TRYO App: Taking the Virtual Buying Experience to the Next Level


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Have you ever longed to try those stylish fresh glasses or shoes but lacked time to visit a store? Or, do you frequently purchase items online just to discover they don’t meet your needs and you have to deal with irksome returns? TRYO is the app for you if you seek a reliable resource for a positive online shopping experience. With the help of TRYO, you can smoothly go from trying to buying in a matter of seconds. With over 500 lifelike objects from your phone, you can simplify online shopping or switch up your look.

TRYO is the first virtual try-on experience with many brands and product categories that puts the entire shopping experience in the palm of your hand. The app offers users a one-stop shopping experience with the opportunity to virtually try on footwear, watches, hats, jewelry, and eyeglasses, with new brands and goods added regularly. There are over 500 items available at the launch, including items from Cartier, Gucci, Adidas, and New Era, to mention a few.

A Creation by QReal

TRYO was created by QReal, a Glimpse Group subsidiary that excels at producing innovative 3D and augmented reality content for Snapchat (NASDAQ: VRAR). As eCommerce enters its infancy, social media requires virtual storytelling and incredibly realistic product display. The platform provides extensive services to aid companies in boosting sales and developing their brands through viral content. Customers can use TRYO to view in full 3D motion how fashion accessories like hats, glasses, shoes, or watches would look on them—thanks to the innovative augmented reality technology from QReal.

With QReal, your digital brand is elevated into the “real” world. The platform earned its foothold in the AR market by producing the most realistic product models. The software spent years refining its modeling technique to display products that are platform-independent and tailored for augmented reality while looking entirely authentic. These days, QReal operates in a variety of industries, including fashion, luxury, and the automobile. The app aims to develop augmented reality as a medium and provide fascinating experiences. The parent company of QReal, Glimpse Group, became the first sole provider of AR/VR/3D software and services when it debuted on NASDAQ on July 1st, 2021.


With only a few clicks, TRYO offers 3D products from your favorite brands in hundreds of different styles. You may quickly try on the hottest styles thanks to the app’s easy-to-use interface. To get started, simply open the app and enable camera access. You can browse through hundreds of the hottest trends using the virtual 3D product features offered by TRYO.

You can find the most recent accessories from leading luxury, streetwear, and sports brands. Furthermore, you can browse all the accessories you need, such as watches, hats, glasses, and shoes. On TRYO, the “Trending” area makes it simple to view and try on popular trends.

  1. World-Class Products

  • Search for popular accessory trends among numerous brands.
  • Try on realistic AR accessories that closely resemble the real thing.
  • Simple setup – no need for difficult calibrations or camera settings
  1. Discover Styles From Top Brands

With over 500 products available, you can locate your favorite brands with ease.

  • Look for 3D items from reputable manufacturers.
  • You can choose from hundreds of different styles, so you’re sure to discover something you adore.
  1. Accessory Shopping Made Easy

  • Watches: Look through numerous brands and designs of premium watches.
  • Hats: TRYO features a vast selection of headwear from popular brands, ranging from streetwear to sports.
  • Glasses: Try on dozens of styles of glasses that suit your appearance and way of life.
  • Shoes: The newest sneakers and shoes are available at TRYO. On the app, you can test before you buy.

Enhanced User Experience

Using TRYO technology, consumers may view the product and themselves wearing it from several perspectives to discover their perfect look. The app also enables users to snap photographs that can be shared via text or social media, turning shopping with friends into a fun interactive experience. TRYO makes it incredibly simple for customers to click a link to the retailer’s website when they see an item they adore.

Users now have the resources at their disposal to make wiser purchase decisions. TRYO makes sure that they get their orders quickly. Furthermore, it ensures that the products are exactly how they look on the website. TRYO becomes the engine driving the upcoming evolution of shopping when combined with Google’s developing search and advanced shopping 3D models.

Eye it. Try it. Buy it. TRYO.

TRYO offers a variety of try-on experiences in one location, unlike certain virtual try-on apps. It kick-starts virtual try-on across industries and quickens augmented reality’s uptake in retail.

According to Mike Cadoux, co-founder of TRYO, “We want to transform the way people purchase in the future, but also make it more enjoyable and simple for them.” He continues, “We want to show brands just how simple it is to integrate a virtual try-on experience onto their websites. Although it might appear like a hard task, we can complete it. TRYO shows it can be done.”


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