The 10 Innovative Biotechnology Solution Companies 2021

Biopharmaceutical drugs, since their inception, have enabled the prevention and transformed the treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases, and are increasingly used in nearly all branches of medicine. Patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, immune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and other health problems are benefitting from biopharmaceuticals, which provide safe and effective targeted treatments.
PegMed: A Ray of Hope in the Biotechnology Industry
Every year, tons of medicines with extended expiration dates are ...
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TrioxNano: Revolutionizing healthcare by P.C.P.M Point of Care Programmable Medicine
Biotechnology is a field of science that achieved major breakthroughs ...
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ThoughtSphere: Advancing Clinical Trial Data Management and Analytics
The biotechnology industry has undergone numerous vital changes in recent ...
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Healx: Breaking Ground with AI-Enabled Drug Discovery for Rare Diseases
The pace and scale of medical and scientific innovation are ...
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Golden Helix
Golden Helix: Pioneering in Bioinformatics Solutions
Biotechnology has had a major role in evolving the health ...
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