Steel Coated Epoxy Floors: Transforming Floor Coatings with a Proven Process

Steel Coated Epoxy

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Epoxy coating is presently one of the toughest and most durable finishes that can be applied to a garage floor. Adding an epoxy coating to the garage floor offers several benefits such as—protection against lifting and peeling of floor paint, impact resistance, and decorative finish. The coating also covers cracks and flaws in the concrete, it is easy to clean, and it provides waterproofing protecting living spaces below as well. Presently, several new players are coming into the floor coating industry. Incepted in 2018, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors is one such company that is distinguishing itself from its peers with its proven process and lifetime guarantee.

Began as a painting company established by the grandfather of Manny and Mitch Cypers (Co-founders at Steel Coated Epoxy Floors), the company’s focus gradually shifted from painting to epoxy coatings for concrete. The steel coated process was refined through the experience of thousands of jobs until the lifetime guarantee was ensured. Consequently, both the co-founders made the decision to franchise their business and established Steel Coated Epoxy Floors in 2018.

Assured and Widespread Services

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors provides the best value available with a 100% waterproof and 100% seamless lifetime guaranteed coating. Its product is smooth to enable mopping as well as well-textured to enable a safe walk when wet. The company provides services across 9 states in the United States including—Louisiana, Arizona, Tampa Florida, Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina, North Carolina, Southern Nevada, and Utah. Leveraging its avid experience, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors has completed more than 5000 jobs. Presently, the company aims to pass the knowledge on to its partners for applying the concrete coating to floors in garages, workshops, hangars, showrooms, warehouses, etc.

A Duo of Experienced Veterans

A duo of Manny and Mitch Cypers has been driving the company’s growth since its inception. As co-founders, they directly work with franchisees in every aspect from sales to operations, providing them with the benefit of leaning on over 30 years of personal experience in their first year of business. Both the veterans work with potential partners that are interested in a proven business opportunity. They also make themselves available to the current owners for problem-solving, innovation, and motivation.

Coping with the Operational Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced franchisees to adapt to an unfamiliar business environment. In the wake of the pandemic, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors has adjusted its practices to perform its job respecting local regulations to make the clients safe and comfortable. No contact and complete PPE compliance to health guidance has been a priority for the company. In addition, its product makes it possible to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness.

Furthermore, accounting for supply line interruptions has been the biggest challenge it faced during the pandemic. To cope with this, the company took measures to remedy these shortages by forecasting orders three times as far in advance to ensure the jobs continue to be completed and partners continue to see profits. The company also needed to adjust its target marketing to ensure its message reaches its clients.

Ensuring Stability and Sustainability

Alongside operational challenges, the pandemic has also posed motivational challenges for businesses across the globe. Being the third generation in the business provided Manny and Mitch with the insight from working through the challenging times. Besides their father and grandfather, the duo has also taken the family business through several economic downturns, which provided them the confidence to adjust accordingly and ensure stability and sustainability during the challenging times. Thus, the co-founders and the team managed to stay motivated by capitalizing on opportunities and seeking out potential clients forced to stay at home who suddenly found themselves the time and interest in home improvement projects.

Working alongside the Franchisees

In 2020, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors began offering financing for new franchisees to help with the financial burden of starting a business, particularly to those affected by the pandemic. During these unprecedented times, the company worked alongside its franchisees as well as expanded its marketing base to maintain its goals and standards. Having the founder/CEO’s work onsite with the franchisees has been invaluable in starting new partners off strong and solidifying partners who have been with the company for a while.

Moreover, the company also thought out of the box by adjusting its marketing to capitalize on the increase in home improvement projects during the pandemic, to turn the difficult situation into an optimistic one. In the near future, Steel Coated Epoxy Floors aims to continue ensuring the cleanliness, health, and safety of its franchisees and clients while continuing to offer the best value in the industry.

USPs for Successful Franchise and Entrepreneurship

According to Manny and Mitch, the factors required to run a successful franchise include support from the franchisor, day to first dollar viz how long until they receive the return on investment, and how the product pricing/warranty compares to the competition.

Furthermore, when asked about important qualities to become a successful entrepreneur, the duo hailed the winning attitude as the most important quality. “Winning attitude, combined with a solid, proven business model applying a product in a system proven over decades ensures a successful entrepreneur,” they concluded.

Steel Coated Epoxy

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