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Best SAP Solution Providers

Bacula Systems: Offering Unique Backup and Recovery Software

Well known and widely used by data centers around the world for delivering security, a highly stable product and no hidden or extra charges, Bacula Enterprise Edition is a particularly flexible data backup and restore solution, compatible with practically any form of storage – be it virtual, physical or Cloud. As data volume in any given organization inevitably grows year over year, Bacula’s yearly subscription-based licensing has no data volume-based charges so IT departments can be completely free to back up and protect data in the way they choose. Bacula Systems pioneered this model and are virtually unique in that their whole business runs this way ......

Approyo: Streamlining SAP in Cloud

We make it simple for companies to implement SAP and Cloud solutions for today and the future. In 2011, Chris Carter saw the need for a company that could provide cost...

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