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Irrespective of the size of any corporate landscape, risks are an associated part of them whether they are small enterprises or global multi-corporations. These systemic risks are often legal, governance, compliance, financial, and security based. Fortunately, coming to the rescue of these enterprises are the audit, compliance and risk management software that facilitate companies with identifying the risks associated with their corporate assets. This specialized software proactively helps to monitor and measure almost all the potential risks, which might be encountered by a business including data breaches and IT risks.

UK-based, Symbiant is a market-leading provider of Risk, Audit and Compliance management software, aiding companies to predict, measure, and manage associated risks. In the 1990’s, Andrew Birch established Symbiant as a founding partner to the credit card payment giant, Worldpay. Symbiant created the shopping systems and payment gateways and subsequently became one of Europe’s foremost providers of e-business solutions. In 2001 they began working with the accountancy firm KPMG and became the very first company to develop collaborative, web-based audit and risk management software solutions.

Over the years with clients’ feedback, the versatile team of Symbiant improved its software, ensuring it remains intuitive and highly configurable so that it can enable all the internal and worldwide departments to participate in the risk and audit function. Presently, this major headway software allows businesses to expand and monitor the entire risk management process, as well as establish action plans, thereby ensuring managers and auditors can assess risk registers over several departments from anywhere in the world. Owing to Symbiant’s deep understanding over the complexities and uniqueness of businesses, its flexible software can be easily adapted to meet most individual company requirements and budget. Symbiant also allows customers to track management data and monitor risk ratings through the cloud 24/7. Likewise, the ongoing development of the highly intuitive software ensures that its software solutions remain market leading without breaking the bank.

Symbiants’ creativity has not gone un-noticed, they have been a recipient of many industry awards and recognitions for its software, specifically acknowledged for the quality, innovation, and value for money that its solutions have to offer.

Pioneer behind Symbiant’s Market-Leading Solution Offerings

Andrew Birch is the Founder and CEO of Symbiant. Having worked at many C-level positions for some of the industry’s leading IT firms, Andrew has gained a first-hand understanding of what makes a solution successful. According to him, the key is to keep a solution intuitive, flexible, powerful and useful, hence Symbiant’s modular and highly collaborative software solutions work effectively across various industrial sectors.

Award-Winning Enterprise Risk, Audit and Compliance Software Solutions

Symbiant’s modular solutions come with a complete set of tools for Risk, Audit And Compliance management, offering best features to charities, banks, public sector, and PLCs.

  • Risk Management Software: Symbiant’s Risk suite is a total enterprise risk management (ERM) software solution used by some of the world’s biggest companies, financial institutions, and also afforded by those who have smallest of budgets. It is also ‘One of the World’s Leading Solutions’ and the ‘Only Risk Solution’ to have been endorsed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. It also has a unique functionality, which is leading the way in how companies should perform their audit and risk management tasks.
  • Audit Management Software: Symbiant’s audit modules provide a complete Audit Management Softwaresolution, coming with everything customers need to plan & execute audits and to carry out the remedial actions. This world-leading audit management software includes “Symbiant Tracker” audit action tracking software designed for non-risk and audit specialists so that the audit and risk functions can be shared across their businesses.
  • Compliance Software: Symbiant’s software is also ideal for all types of regulation and compliances including ISO 27000’s, ISO 9000’s, ISO 31000, GDPR and general best practice requirements.
  • Audit Action Tracking: Symbiant Tracker is the original audit action tracking software, available as standalone or included within Symbiant’s Risk and Audit management solution.

Distinct Features That Deliver Perfect Solutions at Sensible Prices

Following are some of the most distinctive features that make customers from various sectors and entrepreneurial corners to choose Symbiant over the other contemporary market competitors.

  • Continuous Development: Symbiant consists of a team of software developers who have been creating web-based Risk and Audit solutions for nearly 20 years. Therefore, they not only hold thorough knowledge and expertise of this sector and their unique softwares, but also assist their clients’ to identify their varied requirements, and skilfully and promptly deliver to their needs within hours.
  • Value for Money: Most importantly, the leading risk management solutions providing company has such a unique business platform that the other competitive firms find hard to replicate. With no sales teams, no debt, and an established client base, Symbiant is not just for a bankable lookout either. Instead, their solution is the most affordable on the market, along with providing a superb support service. To sum it all, Symbiant provides perfect Risk, Audit and Compliance management solutions at unbelievably inexpensive prices.
  • Intuitive and Clean: Most companies in this sector are consultancy companies who sell software as a hanger to trade their core product which is consultancy (billable time). Intriguingly, Symbiant does not charge for its time or for training, this is provided at no extra charge and is testament to their mantra that their product is easy to use.
  • No Pain or Hassle with IT: Symbiant provides its clients with free hosting on its bank compliant cloud network, which is completely certified, fully audited and very secure. Furthermore, each day clients’ data which is encrypted is backed up off-site so that in case of any catastrophic event, it remains safe and secure.

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