Telenotes: Strengthening Customer-Business Relations with ‘Virtual Assistant CRM’


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The niche of the CRM industry is to help strengthen the customer-business bond by assessing customer preferences and implementing them in regular business operations. Over the years, the CRM industry has grown as one of the highly opportunistic industries—benefitting numerous businesses and organizations. With the onset of technology and digitalization, the CRM industry has further attained greater heights in fulfilling customer-business expectations and relations. 

On a greater note, the CRM industry was innovated to help salespeople and companies keep and build better relationships with their customers. However, currently, the industry has undergone a drastic change. This rampant transition has impacted people working for the sales departments—as officials such as managers and other departments gained access to customer data. As a result, the CRM tool—which was previously tailored for salespeople—was no longer as useful to them as it used to be. 

With the establishment of Telenotes in 2001, Tom Metcalf (Co-founder and President) established a CRM solution within the industry which has been designed for management and field use alike. Developed with the motto of “built for salespeople by salespeople”, Telenotes has gained immense popularity since its inception and is preferred by a majority of customers as well as companies. 

Abridging Existing Voids

Telenotes was instituted by Tom along with his co-founder to fulfill the existing gap within the CRM industry and provide the following features:

  • A CRM combined with the benefits and ease of a personal administrative assistant;
  • Technology that would simplify recording information out in the field, improve sales efficiency, and increase follow-through.

The platform was incorporated by leveraging the combined expertise of the co-founders along with their decades of sales experience. It is based on decades of first-hand experience in field sales. Telenotes has earned 94% of its user adoption rate by making field sales reps’ lives easier. Its unique technology and proprietary processes have provided millions of virtual assists for sales professionals across North America. 

‘Virtual Assistant CRM’

During its establishment, Telenotes was the first and continues to be exclusive as the only ‘Virtual Assistant CRM’. It follows upgraded and modern CRM methodologies. Instead of typing call notes, the platform enables sales reps to talk their call notes. After every sales call, live agents based in the US will update the CRM with all the relevant information. 

Spearheaded by a Dedicated Leader

The robust team of Telenotes is spearheaded by Tom. As one of the founding fathers of the company, Tom is entrusted with several important responsibilities and high-executive roles. He ensures to keep the pathway clear and maintain motivation amongst every member of the team. He also keeps every team member focused on achieving the company’s goal—to help companies with outside sales teams build better customer relationships by simplifying the way they capture and utilize business intelligence.

Tom believes that motivation always stems from within. He adds, “It’s our role as managers to clear the path and empower each employee to contribute to the mission the best way they can.” 

With respect to ensuring intact and consistent motivation within the team members, Tom states that Telenotes provides vision, tools, and the ability for everyone to add value to its customers as well as its customers’ customers.

Profound Clientele Portfolio 

Telenotes holds a strong and devoted clientele portfolio. It is entrusted by a plethora of companies, and also has strong partnerships with numerous customers. Telenotes has been incorporated by several renowned companies and organizations such as Volvo, Eriks, Snider Fleet Solutions, and many more. 

Telenotes has also received positive remarks from its customers. The company has been accredited by several companies for helping them boost sales statistics, manage team members and accounts, accelerate business revenue, and much more. Moreover, the platform has also been appraised by numerous clients and customers for its simplified features, user-friendliness, essential facilities, and many more. 

Thriving Amidst Crisis

The recent COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacted the functioning of the entire world in general. Several businesses were severely impacted due to the worldwide lockdowns and abrupt shutdowns. As a result, numerous projects were suspended and businesses’ operations were put to halts. Amidst such challenging times, it was essential to maintain intact relationships with customers so as to ensure their business security and other beneficial factors. 

With respect to the recent global crisis, Tom asserts “We feel quite fortunate that we were uniquely positioned to carry on our operations without much need for adjustment.” Being a software company, the team of Telenotes did not undergo the aftermath of adapting to new changes. It swiftly embraced the ‘work from home’ culture along with various digital communication tools. 

Envisioning Enhanced Opportunities and Services

Tom envisions a prolific future for Telenotes. Being a ‘Virtual Assistant’ service provider, Telenotes aims to continue innovating and providing value-added services for its customers. Moreover, the company aims at inculcating several features to enable its customers to leverage the most value from its services without adding any additional administrative burden to their day. These include improved 3rd party system integrations, smart ‘in app’ lead discovery and management, and many more endless streams of ways. 

Tom states that Telenotes’ success mantra is to help companies with outside sales teams build better customer relationships by simplifying the way they capture and utilize business intelligence. He adds, “Our success depends on simplicity for our users.

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