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Smart manufacturing (also referred to as Industry 4.0) has contributed to the streamlining and automation of data for manufacturing companies. The intensified application of advanced intelligence has enabled rapid manufacturing and monitoring of product development-related processes. Influenced by the engineering marvel, several companies are seeking a direct pathway to inculcate smart manufacturing in their daily operations to initiate immediate improvements for yielding, traceability and safety. However, the path to reach smart manufacturing status remains unclear.

Creating Smart Manufacturers with immediate benefits at each stage, ThinkIQ provides a clear path to industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, the company was founded by Doug Lawson (CEO) in 2015. The company is the logical culmination of Doug’s career in software start-ups in the industrial sector. He was motivated to create a company that has a global impact and delivers enormous value to customers, creating safer, better, and more trustworthy products with less environmental impact.

Laser-Focused Manufacturing Transformations

ThinkIQ leads in Transformational Intelligence for manufacturers. The company is laser-focused on transforming the manufacturing process through vital steps required to attain Industry 4.0 Manufacturing—Data Capture; Visualization & Integration; Insight; Continuous Improvement—leading to fully autonomous Smart Manufacturing.

Intelligent End-to-End Tracking

Maintaining detailed ledgers of their materials is a powerful way for manufacturers. It can help track supplier performance, identify potential issues, and surgically excise problems before they result in damaging product recalls.

ThinkIQ’s material ledger provides a unique advantage to manufacturers. It offers a unique approach to intelligent end-to-end tracking, the associated monetary value, process data, and quality data. ThinkIQ uses built-in material balance verification, manufacturing process data, and product quality data in the context of material or energy movements, root-cause analyses, and more. Using the above procedures, the company delivers unprecedented material traceability and insight into ways to improve yield, quality, safety, compliance, and brand confidence.

ThinkIQ integrates data into existing IoT manufacturers and crosses supply chains to manufacturing processes and beyond using two factors—its fact-based granular and data-centric contextualized view of material flows and related provenance. “Our customers have saved tens of millions of dollars utilizing our best-in-class end-to-end solution that provides visibility and transparency in spades,” remarks Doug.

Strategizing the Vision

Being at the helm of ThinkIQ, Doug undertakes several responsibilities to cater to the company’s goals. He guides the strategy and vision of ThinkIQ that manifests itself in many ways. From navigating funding rounds to moving into different industry verticals to leverage the company’s software, Doug asserts it as his role to lead the company’s overall direction.

Along with undertaking the primary responsibilities of the company, Doug spearheads the team of ThinkIQ. Each member holds decades of leadership experience—specifically in the manufacturing and enterprise spaces. Moreover, the team is dedicated to creating a company that will have a global impact and delivers enormous value to its customers by creating a safer, better, and more trustworthy product with less environmental impact.

One of my greatest career achievements has been the creation of ThinkIQ,” remarks Doug. The company is helping to change the food and beverage industry by ensuring that the consumed food and products used are safer and produced in a more efficient and sustainable way. Recently, ThinkIQ was honored with the Food Logistics 2021 Top Green Provider award that recognized the company for its manufacturing solutions that enhance sustainability within the cold food and beverage industry.

Responsive Work Model

During the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, ThinkIQ’s work model allowed it to easily transition to a remote work environment and ensure the safety of its staff. The company also succeeded in helping its customers navigate the pandemic challenges by guiding them through unprecedented supply chain disruptions. Since manufacturers were forced to modify their supply chain operations seemingly overnight, ThinkIQ’s software helped them spot supplier issues that arose from the pandemic and course-correct as needed.

Expanding to New Horizons

ThinkIQ’s profound experience in the food and beverage manufacturing industry has resulted in proven increases in efficiency and safety. The company also holds a vast clientele record. Its software is used by several major food manufacturers in the world—namely Mars Inc, McCain Foods, and General Mills—to deliver unprecedented traceability and insights into ways for food manufacturers to increase visibility and improve yield. Additionally, the company has plans to leverage its expertise in material traceability to expand operations into the pharmaceutical and metal manufacturing industries.

Monitoring and Evaluating Prime Aspects

In the present scenario, consumers are immensely concerned about environmental and sustainability issues. Customers want to learn about the origin of a product and the environmental footprint left behind it. In terms of growing environmental concerns, ThinkIQ is well-positioned to deliver on these aspects as its software helps companies reach efficiency and sustainability goals.

In the past two years, ThinkIQ’s software has tracked two key areas of waste reduction for its clients:

  • Total trucking miles saved (and carbon emissions reduced) due to having more efficient operations;
  • Elimination of physical waste that would have ended up either in a landfill or wastewater treatment facility.

Since 2019, ThinkIQ has helped its customers save several miles in rail care and reduced several pounds of physical waste.

Envisioning Oriental Goals

In the upcoming years, ThinkIQ aims to continue catering to its organizational goals and thrive in delivering its mission. The company plans to continue helping organizations reach their fullest potential through Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing techniques to optimize yield and throughput. It also aims to reach the minimum requirements for waste and energy consumption.

Through waste and carbon emission reduction and maximization of yield, ThinkIQ is looking to expand its customer base and help more food and beverage companies to continue their push towards a more sustainable and waste-reduced supply chain.



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