Tabbles: Tag-Based Document Management for Teams


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The document management system market is changing continuously, which is driven by the need of increasing efficiency in the workplace. The advancing technology and efficient execution of the document management system cuts down the need for traditional paper files concept. Document management plays a significant role in the global business services.

Healthcare organizations around the globe are aiming to increase productivity and improve customer service quality. Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes are facing intense economic, regulatory, and competitive pressures. To maintain a competitive edge on the competitors, organizations are required to deliver high-quality patient care while lowering operational costs at the same time. A mundane office handles tens of thousands of documents and images every year, which require the allocation of physical space to store patient charts, patient information forms, insurance claim forms, and explanation of benefits, treatment authorization forms, and more. These all are also required to be accessed at realtime. To ease up the process, TagForge made Tabbles, making all of the documents available at fingertips at any moment or place.

Tabbles, Speeding The Tagging

Tabbles, developed by TagForge based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which also develops and markets Confidential, provides a tagging overlay for the Windows file system, making it easier to group files based on their logical relationship to each other, not their location within the disk’s hierarchy. The folder/file system has been the default metaphor since the earliest days of personal computing, but with a typical drive holding hundreds of thousands of files, organizing them rationally is difficult. Depending on needs of the moment, customer may want to see all Excel sheets from the past year, or all files related to a single project, or all of the Word documents for the four projects related to a particular client. Tabbles makes it easy to do this, if used regularly and with discipline.

Tabbles organizes data into tags: A conceptual holding bin that is part folder and part label. Files are never moved on disk; putting a file into a tag, or removing it, does not change the directory structure. This allows tags to be arranged in many ways, in mixed hierarchies, without creating duplicate files.

Leader with Market Insights Guiding the Company

Andrea D’Intino, Founder and Sales and Marketing Manager at Tag Forge, has an experience of 15 years in the industry. Prior to Tag Forge, Andrea worked in channel management, business development, sales, account management, marketing, and in software development. This has helped him get a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. For that reason, he personally sees after the product strategy, the sales and marketing, and work on code every occasionally. He believes that having a good idea is not enough unless the input from users is taken into account, to create a great product.

Services Rendered For Tagging

Tabbles is a tagging tool used to manage the content without changing its actual hierarchy in the database. It eases the document management process to an extent that clients do not even consider using paper once they get a hang of Tabbles. It is considered a tagging powerhouse, which has numerous pros regarding the usage –

  • It has very powerful auto-tagging rules that tag files based on content and location
  • It works for teams, on shared-drives and Dropbox/Google Drive like services
  • It has a preview system and allows adding comments to file, in a collaborative way

Staying At The Apex

Tabbles is written entirely using .net technology. It has a unique integration with Windows (it listens to file creation and movement to auto-tag and make tagging persistent). Moreover, it’s all server side is stored inside an SQL database. This makes it possible to run on a single machine or in a network and sets it apart from the competitors.

Wide Reach Of The Distinct Client base

Tabbles serve to a wide horizon of clients ranging from small companies to the industry giants and government agencies. Tabbles’ customer base is very distinct, as they have sold their product to government organizations like NASA and NOAA. They also catered to multiple universities and research institutes, as well as to Fortune 500s like GE and professionals like lawyers and architects, and continue to do so.

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