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With the tremendous demand for smartphones, the mobile app industry has skyrocketed and attained great heights. In the post-pandemic world, the industry is growing further rapidly due to accelerated technological advancements. Moreover, technology has aided several features such as video conferencing, wearable gadgets, delivery and logistics, and many more, which dominates the mobile industry segment.

Additional technological advancements such as building apps and 5G is also increasing. This enables developers to build smarter IoT Apps and provide services with endless opportunities. Moreover, beneficial facilities such as maintaining and supporting a single code base with fewer incubation costs have been contributing to the growth and evolution of the mobile app development industry.

Amidst the constant evolution, Technostacks Infotech Pvt Ltd. has successfully established its niche within the mobile app development industry. The company has asserted its expertise in designing and building scalable SaaS and IoT software solutions for start-ups and enterprises across the world. Technostacks is the mastermind of Mrudul Shah (CTO and Co-Founder) who co-founded the company in 2014. Since its inception, the company has diversified into various domain competencies which helped it carve a niche in providing bespoke digital solutions.

Robust Array of Services

Over time, Technostacks acquired the privilege to collaborate with various global brands during its digitization journey. The company delivers complex yet beautiful solutions for its clients to solve real-life problems while challenging the status quo of interaction with products.

Technostacks’ products and solutions have disrupted people’s perception towards several everyday chores such as sanitization, healthcare consultations, shipping, credit financing, and many more. Technostacks’ expertise is imbibed in features such as Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS solutions, digital product development, and product engineering.

Passionate Leader at the Core

Mrudul commenced his entrepreneurial journey with Technostacks and core competency in mobile app development. As one of the founding fathers of Technostacks, he is passionate about helping start-ups and enterprises in achieving their IT business goals on the technical front. Moreover, he perennially strives towards helping the team adopt new technologies and bring them under the company’s development portfolio.

Mrudul believes that the most important human connection is empathy. Abiding on this, Technostacks has established a dominant culture followed within the organization. The company culture is infused with the values of care, love, relationship building, exhibiting a warm and welcoming approach towards each other.

Intrinsic Company Culture

The team of Technostacks is led by Mrudul, who emphasizes “To support one another, help, have a collaborative approach to work.” The company started with a small team who possessed the ability to understand, listen to colleagues, team mates’ personal issues and insecurities. With time, trying to resolve it got imbibed into the hierarchy and it continues to stay even when the company’s strength has expanded. Additionally, further efforts are instigated by the HR team to improve and prioritize the caring culture with various activities. These include bonding activities, On-sites, swapping employees into teams which help the teammates get to know each other better. This has helped maintain a healthy work environment within the company.

Effective Crisis Management

Presently, the greatest challenge faced by the company is the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Work from home, according to Mrudul, initiated challenges such as communication, collaboration with the team along with scheduling flexible work hours for everyone, and many more. Additionally, the pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies to abide by social distancing norms.

Technostacks had to accustom to new ways of remote work life giving rise to the new set of challenges of work allocation, collaboration, motivation, work overload, presenteeism, and secure work environment. The company overcame the pandemic challenges with the use of features such as video conferencing tools, weekly team meetings, work and bonding activities, online team building activities, and celebrations.

This resulted in increased participation by managing work hours in order to deal with remote work challenges. It gradually adopted the use of tech platforms, audio-video conferencing tools, accelerated process automation, and permanent change to organization strategy and management. Furthermore, Technostacks ensured each employees’ safety during the implementation of lockdowns. It maintained direct contact for immediate medical or personal assistance.

Digitized Incorporation for Prolonged Benefits

As a part of digital transformation post-pandemic, several organizations are aggressively adopting bulks of technologies such as Cloud, IoT, and others. Technostacks’ vast experience in technological advancements provides it an edge in the apt adaptation and right execution for the clients.

Mrudul states, “Clients have become more trusting of what technology can do and are pushing themselves ahead with digital transformation compared to prior reluctance.” He further adds that investment in technology is leveraged as a recovery to the pandemic and clients’ eagerness for digitization acceptance has benefitted Technostacks immensely.

Technostacks has a keenness for IoT as it can be leveraged to assert control over various things. It plans to incorporate IoT features and solutions for the following reasons:

  • To provide IoT solutions to contribute to smart homes, smart cities, smart automobiles, healthcare, education, and so on; and
  • Benefit the industry as well as help consumers live a better, safer, easier life

Future Shrouded with Technological Advancements

Mrudul mentions that ML/AI—with the integration of deep learning—will emerge as a trend which will dominate the mobile app sector for its immense value offering. The further integration of chatbots along with mobile apps will also escalate aggressively in the future. He adds that the power of AI/ML is not limited to chatbots and AI dominions such as Siri. Organizations are embracing these technologies to grow profitability in various forms such as AI automated DevOps through AIOps, Automated ML, AI-enabled chips, interoperability among neural networks, and so on.


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