The 10 Foremost Risk Management Companies of 2020

Over the past few months, the oil markets around the world have been rather bearish due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a financial struggle for several companies in the industry. The commodity markets, in general, have become more volatile due to the pandemic, which may lead to opportunities for traders who better manage their risk. Moreover, banks are becoming more cautious when financing commodity trades,….
Seven Corners
Seven Corners: The Right Way to Travel
Travel insurance is one of the most important investments for ...
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Libryo: Catalyst to a Sustainable World
Libryo is the brainchild of the trio of Peter Flynn, ...
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C2C Smart Compliance
C2C Smart Compliance: The GPS for Compliance Mapping & Management
As government regulations spread around the globe, geopolitical, regulatory, legal, ...
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Brinqa: Modernizing the Cybersecurity Risk Management
Today, most organizations have well-defined policies and processes for responding ...
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Redefining Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management
Coming Together on Enterprise Cyber Risk Management
By: Syed Abdur, VP, Product Management & Marketing, Brinqa It ...
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Travel Industry in COVID-19

Travel Industry
How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Travel Industry
By: Jeremy Murchland, Seven Corners President The COVID-19 pandemic has ...
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Success Story

Story of Salesforce
Story of Salesforce: The Journey of #1 CRM Platform, From Rages To Riches
The goal of an enterprise CRM (Customer Relation Management) platform ...
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