The New Science of Safety – The Key to Unlocking Occupational DNA®

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Today, organizations are providing the workforce with the most advanced safety equipment in the history of modern-day risk management. This novel approach includes renewed processes, procedures, and protocols that are mainly directed toward one goal i.e. safety. Yet, accidents still occur at the workplace, and the numbers are more alarming. A study has concluded that workplace injuries exceed $70 billion and 90% of workplace incidents are caused by human factors. These numbers outline the urgency for organizations to consider the “New Science of Safety, SQ or Safety Quotient.” Everyone has an SQ score no matter what work they do, and everyone is hardwired with a defined risk tolerance score. The importance of SQ is as evident as that of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EI (Emotional Intelligence).  

Despite the implemented safety equipment process, procedures, and protocols, there are still rising numbers of mishaps, which have pivoted the progressive companies to focus on the root cause and understanding the SQ of their people. The question is how will you know?

The Assessment Company® is a leader in offering the only assessment that can evaluate an individual’s SQ score. Established in 1994, it has been providing both SMBs and Fortune 100 companies with superior employee assessment solutions. Over the years, the company has grown tremendously and now represents multiple brands in the market. This experience makes the company the perfect partner to recommend and implement the right solution according to the client’s unique needs.

Adaptive Assessment Technology 

The Assessment Company® is an authorized partner of PXT Select™, an adaptive assessment technology that measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavior, and interest to equip organizations with proper data. This evaluation helps the clients to hire smarter. Moreover, the clients are also provided with Everything DiSC® Application Suite. Likewise, it also offers a unique safety assessment solution that helps identify an individual’s SQ score that correlates to successful and safe workplace performance.

The offerings provided by the company are more diverse, however, the large part of the business revolves around Occupational DNA®—identifies the top performers who have a proven, track record of safety coupled with performance in an organization and that are further evaluated to extract Occupational DNA®. This information is further leveraged to build customized performance models for a particular position. This allows businesses to make more informed decisions when selecting, hiring, coaching, training and promoting. 

Occupational DNA® helps clients compare the work and safety characteristics of different candidates with a defined model along with a percentage match to the job. Hiring managers can easily identify top, safe candidates with ease, which contributes to the formation of effective teams, while also improving safety and performance. The Assessment Company® has continued to be an industry leader in offering the clients solutions that put people in the right jobs, where they are a safe fit and productive. The Occupational DNA® approach combined with the ability to understand an individual’s SQ can acutely predict a person’s risk tolerance and also help in decreasing the number of negative events. 

Award-Winning Solution Provider

For more than three decades, The Assessment Company® has been a top award-winning assessment solution provider. The major contributor to this success has been the support of the outstanding team and CEO, John P. Beck. He oversees the marketing aspect of the company and has become the face of the company. It is the combined efforts of John and his team that make The Assessment Company® one of the most recognized and utilized brands in the industry. 

Another key contributor to success is the determination towards the safety of people. “It’s about people. It’s about people coming to work every day and going home to their families. No executive wants to make that call to a loved one saying their family member won’t be coming home,” explains John. 

With the advent of the current global emergency, many organizations that are outside of the industry sector have become increasingly aware of safety. From healthcare to education, to manufacturing and industry, the well-being of the employee is of utmost importance. Now, more than ever safety has become everybody’s business.

Global Health Emergency

COVID-19 not only disrupted global health but crippled the world economy. This catastrophic effect on the economy resulted in unannounced layoffs. Businesses and organizations are under extreme pressure to protect and increase revenues. As the world turns the corner and COVID-19 fades in our rear-view mirrors, there is already a surge in hiring. The ability to hire right and hire safe will be key for organizations to thrive at this critical time. 

The pandemic has further increased the complexity of recruiting, which has forced companies to conduct remote interviews like never before. The resume and interviewing alone fail to fully predict safe job success. As a result, utilizing employee assessments has become essential to gain insight while determining the right Occupational DNA® and right safety fit for offered positions. 

We are on the dawn of the fifth industrial revolution – the remote workforce”, says John Beck, CEO, The Assessment Company. Being a veteran in the industry, The Assessment Company® is ready to assist clients with solutions that will drive business results.  

Positive Outlook 

Highlighting the urgency of implementing employee assessments to ensure a safe workforce, John recalls the advice he received in the ’80s. If your company isn’t on the World Wide Web before the end of the decade, you aren’t in business. Presently, this stands true for the business intelligence of advanced assessment solutions as well. 

For the year 2021, John has a positive outlook and predicts that it will be the beginning of the American comeback. The start of 2021 has already shown signs of an upturn for many organizations. “It’s time organizations make a paradigm shift in the way they approach risk management. It’s time for the new science of safety. It’s time for business and industry to understand the SQ of their people.” says John. “It’s time we get America back to work safely.”

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