The 10 Prominent Food and Beverage Leaders to Look for in 2021

The food sector has always been an important contributor to the economy. In the US alone, the food and beverage industry contributes a significant and stable portion to the US economy. Kombucha, an essential part of the domestic beverage economy is gaining popularity in the American markets and experiencing an upsurge in demand. As a result, big names in the beverage industry are observing the benefits of this beverage and developing consumer-preferred drinks.
Miku Jha
Miku Jha: Determined to Restructure the Ag Ecosystem
The food industry has been witnessing the lack of quality ...
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Mark Celmer
Mark Celmer: A Game-Changer in the Food-Beverage Industry
Consumer preferences have transformed over the years, which has heavily ...
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Jeremy Jerome
Jeremy Jerome: A Serial Entrepreneur Bolstering New Wine Trends
In recent years, there have been several transformations all around ...
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Greig Jansen
Greig Jansen: Ambassador Of Modern Day Health Beverages
Over the past few decades, carbonated beverages have been heavily ...
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Dan Beem
Dan Beem: An Ambitious Innovation Seeker
In the past few years, the food and beverages industry ...
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Carlo Cisco
Carlo Cisco: An Enthusiastic Leader Offering Access to Exclusive Experiences
Being a leader in a food and beverage industry requires ...
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Andy Lin
Andy Lin: A Visionary with a Prudent Foresight
Over the past decade, the food and beverages industry has ...
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Alexander Olesen
Alexander Olesen: Bringing Change through Sustainable Hydroponic Farming
The food industry has experienced a paradigm shift as the ...
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Leader's Insight

Fight Sugar Addiction
Fight Sugar Addiction – Better Health
Author Credits, Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder and the CEO at Jump ...
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Alexander Olesen
Babylon Building For A Future Where Modular Vertical Farming Solutions Are Accessible
AUTHOR CREDIT – Alexander Olesen, Co-Founder and CEO, Babylon Micro-Farms. ...
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Know Your Cheese

types of cheese
An In-depth Analysis of 8 Types of Cheese
Nearly about 4000 years ago, people started to breed animals ...
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