Gavin Quinnies: A Veteran Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry with Preventive Management Solutions

Gavin Quinnies

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Healthcare is a continuous process’ and the world believes that notion. Today, the amount of investment in health tech has increased dramatically. The healthcare system continues to strive to nurture a society of highly healthy individuals. Numerous countries around the world are upgrading the infrastructure of their healthcare systems to develop capabilities that meet the needs of patients in the future. Moreover, population health management is being readily adopted in order to improve clinical health outcomes. Pre-disease preventive care and follow-up maintenance require proficient analytics and well-trained, certified health professionals outside direct medical providers.

US HealthCenter is one such company that provides unique services in pre-disease, disease, and post disease periods while focusing on participation and adhesion to the health management programs resulting in reduced healthcare spending for customers. The company’s PredictiMed™ business intelligence predicts the onset of disease 3-5 years ahead of diagnosis using advanced analytics that combines Big Data from various sources including Mx, Rx, genetics, lifestyle, biometrics, blood chemistries, and demographics to determine individual and aggregate risk burden.

Journey as a Thought-Leader

Gavin Quinnies, CEO, Co-founder of US HealthCenter (USHC) is a highly experienced individual. He is a Milwaukee-based AI-powered population health management provider trained in engineering and management systems. However, Gavin had always embraced opportunities to become an entrepreneur. He started his first business—a neighborhood printing shop in high school.

Initially, Gavin attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout to study printing with a dream to become a journalist but eventually took a double major in packaging engineering. Later, he changed majors and graduated in manufacturing engineering in an attempt to broaden employment opportunities.

Gavin started his career developing artificial intelligence, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry. Afterward, he served as COO for a metals manufacturing and distribution firm, playing a key role in its growth and IPO. During this time, Gavin developed industry-leading health, safety, IT, quality, sales, health and productivity management systems. As a result of this risk minded approach, was able to self-fund their worker’s compensations insurance, and also their sub-150 person group health plan, which was highly unusual in the mid 90’s.

After the successful IPO, Gavin founded a consulting company for quality, safety, health, and life sciences. During this time he helped IBM convert the pharmaceutical industry from paper based to electronic, significantly accelerating the drug approval process.

Institutionalization of an Idea

USHC was established in 2003, by partners Quinnies and researcher and primary care physician Dr. Raymond Gavery, who was pioneering onsite and near-site clinics and predictive health. This unique combination offered different perspectives about similar principles which made them a highly productive team.

Within a few months of inception, the company launched its first online health portal—Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD). It combines DNA, biometrics, medical and Rx claims, demographic, wearable, lifestyle, and payroll data in its Health Risk Assessment, which generates the third-party validated predictive model for the user.

“Leveraging our wide tech offerings with our experience is what makes us different. Meanwhile, being nimble makes that even more powerful,” added Gavin.

Predictive Population Health Management

PredictiMed™ is the brand name for USHC’s technology platform that helps manage the population’s health and healthcare spending using medical and pharmacy claims, biometrics, lifestyle data, social determinants, readiness to change, and more. The platform has been validated by Intel GE Validation Institute for its ability to identify and lower the pre-disease high-risk level. In 2015 The Institute had the opportunity to validate PredictiMed’s™ ability to identify and lower the predisease high-risk level where the preemptive intervention can be applied and thus reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93%,

USHC’s evidence-based science and PredictiMed™ technology suite, combined with its Wholeistic™ Care navigation activates, educates, guides, and incentivizes members to manage and improve their own health. In addition to being validated for predictive modeling, USHC has also earned the industry’s highest awards for Care Navigation and Population Health Management, earning peer-reviewed Gold Health Value Awards. With such a powerful tool, USHC can help the world meet its goals and set new standards for care.

Managing Multiple Roles

Presently, Gavin manages the day-to-day operations of USHC including personnel, client services, financial decisions, software development, and sales management. He readily indulges in team-building alongside being dynamic and handling multiple roles as the company grows. Gavin is also involved in product and partnership development.

“US HealthCenter has a unique health tech business model, where we are our own client, using our tech to service our clients, which makes our quality exceptional—we are a lean organization with a highly productive environment,” asserts Gavin.

Undertaking Challenges

Since its origin, USHC has always been careful while choosing partners. Presently as the competition continues to grow, the healthcare industry continues to be fragmented and therefore become dysfunctional and counterproductive. USHC has always strived to have a complete approach to the patient or member which means that data and care navigation act together in concert.

Over the years, the company has also helped TPAs, carriers, and insurance brokers build self-funded health plans that facilitate lower costs, coupled with risk management solutions to keep populations healthy and affordable. However, the greatest challenge in any business is creating and retaining a team of talented individuals. USHC has had full employee retention since its origin. Gavin adds, “It has been a joy to grow and develop with such dedicated teammates.”

COVID-19: Growing Stronger

The COVID-19 pandemic revamped industries forever and lead numerous companies to foreclosure. Fortunately, USHC was able to sustain and cultivate during the pandemic as it had already been working both in person and remotely since 2007. This turned to be advantageous for USHC as there were no noteworthy disruptions of processes.

USHC’s managed its clients by providing agile strategies during the period, as onsite screenings were limited. The company helped its clients adapt rapidly and in turn retained 100% of its clients. Presently, with the advent of the phone app marketplace expansion, the market is changing again, and the company is at the forefront of this transition yet again.

Gavin Quinnies

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