The Clearing, Inc.: Using Innovative Strategies To Help Organizations Overcome Business Challenges

The Clearing Inc

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In today’s fast moving world, organizations are seeking new ways to grow and increase market share. To achieve their goals, many organizations turn to a consulting firm to provide the innovative strategies they seek. The best strategies are designed to build organizational capacity and are customized to meet the needs of the organization. A capacity building approach to consulting helps clients develop the skills they need to manage every aspect of the business as well give them the tools to problem solve any future issues once a consulting engagement has ended.

In order to help clients tackle a large variety of issues, The Clearing, Inc., combines innovative thinking with clients’ organizational knowledge and industry expertise to develop pragmatic and actionable solutions that drive lasting organizational success.

The Clearing is a Washington, D.C., based management-consulting firm that helps organizations in the public, private, and social sectors solve highly complex challenges by prioritizing the fewest and most important initiatives that will have the largest impact. They deliver forward-looking strategic consulting services to increase organizational effectiveness, growth, and innovation. The Clearing helps leaders identify and overcome the root cause of organizational obstacles, going well beyond surface level issues to achieve lasting success

The Clearing Inc

Helping Key Stakeholders Resolve Business Related Issues

For organizations, choosing the right consulting firm is a difficult decision. Organizations need to find a consulting team who truly understands the challenges facing their operation. The Clearing takes time to listen, understand, and digest the current state of organizations and assists them by providing impactful, innovative, and cost-effective services to reach their desired future state. The Clearing’s services include: strategic planning, change management, leadership development and coaching, organizational development, and cultural transformation, provides process improvement, workplace design, post M&A integration, stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, and meeting facilitation.

The Clearing Inc

The Clearing utilizes an innovative approach for understanding and solving the most intractable organizational problems through their propriety micro strategies The PRIMES™. The PRIMES are universal patterns of group behavior that outfit any group to solve any problem. With The PRIMES as a tool groups gather together to share their perspective and intent and to establish coordinated action to achieve and measure results.

Three Powerful Principles behind The Clearing’s Success

To tackle client issues The Clearing implements the following principles.

  1. Listen First: The Clearing listens, then acts. They use a highly visual approach to model systems, map social dynamics, simplify complex concepts, and communicate strategic, financial, and transformation efforts.
  2. Establish Shared Perspective: The company tackles advanced and tough challenges through the use of a powerful blend of interviews and facilitated group sessions  to ensure all stakeholders are clear on current state, leaders intent, and a coordinated action plan toward the desired end state.
  3. Fewest Most Important The team at The Clearing believes that focus is an important factor responsible for the growth of any organization. For achieving a common goal, the leaders and their teams need to focus on the fewest most important tasks to achieve measurable results.

The Clearing IncStanding Out from the Crowd

The Clearing hires employees known for their thought leadership, ability to execute, and boundless curiosity. It recruits the best of the best and provides a creative space to help clients solve problems in unique and innovative ways. The Clearing is always on the lookout for new trends or approaches to aid their clients’ businesses and deliver them with a positive outcome.

An Experienced Leader with Vast Knowledge and Industry Expertise

Tara Carcillo, the CEO of The Clearing has spent over fifteen years guiding, designing, and advising on enterprise transformation, leadership development, and instructional design. She delivers her unique insights through a system and design thinking lens across diverse client groups, and continues to build her insights to formulate innovative solutions and forward-leaning strategies.

This dynamic CEO aims to build a company that can operate without her presence. In doing so, Tara has hired individuals more tenured than her and remains patient while her workforce forge their individual paths ahead. Since its inception, The Clearing has grown from two to over 100 staff members in just 10 years and will continue to grow rapidly over the coming years.

A Valuable Piece of Advice from Tara

Being an experienced leader, Tara shares that compassion, excellence, and agility will help consulting firms in achieving their desired goals as well as aid them in delivering best-in-class consulting services.

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