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Over the years, Document management has evolved with the changing demands of the documentation users. The shift from offline documentation to ‘e-documentation’ has facilitated millions and millions of users all around the world. The implementation of online documentation allowed users to access, edit, and transfer the files flexibly. Diving into more technical aspects of documentation, companies were able to work rapidly utilizing the advancements in Document management systems.

A sister company of TDM Solutions started as a distributor in software for large format scanning, file viewing, raster editing in CAD files, and simple document management. Their dealers were struggling to meet the demands of the customers regarding digital document management. Proper technical document management requires direct contact with the users to understand the needs of the people working with the system, that is why TDM (Technical Document Management) Solutions was formed.

Modernizing Document Management

TDM Solutions was one of the early adaptors of technical document management. Soon, the company discovered the gap between CAD dealers and users. There was an urgent requirement of proper management software for technical documents. The team of TDM worked relentlessly to cater to all the needs and offer the best possible solutions to the companies by working with them as partners. It helps companies regain control of the information by assisting the organization in maintaining the workflow processes, significantly improving workplace efficiencies, and reducing costs.

Previously, most of the systems available were based on the idea that managing drawings was adding a drawing to a database and control access to the documents. The offered features mostly included search, find, view, and print. With the changing demand, a technical document management solution requires much more advanced control features than ever. Numerous organizations are in search of better options to manage the enormous volume of information generated, received, processed, and stored by their employees every day.

Heeding to this requirement, TDM Solutions specializes in offering the need to access to information like drawings, manuals, calculations, proposals, etc. It offers modern documentation solutions through its advanced portfolio of products like Data Viewer Total Document Management (Dv TDM).

Tailored Approach for Every Customer

In the progressively information-intensive age, managing information is difficult. There has never been a greater imperative for organizations to embrace IT innovations and become more organized. Consequently, the majority of organizations are utilizing IT tools to manage information processing functions by leveraging programs to process words, numbers, drawings, and images. A solid document management system, like Dv TDM, is capable of managing a vast volume of information.

With Dv TDM, TDM solutions equip progressive organizations with the expertise and tools to better manage the creation, capture, organization, storage, retrieval, manipulation, and controlled circulation of drawings, CAD files, and business documents. It is an off-the-shelve toolbox that can be tailored according to the client’s requirements. For each customer, Dv TDM acts like customized software for their organizations which can be updated like standard software to match the market trends and advancements. This innovative software is also cost-effective as compared to those products available in the market.

Dv TDM: A Powerful and Robust Tool for Managing Documents

Dv TDM is a powerful and robust tool for managing everything from business documents to technical documents and drawings. Dv TDM supports over 200 Engineering and Office document formats including AutoCAD, Microstation, Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, and many more. With Dv TDM, users can easily access and manage technical documents worldwide from a central repository even through a Web browser. The software is designed in such a manner that a drawing can be quickly located and is never lost, misplaced, or misfiled.

Users of Dv TDM are also offered strict control allowing them to inspect if all modifications and amendments have been incorporated. There is complete protection over all the drawing’s links to other references, templates, and files, which later can be modified or deleted. Another advantage the user enjoys while using Dv TDM is it allows sharing documents and drawings on the web, controlling versions, view and markup documents without the need for the native file application, and more. Likewise, reference files can be managed by Dv TDM without requiring a third-party application. Project files are stored in their native file format so users can integrate documents with legacy ERP and Mapping systems.

Adapting to Market Changes

TDM Solutions have been in the industry for more than a decade. The key to surviving all these have been the ability to adapt to the market changes. TDM Solutions is a privately owned company.  Mathijs Spelt (Co-Founder at TDM Solutions), oversees the business operations of the company. As the company operates globally, the duo of founders have the shared responsibility of the company and its customers. As the operations were already online the team did not struggle to pivot towards remote working with the advent of COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic shifted the majority of the companies towards remote working. “This also indicated that sensitive information also leaves the company.  Access rights and security are more important than ever and a document management system must be able to support this,” explained Mathijs. Acknowledging the concerns regarding cybersecurity the development team is adding better support for Web Browsers to Dv TDM.

The outbreak has introduced the world to a new perspective. People have started considering ‘working from home’ to be a better alternative as online work saves both time and energy. With people steering more towards remote working it will be important to secure online operations. Mathijs anticipates the surge in remote working, and together with the team is working on strengthening Dv TDM and accessibility for staff around the globe.

TDM Solution

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