The Top 10 Perseverant Entrepreneurs, 2021

For generations, perseverance has been the greatest ally of success as well as failure. It has helped transform ordinary individuals into exceptionally successful leaders. Especially for women leaders, perseverance has aided their leadership skills along with their supreme emotional intelligence and has anchored them to greater heights. Women entrepreneurs have been thriving in the business avenues
Kenneth Bond
Kenneth Bond: A Tech-geek reshaping the way Businesses Interact with the Digital World
Technology has become an integral part of our lives. The ...
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John R Childress
John R Childress: Imparting Perseverance through Visionary Approaches
Successful entrepreneurship is not just marked by grand accomplishments. The ...
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Kevin Steer
Kevin Steer: A Technical Mastermind Steering Growth with Perseverance
The journey of entrepreneurship can be daunting at times, and ...
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Gavin Quinnies
Gavin Quinnies: A Veteran Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry with Preventive Management Solutions
‘Healthcare is a continuous process’ and the world believes that ...
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Andrew Volchek
Andrew Volchek: Leveraging Technology to Create a Difference in the World
“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become ...
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Brian J. Esposito
Brian J. Esposito: A Go-getter with Zeal to Succeed
The dynamics of entrepreneurship and leadership have changed significantly over ...
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Amie Reiman
Amie Reiman: A Persistent Leader Promoting Plant-Based Medicine
“Being an entrepreneur is not easy today—the corporate world is ...
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