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In this era of automation, every corporate organization is seeking technological ways to manage the business and automate their back-office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. SAP being an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data management program, enables business entities to increase their performance in a simplified, cost-effective, and innovative way.

Incepted in 2013, Software & Services Consulting SRL (SSC) is an Asuncion, Paraguay based SAP solution provider. Leading the market with innovative solutions, SSC is the first SAP partner in Paraguay with certified one solution for Point of Sales – ‘PVOne’. SSC envisions achieving high levels of sustainable growth, providing comprehensive business solutions supported by SAP. Moreover, its team focuses to achieve satisfied customers and establish trust and long-term relationships with its clients by the means of absolute commitment and quality offering.

Being a market leader in Paraguay, SSC’s basic idea behind its inception was to introduce training in SAP products as the principal topic for a successful deployment of the product. With its self-developed programs or by adapting the client business process, SSC strives to encounter the gaps it finds in its pathway. Besides, lately, it has signed a contract with SAP as an OEM Partner for distribution market in Paraguay, Peru, and Ecuador, which was previously for the retail market.

A Stellar Array of Admirable Solutions

SSC desires to be recognized as its clients’ strategic partner to accompany them in their growth and expansion processes. With the team of highly competent professionals, motivated, and aligned with an internal policy of Knowledge Management and the development of human capital, SSC provides commercially attractive solutions that respond to the real needs of its customers. Its SAP business management solutions are developed in a way that they meet four fundamental business requirements: implementation speed, affordable cost, easy of use, and functional wealth, which will further enable its clients to achieve their goals.

Its product offerings include SAP Solutions such as SAP Business One, SAP Business Objects, SAP Crystal Solutions, and SAP S / 4 HANA, while its own solutions are PVOne – Point of Sale and PayOne – Human Resources and Salary Management. Likewise, the company commercializes the licenses of the SAP Business One Systems and Business Intelligence (SAP business objects), and SAP HANA. Apart from product offerings, SSC also delivers comprehensive services, which are as below.

  • Implementation: With the belief that the success of implementation is in the proper management of projects, the team of SSC works under project control standards that ensure compliance with deadlines and objectives. In addition to its validity, its group of professional consultants has SAP implementation certifications and extensive experience with successful projects in innumerable organizations of various fields, from agro-livestock industries to retail outlets.
  • Developing: The SAP partner develops applications and add-ons for SAP Business One; its self-developed services maximize the productivity of client company by adding functionalities to their standard SAP solution, which allows them to better adapt their industry or niche market. As SSC specializes in developing applications and add-ons for SAP Business One by sticking to international SAP certification parameters, it guarantees a correct integration between its solutions and client’s ERP.
  • Training: Under its training platform, SSC offers courses and workshops focused on the operation and administration of SAP Business One and several other solutions including ‘SAP Business One for Project Leaders’, and ‘Crystal Reports for developers and Salary Management with PayOne’.

Future Standpoint of SSC QuoteKatherine Colombino – A Proficient Leader behind SSC

Effective leadership is a necessity for any organization with the desire to surpass mediocrity. An adept leader helps a business prosper and leads by setting an example. Katherine Colombino, the CEO of Software & Services Consulting SRL, is an international speaker and member of the Association of Hispanic Speakers. Expert in SAP Business One systems, she is a certified consultant in version 7, 8, and 9. Moreover, she is a specialized consultant in sales, implementation, development, training, and support of SAP systems.

Prior to the inception of SSC, Katherine has worked as an SAP Business One unit manager at Infocenter S.A. for around 4 years, where she has developed marketing plans, sales, personnel motivation policies etc. Being the CEO of SSC, she plays the role of an SAP-certified consultant in deployment, sales, and pre-Sales, moreover, she tends to enjoy the technical parts of the projects. She shares that the most satisfying part of her role is to close a deal, based on expertise and trust. With a positive attitude, the enthusiastic personality participates in every area of her organization including marketing and finance.

Katherine established Software & Services Consulting SRL with the major focus on implementation of SAP systems, ensuring quality and excellent after-sales service. The SSC solutions help clients to increase productivity and improve the relationship with their suppliers and customers. According to Katherine, the key to building a successful company is the use of right business management solution (ERP) with software that integrates all the areas of the business and provides a clear vision of the company to respond to market demands in an agile way.

Future Standpoint of SSC QuoteA Commitment to Serve the Best

The prime motto of a company’s culture is to establish a clear set of priorities, which align with its overall goals. SSC considers customer satisfaction as the center of the business. Throughout their actions, the team of SSC works with honesty and obligation to be the best in the area they choose. They are committed to the present and the future of keeping up-to-date with technological areas and providing knowledge and first-class services. SSC understood the needs of customer and offered them with optimal solutions which completely satisfied their requirements. Moreover, clients also appreciated the company for utilizing its experience and assisted them with full responsibility and commitment.

Similarly, SSC also takes care of customer requests. According to client demands, SSC develops specific programs that help customers to automate functions within their organizations. For instance, it has developed EDI interface for a client which is useful to take orders from supermarkets. Additionally, it has developed other interfaces with scales, sales devices, collection, etc.

Future Standpoint of SSC QuoteFuture Standpoint of SSC

As SSC’s principal goal is to provide excellence in services, currently, it is seeking successful deployment of its offerings knowing the fact that it is the primary way to retain and acquire new customers. With a team of extensive experience, SSC has the capability to provide the most advanced technological solutions for the management of business assets. Furthermore, this drastically enhanced the efficiency and performance of the clients’ business processes. Furthermore, while upgrading their solutions, the SAP solution provider has expansion plans to increase the number of customers and significant growth of the organization in the present year.

From its training services point of view, SSC endeavors to collaborate with highly qualified professionals to deliver excellent training services for overseas universities, schools, and business firms. This move comes from the company’s vision to become a benchmark for higher education within the country, to which companies and professionals go with the security of obtaining training with a qualified staff of teachers, backed by experience in the different focus areas.

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