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Information Technology has been continuously evolving at a rapid pace with an aim to enhance productivity with the implementation of data-based hardware-aided software tools. The increasing prevalence of cloud-based services–SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS–has transformed the Managed Services industry in the past 5 years. The rise of edge computing platforms such as Microsoft 365, AWS, and Google Workspace has further driven these changes. 

The IT industry has been transformed incredibly by the influence of cloud-based computing. The use of on-premise or local exchange servers has gradually declined due to its higher maintenance and establishment cost. totality services is a London-based IT solution provider that has seamlessly adapted to these changes in the industry. With appropriate internal training programs, the company was significantly ahead of its competitors prior to the transformation. In turn, totality offered informed and confident solutions to its clients.  

A Holistic IT Support Provider

totality services was established in 2008 by co-founders, Luis Navarro and Pedro Martins with an aim to provide advanced IT solutions to London businesses. The company has a unique approach—it facilitates growth within its client organizations by covering every aspect of their business, including, Human Resources. It also offers exceptional IT support by resolving issues as they arise. 

The traditional ‘break and fix’ IT support requires a straightforward approach while totality offers end-to-end holistic service. It deals with everything related to the IT domain of the company including security, consulting, training, and procurement. totality services has worked relentlessly and gained its reputation as a ‘trusted partner’ to the clients. With the combined efforts of its dedicated team, the company has become the highest-rated managed IT support company in London.

 Leading Growth Strategist

The rapid-paced IT industry demands constant evolution. Luis, the Director of Sales, constantly looks for products and services to enhance the company’s offerings. After gaining 10 years of experience in technology, sales, and marketing consultancies, including TalkTalk, Centrica, and Sodexho, he started totality services. Luis’s invaluable experience in the sales industry has helped him devise exceptional business and growth strategies.  His responsibilities include everything from lead generation across multiple channels to the end-to-end sales process, including technical discovery sessions and proposal delivery. Along with that, Luis is also responsible for the financial wellbeing of the company.

“I’ve never been the kind of business owner to take a backseat and watch the revenue flow init’s just not meI’m an IT sales professional at heart, constantly on the lookout for new products and services,” says Luis.

Embracing Quality over Quantity

totality services provide exceptional services to its client base. In a broader sense, every managed service provider offers the same set of products with emerging or incumbent technologies. The major difference that has driven totality to success is its unique way to deal with clients. “We consider ourselves partners, rather than service providers,” asserts Luis.

The company has received the ‘Feefo Platinum Service Award for outstanding customer service,’ and has been recognized and appreciated by numerous vendors for its client handling and services. totality services envisions achieving its set goals by ‘going the extra mile’ for the clients—the employees are trained and are offered dividends for reflecting such behavior. 

“Words of appreciation”

totality services has been highly appreciated by numerous clients from different industries. The company has received 5-star customer ratings on Google, Trustpilot, and Feefo review platforms. The company has also received numerous testimonials on many digital platforms. Nederlander Theatres, an entertainment company that produces for the Aldwych Theatre, Dominion Theatre, and Adelphi Theatre is one of the eminent clients of totality services. The theater group engages more than 1.5 million audiences every year through its work. From an IT perspective, totality manages–booking systems, emails, millions of financial transactions, etc., with ease. 

totality services make the process of IT support enjoyable. I can’t think of a better endorsement than that. It put a smile on my face when I heard it, I must admit,” said Nederlander Theatres in a recent testimonial.

Witnessing a Global Shift 

Technology today is evolving at a rapid rate, which has accelerated the process of adaptation to this change—in turn, revolutionizing the industry exponentially. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made IT professionals realize that their role is set to evolve in the contactless future. The pandemic devastated the IT industry initially. Numerous IT companies were shut down for weeks affecting various businesses. 

However, IT was back on track with the global shift to remote working. totality services facilitated remote working with its out-of-the-box solutions. Throughout the pandemic, the company’s underlying approach towards business – to provide responsive solutions to the client’s needs stayed intact. When the offices reopened in 2021, the commercial IT industry had undergone a paradigm shift. Today, an IT professional will require constant learning, unlearning, and relearning—out of necessity if not desire.

Future of IT in the UK

Presently, totality has no plans to expand. It aims to focus on London exclusively. totality has established multiple offices and is one of the only companies to truly understand the technological economy and support structures of the city. The company prioritizes its clients and its holistic approach has empowered the businesses of the region.

totality services uses Microsoft’s Azure for its cloud-based operations. As the platform is still evolving, it is unclear to understand its potential and its transformational effects on data storage and access. Currently, Microsoft’s pricing model is proving to be prohibitive for some of the totality’s SME and microbusiness clients. As a result, the company has to continue onsite services. In the future, totality aims to withdraw its on-site operations when the prices become favorable for all its clients. The pricing partially also depends on the ongoing optical fiber project replacing the copper broadband, led by the BT Group and the UK. 

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