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In the world of transformation where every business is getting modernised by adapting new technologies, it becomes very important to keep up the pace and stay a step or two ahead than the rest. Therefore, the reinvention of the business model and clinch to new age tools & technologies is essential to get success. Besides, one of the largest software makers, Oracle has made numerous revolutions in the IT field. It has vast expertise in developing database software and technology cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products.

Today, Oracle’s database technology is widespread in developers as its wide-ranging software array and supreme domain proficiency is being acclaimed for its flexibility and cost savings. Similarly, it has proved its importance in some of the most vital applications in business such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply-Chain Management (SCM). ERP is the incorporated management software of core business processes and is facilitated by software and technology. Focused on the capabilities of Oracle, Technology Xpress Info Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. (T-XIS) is an expert in providing superior quality Oracle ERP solutions and services to the global market. Primarily, T-XIS was established to provide customers with the best-in-class services in the ERP domain.

Empowering Businesses with High Class Solutions

Headquartered in Pune, T-XIS has an expertise in delivering high quality business solutions & consulting. It is known that integration of data is the crucial objective to be achieved in any ERP system and therefore, this start-up was initiated with the idea of providing data in integrated models. The leading organization is an Oracle Gold Partner, assisting clients to get the most out of their businesses. The company also has proficiencies in supporting technology related products related to Application, Database, Middleware, and infrastructure.

Presently, T-XIS has developed a vast experience in developing, modifying, and improving medium to large scale ERP and offers unmatched ERP solutions and services to prominent clients comprising of medium and large companies. Impressively, the significant assets of T-XIS are unique merger of onsite and offshore implementations, and advanced project management practices.

New Type of Cloud with Abundant Added Features

T-XIS utilizes the power of Oracle PaaS to assist customers to develop, run, and manage web applications with simplified building. It also helps them to maintain the infrastructure that is characteristically associated with developing and launching an app. Today, it has replaced the traditional way and is now helping enterprises in making better use of cloud such as securing, mobilizing, integrating, and proving analytics on the data in much simplified way. Moreover, PaaS comes with many advantages such as IT efficiency, business upgrading, and risk reduction. Besides, it increases automation, improves scalability, and increases IT focus on business results rather than platform management.

Leader Contributing to Mission and Vision of the Firm

A leader is the one who guides the team towards the goal and walks with the team. One such leader for T-XIS is Manisha Borade, Chief Technical Officer at T-XIS. As the CTO, Manisha has many responsibilities and she handles them with great pleasure. Her technical responsibilities are product development, innovative models which are built as per the market trend and customer feedback. Manisha and her team enjoy developing products and solutions that are completely workflow driven, analytical, and dashboard ready as this is what the modern customers demand nowadays.

Furthermore, Manisha likes to contribute to the mission and vision of the firm. The mission of T-XIS is to accomplish the objectives with due consideration to humanity, honesty, and transparency towards the clients, employees, strategic partners, and society at large.

Vision and Values of the Company

T-XIS is envisioned to be a global, pioneering organization by providing customized niche business resolutions, helping organizations to attain their vision through quality technology, delivered by experts. The company’s core values have helped it in the journey, and given unique character and reputation that defines it. The team of T-XIS is concentrated on important values like customer focus, knowledge worship, respect, empowering individuals, entrepreneurship & innovation, integrity, community contribution, teamwork, long-term relationships based on trust, and focus on profitable growth.

Technology Driven Team Empowering the Growth of T-XIS

Teamwork is very important for any organization to get success and with collaborative efforts comes the great accomplishments. T-XIS is a team of expert IT professionals with strong domain knowledge and high calibre, comprising of talented experts with approach engrossed on implementing unified solutions for the customers. T-XIS has produced a productive and collaborative work environment greatly influenced by open communication, safety & trust, synergy, and knowledge sharing as these are the fundamental things needed to produce a constructive work culture. T-XIS team is very passionate about technology and the firm follows an open work culture to inspire each other along with sharing and participation amid the team members at all levels. Here, multiple teams work together in managing sales, marketing, finance, administrations, etc.

Roadmap for the Future

Presently, T-XIS emphasises on building an ERP model for customers which is completely integrated and intelligent to analyse the critical business extents and generate informative data for the management. It is also intended to create mobile applications necessary for crucial decision making. The firm is also planning to solidify its existence in Automation, Analytics, and mobile applications. Today, T-XIS is focused on the market needs and is aiming to magnify its horizon in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

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