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In the 21st century, technology has become the driving force behind changing the scenario of business. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft righteously quotes, “Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves.” Successful businesses are constantly becoming an active part in adapting and accepting the fruits bore by modern technology. Blockchain and AI are great technologies, that are catalyzing the process of innovation by introducing major changes in every industry. Numerous companies are now coming up with out of the box concepts to provide digitally influenced services and solutions for the business industry.

Target Integration is one of the fastest growing companies, providing cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions and support services in 19 different countries. Debuted in 2008, the company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operating offices in Ireland, India and United Kingdom. Target Integration approaches every client’s business as if it is their own. The ERP/CRM service provider tackles every project by applying its external knowledge to a client’s organization’s attitude of doing work. Target Integration knows that, in order to maximize the potential of success for a company, it is necessary to shape the expert advice in a way that applies to a client’s business.

Owing to the increase in start-up ventures, Target Integration has designed a method of self service CRM/ERP, which allows any small business with the right set of skills to implement their own cloud based CRM/ERP. This reduces the cost of implementation significantly, and the speed of implementation is generally increased as the employee who is working in the business and implementing CRM/ERP must know a lot more the business.

Articulate & Creative Leader

Rohit Thakral is the Founder & CEO of Target Integration. Rohit has a diploma in Electronics Engineering, Pusa Polytechnic, New Delhi; Honors Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and a Postgraduate Certificate in Computer Science from Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. Before starting Target Integration, Rohit was working as a product manager for UPC Ireland, which is now Virgin Media. He is an active member of business networks in UK & Ireland and on the steering committee of Ireland India Business Association (IIBA). Rohit has a vast experience of 16 years while working in various industries including manufacturing, customer services, repair, telecom, etc. His areas of expertise include, management, business planning, systems administration, business analysis and systems trainer.

Rohit started Target Integration with a vision to be the honest and independent CRM & ERP company. He has been thoroughly involved in some of the biggest CRM/ERP implementations in Target Integration. There is no doubt that Rohit Thakral is a visionary who is emotionally connected with his employees and applicants to a cause greater than the job itself. His influencing nature has instigated leadership thinking among his team and employees. Citing Rohit’s favorite quote by Richard Branson, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

State of the Art Microsoft Solutions  

Target Integration is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 certified partner. Microsoft provides one of the most advanced and improved cloud-based tools for mid-size companies and enterprises. Whereas, Target Integration provides implementation, development, consulting, and customization services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365.

Identifying the strong need to provide efficient, consistent and quality services to the clients, Target Integration is filling that void in the current market scenario. Additionally, the ERP/CRM company provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultation for implementing Microsoft solutions, so that the clients can leverage the full power of their business insights. The company also offers comprehensive training for the users to learn about the system, regular support and queries discussion with the relationship manager. In short, Target Integration delivers a complete digital transformation package to its clients which include Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultation, implementation, integration, support and training.

Strategies to Tackle the Growing Competition

In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, Target Integration visualizes customer satisfaction as a key differentiator. Customer service is the main pillar of the customer satisfaction, where most of the competitors provide services till the final deployment of the project and after that, clients are left on their own. But, Target Integration believes that if the clients are happy with the company’s services, then they will retain for a long-time.

Keeping the pace with the advancements in digitization, the ERP/CRM company has already adopted AI and Blockchain technologies, thereby getting an upper hand over its core competitors by staying one step ahead in the market race. By utilizing the full potential of these technologies, Target Integration is intending to eliminate inefficiencies in the current trade of the financial system, making the process efficient for the banks, buyers, sellers and SME/MSMEs.

Future of Target Integration as a Leading Microsoft Solution Provider

On the Microsoft solutions front, the company is planning to penetrate deep into the Indian market, since there are a number of existing and emerging industry trends that will affect the potential ERP buyers and implementers in the future. Moreover, Target Integration intends to provide cloud-based enterprise solutions to help its customers succeed by growing the ERP practice around Microsoft. Target Integration views themselves as a single point of contact for all the Microsoft related queries in the coming years.

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