The Makers of Cumulations Technologies: Redefining The Way Mobility Solutions Are Delivered

 Cumulations Technologies

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The means of communication have evolved over the years; transition from computers to today’s handy smartphones has made the exchange of information possible in real-time. In developing nations like India, mobile phone has been the single biggest gadget to get people online; consequently, the mobility sector has dramatically flourished and changed the way technology reaches people. Moreover, from the business point of view, enterprise mobility has modernized workplaces with the use of advanced mobile-centric technologies resulting fostered employee productivity.

Madhu V Swamy, Pradeep VR, and Praveena Kumara D, the three engineers turned entrepreneurs are the Co-founders of  Cumulations Technologies.  At Cumulations, they strive to innovate and optimally use resources adding value to their clients’ businesses. Moreover, they pursue to be a team that can co-create with the client and turn client’s business ideas into a successful output. Besides, the Co-founders’ technology expertise, continued delivery excellence, and passionate team has enabled them to be recognized as one of the finest mobile app development companies in India.

An Elevating Journey Shaping Future Leaders

Since the initial thought of establishing their venture Cumulations Technologies, Madhu, Pradeep, and Praveena have been through many twists and turns. As they consider each vicissitude as an experience, they say they have learned a lot throughout this journey. Looking back, one thing that they feel much proud of is the fact that their clients kept coming back to them, which would never happen if they do not provide something valuable for their clients. “Adding value day after day, month after month, and year after year is something we are really proud of,” they say.

At the initial stage, hiring the right talent to make a right team and then aligning them with the Cumulations’ vision was one of the biggest challenges and learning for the juvenile leaders. Since the start, their focus has been to make the individuals operate independently and provide help whenever required. Moreover, they also used to make sure that their team is challenged enough so that their swords would stay sharp-edged always.

As founders of the company, Madhu, Pradeep, and Praveena’s roles revolve around everything from vision and growth to sales and operations. While elaborating the expertise of their team, Madhu says, “When you have the best team, they make it easier and effortless for us.” Moreover, as there are many situations where there is not much clarity on the pathway in order to move ahead, in such situations, the challenge lover leaders say that “Getting clarity and defining a roadmap where nothing exists is the best part of our role.”

Cumulations Technologies: Monopolizing Quality in Offerings

Established in 2013 with a vision to become the best IoT mobile apps provider in India, Cumulations Technologies is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The technology-driven entity is a perfect composition of talented technical architects, developers, and designers, whose management team comes with extensive experience in the services industry and mobility domain and boasts over 25+ years of combined experience.

With a successful track record of delivering strong back-end and IoT solutions to companies like Intel, Siemens, and Takeleap, Cumulations Technologies has become one of the leading IoT and AI solution provider in India. Its top rated services include Android, iOS, Flutter, & IoT application development, Alexa skill development and back-end development. Furthermore, it also provides services like Google Home actions, AWS lambda, Chatbot, and VR app development, IFTTT integration, and UI/UX design and development.

Conquering the Inescapable Nature of Technology

Focused on IoT, Cumulations has been an established player in the ecosystem. Over time, the competent personalities leading Cumulations have ameliorated its processes, built great partnerships with clients and ecosystem partners by delivering industry standard solutions. Keeping up with the pace of the technology, they have put their hands on upcoming technologies like Voice Assistants and have been partnering with giants like Amazon to build voice bots for some of the large enterprises. In addition to that, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are also major parts of their offerings.

Co-Creating the Success with Clients, for Clients

The architects of Cumulations don’t look at themselves as a vendor for their projects but a team where they co-create with their clientele. They truly believe that their customers’ success is their success and work hard to make that happen. This philosophy and execution have helped them create a long-term partnership with most of their clients. Moreover, they hugely follow a customer-centric approach, which altogether set them aside. In addition, what else make them stand apart are their 4 characteristics, which are as below.

  • Quality: They ensure to deliver the world-class quality mobile apps by using innovative technologies in an optimal way.
  • User-Centric: The team of Cumulations understands the intent of mobile apps for clients’ business and build resilient, thoughtful and user-friendly mobile apps.
  • 8+ Years Experienced Team: They assure that client’s mobile app will be developed by 8+ years experienced engineering team who are well-versed with trending technologies.
  • Effective Communication and Project Management: The members of Cumulations believe that effective communication improves the relationship and resolves the conflicts.

Future of Mobility Industry

“Mobile industry will grow at much more pace over the next few years and big companies would be focusing on how they can capture the next billion users. Moreover, vertical apps are going to be a big thing solving specific use cases for businesses.” – Madhu V Swamy

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