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Synametrics Technologies

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With the technology and software landscaping domains of the DMS industry, cloud-based DMS management is currently offering numerous distinct advantages over the existing conventional document management. These include benefits such as cost-effectiveness, rapid development, better accessibility, regulatory compliance, and many more.

However, the benefits offered by the cloud-based DMS come with the added advantage of reduced reliance on IT support—owing to its reduced infrastructure and network complexities. Currently, there are several web-based DMS platforms offering enhanced cloud-based document management with added benefits. Leveraging cloud-based aspects, Synametrics Technologies Inc. has been contributing to the landscaping of the DMS industry with its highly integrable services and solutions. The company provides improved competency of business processes and cloud-based DMS solutions with a customer-centric collaborative approach.

Innovative and Refined DMS Solutions

Synametrics Technologies Inc. was established by Batool Hussain (Founder) in 1997 in Monroe, New Jersey. The company has been providing solutions for the IT community since its inception. Based on the success of its initial product offerings such as WinSQL, Xeams, SynaMan, and Syncrify, the company continues to develop and refine innovative products to help customers leverage more from their computer applications, databases, and infrastructures.

To date, millions of users have opted for Synametrics to power their accelerated business or personal computing needs. The company prides itself on offering greater performance, more productivity, stronger reliability, and overall more value for its customers without having to compromise on price.

Exclusive Products and Services

Presently, Synametrics Technologies offers products that aid in the process of document sharing without compromising on cost or security. These are namely—

  • Syncrify: Private cloud backup and synchronization tool which grants users a secure and private way to backup and restores files; File synchronization and backup can take place across multiple machines
  • SynaMan: Remote file manager allowing users to share large attachments with businesses, colleagues, and friends without third-party interruptions or file size limitations; and
  • Xeams: An anti-spam solution to prevent spam from reaching corporate servers while ensuring secured file attachments; Can work alongside any email server

Unlike its competitors, Synametrics Technologies ensures an increase in productivity with its easily installable and useable products. The company ensures 100% privacy maintenance of its products with robust security designed from the ground up. It also aims to grant users the greatest return on investment by offering multiple packages including subscription-based and perpetual licenses. Synametrics aims to propel its clients towards success without stressing them over unwarranted costs. The company accomplishes this by providing advantageous features such as no setup fees, no limitations on disk space, no bandwidth usage fees, and many more.

Customer-Centric Approaches

The prime goal of Synametrics is to include its customers in every part of its product development. As a result, several new features published are the direct result of one or more customers’ requirements.

Additionally, the company also tries to strategize short release cycles for all its products by typically publishing two upgrades within a calendar year. Through this, Synametrics ensures that its customers are always updated and ahead of the curve—particularly when related to security issues.

Leveraging Digitization

Synametrics leverages the latest technological innovations—currently available in the market—to develop its products. The majority of its products are easily integrable with other key software products.  For instance, its SynaMan can be run on a public cloud such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure while being 100% private.

Moreover, most of Synametrics’ products come with Active Directory integration. Additionally, it’s SynaMan and Xeams utilize End-To-End encryption—SynaMan’s ‘At-Rest Encryption’ encrypts files uploaded using SynaMan’s web interface. These files are automatically decrypted prior to being downloaded from the web interfaces. On the other hand, Xeams allows users to encrypt emails to ensure that no individual other than the actual recipient can access the message being sent.

Responsive Customer Support Systems

Being highly customer-oriented, Synametrics offers a plethora of customer support services to tend to the addresses and grievances of the customers. The company’s products are adaptable and quickly pick up on new threats during the emergence of new security threats. The company’s engineers rapidly resolve the issues while keeping our customers informed throughout the whole process. In case of updates and changes configured to any of the products, it can be availed on the company’s users’ Admin pages as well in newsletters which is provided to all the customers. Synametrics also directly provides complete version history of all its products on its website.

In terms of support, its products are designed, maintained, and supported in the United States. Unlike its competitors, Synametrics does not outsource its design/development and support to third-party countries. Additionally, the company allows the customers to communicate directly with the developers to ensure quicker and easier resolution of problems.

Landscaping DMS Industry

Synametrics Technologies derives success from its drive to consistently improve customer satisfaction. Interacting with clients and learning about the latest trends in the industry allows the company to gain significant insights on the current as well as the future expectations of customers. It is constantly seeking feedback and strategizing ways for product improvements—by adding necessary features and hosting demos to ensure that customers are getting the most out of its products. Synametrics have been able to achieve this success without having to compromise on costs. In the upcoming days, Synametrics Technologies plans on releasing ‘Xeams Cloud’—a 100% cloud-based solution for filtering junk. The company asserts that this solution will not only ensure an increase in security but will also greatly reduce the risk of threat to a corporate inbox.

Synametrics Technologies

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