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Technology changes very quickly. This compels technology solution providers to stay informed on new developments and be quick to employ them to offer advantages to their customers. Some of these advancements possess the ability to transform businesses. Comprehending those developments before everybody else is what acts as a major factor of success for technology providers. TCT Computer Solutions is a cloud solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses, which always keeps an eye on technology changes and leverages them for the benefits of its clients.

TCT Computer Solutions is a Managed Services Provider and a Technology Partner. Located in Kennewick, Washington, the IT company has been in business for over 25 years, serving businesses of all types and descriptions throughout the Pacific Northwest. The company was founded by George and Jill Hefter in 1992 and its initial purpose was to train individuals and businesses to better utilize their computers. However, many of their earliest customers had computers in such bad repair that the team at TCT had to fix those computers before they could commence any productive training. As a result, TCT quickly became a computer and network services company. This IT partner has grown over the years to become one of the premier providers of technology solutions to businesses throughout their service area.

Journey of a Devoted Computer Hobbyist

George served 8 years in the US Navy aboard nuclear submarines and then landed a job at a large architectural engineering firm that designed and built nuclear power plants. He worked as an engineer for over 23 years before slowdowns in the commercial nuclear industry caused him to try his hand at a new career. Having become a devoted computer hobbyist in the late 1970’s and with some skill at explaining the workings and use of those early computers to friends and associates, it seemed natural that he would gravitate to a computer-related business. George has been leading the company to provide technology support to their clients and currently serves as the President of the company.

TCT Computer Solutions stays on top of all the latest technology and continually looks for those developments that might bring value to its customers and improve their businesses. Referring to the uniqueness of the company, George shares, “Our focus is on our customers’ success and so we look for those technologies that will help them. Many of our competitors try to make the business fit the technology they want to sell; we look for technology solutions that fit the business and help it succeed.”

Cloud Solutions Fulfilling Wide Range of Requirements

In addition to conventional cloud solutions like cloud backup, hosted PBX, Office 365, and servers in the cloud, TCT Computer Solutions offers hybrid solutions from HPE and Zynstra for those companies that want to leverage the cloud but need a local server either for responsiveness or for specialized security requirements. These solutions are offered as Infrastructure-as-a-Service on a monthly subscription basis. The monthly subscription pricing makes for a much lower initial cost for the hardware, and ensures that the hardware can be replaced at each 3 or 5-year subscription renewal so the customer is always using current and well-maintained hardware.

Factors behind the Success

The team of TCT Computer Solutions keeps their focus on what will help the business, not on what they want to sell.  Customers notice and appreciate that the company is trying to help them succeed, not simply to make profits for themselves. This pays off in very loyal customers who appreciate partnering with TCT. “We also try very hard to keep our focus on ensuring that the customer understands and makes the best use of their technology, a throwback to our earliest roots when we started our business,” George further asserts.

The other reason behind the success of TCT is their passion towards becoming an integral part of their clients’ business. The team understands the needs of their partners, and becomes a trusted adviser to help them succeed. George and his team aim to provide the same services and capabilities that an enterprise would have with a full-time, in-house IT department. To do that, TCT uses highly capable technicians, business professionals, and top-of-the-line tools for tasks such as: 24/7 remote monitoring and management; status reporting; software and firmware updates; spyware, virus, and security scanning; remote help desk support; and  on-site assistance when necessary.

Challenges Encountered When Trying to Stay Ahead

The ability of TCT Computer Solutions to stay ahead of the technology curve also faces a few challenges. When the team finds a new technology innovation that they believe represents a solution to one of their customers’ problems, they must be well-enough informed about their customers’ business to be able to articulate the advantages to them. That can also be exceedingly difficult when business owners are resistant to look outside of their comfort zone.

George, while advising the younger generation, asserts: “Expect and embrace change. The pace of technological innovation is accelerating very quickly and you have to be quick to tell the difference between something that is new and exciting and something that will bring value to your customers. You have to understand a business to recommend changes, so learn what your customers do and figure out their pain points.  That’s the only way you will have credibility.”

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