The 10 Leading Payment and Card Solution Providers of 2020

The eventual emergence of the e-commerce world during the late 90s and the early 21st century was a game-changer for various industries worldwide, particularly for the banking and finance field. As the transactional activities began to digitize, the financial sector changed drastically, including the landscape of alternative financial products. The unbanked and underbanked customers from the alternative….
SafexPay: Providing World-class White Label Payment Solutions
Over the past few years, an increasing array of solutions ...
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Intuition Systems
Intuition Systems: Catering Powerful and Affordable All-in-one mPOS System
As the world moves further and faster into the technological ...
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Member Access Processing
Member Access Processing: A Stable and Trusted Card-Processing Services Partner
Today’s customers have high expectations when it comes to their ...
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National Processing
National Processing: Delivering Trusted and Transparent Merchant Processing Relationship
Inspired by the successful condiment revolution of Heinz, a keen ...
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Innovation Quotient

pci compliance
Payment Card Industry Compliance: An Overview
The payment card industry has seen significant growth over the ...
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Reliable Payment Solutions

Host Card Emulation
How Host Card Emulation meets EMV Goals?
Since the introduction of the first android phone with Near ...
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