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From 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be changing as to how businesses and public-sector organizations can handle the information of customers, prospects, and employees. GDPR’s main focus is to give the control of personal data back to citizens and residents, as well as simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. Natuvion Americas Inc, is an SAP Gold Partner consulting company that focuses on strategic IT security, data protection, and privacy management. For the last three years, Natuvion has focused on implementing GDPR compliance with SAP systems and has run over 100 GDPR workshops in cooperation with SAP across multiple cities.

Natuvion offers many years of experience with SAP® software projects, as well as a profound understanding of processes across industries. Natuvion helps its customers to reach their goals with innovative, technology-leading processes and solutions in SAP Cloud platform development, cyber security, data protection & privacy (dpp) regulations, analytics and transformation. As an SAP Gold Partner and Co-Innovation Partner, Natuvion provides cost-effective, tailor-made consulting and tools that put companies and experts at the forefront. Natuvion’s recognized experts in security have an extensive IT knowledge. They provide a clear-cut approach to customers’ projects based on an analysis of needs, while covering the entire SAP Business Suite.

Dynamic & Futuristic Leader

With extensive experience in SAP’s software for large enterprises, current CEOs of Natuvion Americas Inc, Patric Dahse (PhD), Thomas Bornemann, and Holger Strotmann, identified a market opportunity for the lack of security and transformation consulting in the mass-customer industry (e.g., utilities, consumer, retail, or banking). The first set of tools was developed to address a huge demand to help customers that were searching for a solution to their entire GDPR compliance programs. However, the demand for security solutions were not only a huge advantage for Natuvion, but also the demand for transformation, analytics, and SAP Cloud platform development services. These areas are also driving demand in other industries.

Prominent & Superior SAP Solutions

  • Sophia: Sophia is an intelligent analysis to identify data with personal relation on a technical and content-based level. 99% of all personal-related data can be identified in SAP systems with this analysis.
  • Test Data Anonymization (TDA): TDA is a GDPR certified, performance optimized, and easy-to-use anonymization and pseudonymization software, which can be used on all NetWeaver and HANA based systems.
  • Data Discovery and Identification App (DDI): The SAP Cloud Platform App covers the whole process of data subject rights from the request to the answer.
  • LUCY Selective Data Cleansing: This solution can identify and consistently delete data objects within an SAP system landscape such as prospects (business partner), old bank accounts, addresses, communication details, and more.
  • The Cutover App: This SAP Cloud Platform App helps the project team, project manager, and stakeholder monitor and manage their GDPR project/rollout activities in one fully integrated application.
  • Compliance Audit Analysis: This analysis package checks all major technical GDPR requirements in an SAP system landscape.

Client Satisfaction Services

Due to international security and/or data privacy regulations being a worldwide concern, Natuvion has grown internationally in multiple industries. Natuvion is also the founder of the only Data Protection & Privacy Competence Center in Berlin, where people can ask legal or technical questions, get implementation support, or ask for predefined templates and blueprints for their data protection and privacy compliance project. Another success is the Cutover App, which helps customers with the automated transfer from Excel lists into executable workflows during their cutover projects. One of the first apps developed on the SAP Cloud Platform, the Cutover App pushes Natuvion’s innovations to the front line as one of SAP’s leading Co-Innovation Partners.

Key Factors behind Success

According to the CEOs, the company’s success lies within the great competencies that their employees bring to the table to create an innovative and motivating company culture. With workspaces becoming even more mobile and digital, they make sure that employees can have the opportunity to always stay up-to-date with news. Employees also build healthy work relationships with their colleagues by planning multiple get-togethers throughout the year, where the highlighted topics are shared with the entire company. Feedback from each employee is also encouraged at their reoccurring workshops.

Future Challenges

Natuvion’s challenge will be to protect its culture in a multinational and multivenue organization. One of its basic cultural elements are to always invest in its people with i.e. regular social workshops, offsides, trainings, family events. From the customer’s point of view, one major challenge will be to help them stay compliant with no or little influence on their processes and business. Natuvion is planning to help its customers not only with this huge task of realizing the data protection requirements, but also with an ongoing engagement to easily comply with further regulations and/or changes in the future.

Word of Advice

Patric Dahse advises the younger generation to invest their time and energy more than usual to see and learn as much as they can. In addition, Patric adds, “Networking is incredibly important as you learn from and interact with the people you meet. These people may become employees or part of your leadership team, you never know what will happen in the future.”

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