact on our lives. For every individual, choosing the right career path is one of the most crucial decisions to be made. Most people use their instincts and suggestions from others for choosing a career. In addition, they do not have enough insights and data for making the sound decision. As a result, they tend to select the wrong career, which influences their lives in the long-run.

Helping individuals to make the right choice, Uplytics Consulting Pvt. Ltd. offers individual career assessments and assists students, graduates, and professionals to reach the right decision. The company also focuses on the applications of analytics for workforce planning and management as its services for the industry.

Helping Individuals to Make the Right Decision

Mohit Bhatnagar, the Founder and CEO of Uplytics has observed that the fast changing technologies, movement towards a gig-economy, lifelong learning and increasing working life spans is driving the need for career assessment and guidance services across an individual’s lifetime.

With a vision to create a global framework,the India-based company also works as a consultant to industry and offers business research and analytics services. Uplytics analyzes organizations’ business data and provides actionable insights using statistical methods, natural language processing using open source,and COTS tools. The company also offers bespoke analytics consulting services across the spectrum of data analysis, preparation, and presentation.

Offering Career Assessment and Planning Platforms

To help individuals (students and graduates) pick the right career, Uplytics has been working on analytics-driven collaborative platforms such asRole.fit and Tucareers.com.

Role.fit is a research-driven platform which is based on O*NET, an international career database. This platform maps individuals to specific occupational roles across industries using the latest research in the career decision theories, psychometric assessments, analytics and data from the world’s largest career database. Through the predictive and prescriptive insights, which are based on machine learning and natural language processing, Role.fit provides career decision support to individuals and an aggregate level for the organizations. Similarly, to make internal job markets more dynamic, the company provides IP based services in resume analysis and skill-based analytics.

Tucareers.com is a global career assessment and decision framework targeted to students, graduates, and professionals. This framework complements with Role.fit to provide a comprehensive solution for the new career norms. This platform simplifies the search for the right career, job, education, and skills, across lifetime.It provides comprehensive multi-trait assessment capabilities, career information, and exploration tools.

Uplytics Consulting Pvt. Ltd

The traditional solutions for career decision are not enough to fulfill today’s tech-savvy individuals. As a research-based startup, Uplytics is focusing on two approaches that are aligned to its services. First is the latest research in the career sector and second ensuring delivery of high value for money. These two approaches are helping the company differentiate its services from market competitors.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

While there are several solutions in the career sector which claim to provide vocation decision support services like Uplytics, these solutions mostly lack a formal research basis. However, when it comes to the customers, they are very particular about the research sources and understanding the analytical basis of the solutions. Therefore, the company offers customized solutions according to the clients’ needs and uses its framework that is grounded in published research and non-proprietary. It also tackles another issue, compliance to data protection laws. Through its offering, Uplytics caters to this need by providing modes of operation where no individually identifiable data is collected.

An Experienced Pioneer Leading Uplytics towards a New Horizon

Mohit has 19+ years of industry experience, starting his career as a software developer and later moving into varied roles of Marketing, Pre Sales, Sales, Consulting & Delivery Management. As an analytics consultant, Mohit and his team at Uplytics began working on an analytics-driven model based on O*NET (occupational database) for internationalization in the field of career decision making. Being an entrepreneur, he faced the biggest challenge, which was to provide support and give credibility to the research-driven initiative. In order to tackle this challenge, Mohit and his team kept their procedure cost-effective and worked with numerous associates for their go-to-market initiatives. Till date, 60,000+ career assessments have been undertaken by students and professionals.

Mohit has planned a future roadmap for the growth of his company. Mohit and Uplytics’ employees are working towards becoming the most reliable partner for workforce analytics and assessment services in India. They also want to expand their services globally in the developed economies (USA, UK, Middle East and Australia/NZ) as well as developing economies in Africa.

A Piece of Advice for Consulting Companies

Being an entrepreneur, Mohit shares his views on the best practices that should be embraced by consulting companies. He suggests that consulting companies should focus of fulfilling every need of customers to deliver better experience. In addition, the companies can develop intellectual property and utilize it to stand out from their competitors. He further says, “As the pace of technology change is huge, companies need to have a research focus and emergent view. The solutions that are not aligned to the long run may not emerge as winners in the end.

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