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The internet went public in 1993, with the vision of creating an interconnected community. In less than 30 years of existence, it has attracted billions of users online. Since the emergence of internet domain companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., the number of users has constantly increased. Along with that has increased the scope of business.

Today, the world is more connected than ever and the virtual world of the internet is presenting absolutely real opportunities. The majority of businesses are scaling online, targeting a wide audience, and advertising their services. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the industry landscape has significantly changed. The demand for Google Ads services has notably increased. Small-scale businesses are increasingly investing in such services to create a digital presence.

Third Marble Marketing is a digital marketing firm that offers affordable and effective solutions to local small-scale businesses. The company specializes in Google Ads management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Efficiency in Operations

Chris Fawcett, the Founder and President of Third Marble Marketing started the firm in 2009 with the goal of helping small business owners market over the internet. He is an industry veteran and has been involved with digital marketing since its origin. Chris has 29 years of direct marketing experience and 26 years of internet marketing experience. As a leader, he trains the team to be effective yet flexible and adaptable. Over the years, Chris’s vision and experience have helped Third Marble Marketing to grow immensely.

The company works on getting more customers for its clients through effective SEO practices and Google’s Display Network. Apart from direct client interaction, the company collaborates with other agencies to offer targeted advertising services to foster clients.

Third Marble Marketing has a unique and efficient process of which it is very proud. It follows a systematically planned technique that eliminates the need for investing time and money into planning. Third Marble Marketing’s developed processes are fit for almost every Google Ads campaign. As a result, it offers an effective, affordable solution.

“My main role is to continuously improve our processes and efficiencies in a world of constant change,” mentioned Chris.

Unique Google Ads Management

Larger companies usually have teams of employees working round the clock to get their website into Page One of Google. Moreover, a majority of pay-per-click consultants charge hundreds of dollars a month, require long term contracts, and talk to a business owner only if they spend thousands of dollars each month in PPC ads. However, a majority of small business owners cannot afford to spend extensively on advertising.

Third Marble Marketing works directly with small business owners or other agencies to effectively grow their clients. The ‘Direct division’ deals with customers with 1 to 100 employees who wish to advertise in a local geographic area. Its ‘White-Label division’​helps agencies like website designers, marketing consultants, media buyers, and publishers provide their clients with a simple Google Ads service. The service can be either white-labeled or directly linked to the client.

Third Marble Marketing is a highly rated company. It has been rated five stars on the Google My Business platform. The company is affordable and offers great service at a fair price. Its Google Ad management service includes both setup and ongoing optimization. The setup service includes creating or linking Google Ads account, keyword research and development of the initial keywords, Ad copywriting, the addition of Ad extensions, configuring for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, and adding negative keywords developed from over ten years of experience.

Furthermore, Google Ads system is not easy to use and is constantly updating and changing. A small business owner thus needs to be well-trained and spend time constantly learning the latest Google tools and systems to manage the Google Ads account effectively. Here, the need for optimization arises. Third Marble Marketing’s ongoing optimization process includes strategies like adjusting keyword bids, adjusting bid management strategies, adjusting keyword matching, managing negative keywords, reviewing for new keywords, mobile/desktop ratio optimization and bid adjustments, geo-targeting adjustments, Ad Extension adjustments, Ad copy optimization and A/B testing of ads to increase response rates.

Evolution of the Digital Landscape

COVID-19 significantly affected the marketing strategies of locally-owned businesses. Primarily, as many had to switch to online retail channels—their approach towards lead generation was influenced. The general mode of publicity for such commercial activities relied heavily on the physical mediums. Due to the pandemic, outdoor advertising became ineffective. Third Marble Marketing’s fostered several new clients aiming to make the digital marketing switch during this period.

Third Marble Marketing faced the challenge put forth by new rivals in the industry. In addition, its White-Label division had to put extra effort as the amount of inexperienced new agencies had increased. On the Direct division front, new start-up businesses with minimal budgets had emerged, which led to added to the complications of the situation.

Focusing on the ‘Wins’

Initially, when the company switched to remote working some of its employees struggled, but the team gradually adhered to the changes and supported each other with the best possible actions. Due to lack of investments and the imposed restrictions during 2020 many clients of the company had to reduce expenses. In turn, Third Marble Marketing lost multiple customers. Even during this period of uncertainties, the company retained 100% of its employees.

Under Chris’s leadership, Third Marble Marketing shifted its focus to the wins and dedicated its efforts to delivering quality solutions. As a result, many client organizations doubled their advertising budgets and the company was soon able to bounce back. For its efficient services, Third Marble Marketing often received praises from its clients. Todd B (Business Owner in Virginia), one such happy client quotes, “We’ve always done print advertising until Third Marble Marketing came along and made us internet believers. No more print, Third Marble is in total charge of our budget. THEY ARE THE BEST, and we should know we’ve been around for 17 years. Thanks Third Marble for everything.”

2021: Growth Expected

Third Marble Marketing aims to focus on continuously improving its core offerings. It has made a few additions to its services like ‘Recruitment Ads,’ which is a unique and highly practical solution for hiring potential candidates. During the first 5 months of 2021, the company has already bagged an increase in revenue. As businesses are starting to return to the normal Third Marble Marketing has noted higher interests from small business owners.“We’re trying to position Third Marble to take advantage of this opportunity by recruiting and training for it now. We expect major growth in 2021,” asserts Chris.

Third Marble Marketing

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