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SoCom Restoration

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Property restoration is a booming business around the world. The cost of new constructions continues to be a major hurdle for several homeowners. Moreover, disasters including floods, storms, and other similar environmental catastrophes are on the rise due to erratic climatic conditions. As per the estimates of the Insurance Information Institute, one in fifty insured homes file for water damage or freezing claim each year. However, to succeed in the property restoration business, one needs to operate with a 24/7 vigilance for customers, and the ability to stand in solidarity with them during their hour of need. A franchise model climbing new heights with a unique service offering is SoCom Restoration.

When the company’s Founder, and CEO, Caleb Morton invested in his vision, he knew something special awaited his journey. Today, over 14,000 people in the US face water damage emergencies at their residential or office space every day. Moreover, these damages continue to skyrocket with worsening environmental conditions each year. In 2019, the number of natural and man-made disasters reported the highest incidents with a threshold of $25 million or more in insured losses. Furthermore, the average insurance loss per year from 1980-2018, per year remains $19.3 billion. Celeb knew the future for property damage restoration business was promising, and today he wants to share the brand value of his iconic business model with trusted partners.

Tackling Challenges Head-on

Caleb feels the best thing about the restoration business model is that disasters are a regular occurrence. Moreover, the costs are covered upfront. “It doesn’t matter if it’s the Covid-19 pandemic or the subsequent economic recession – disasters happen. Fortunately for us, the majority of our costs are paid for by the insurance company”. Hence, in order to mitigate disasters, there will always be a need for professional response. Caleb believes his business is in a recession-proof business model. He also believes this model requires the most responsible approach in order to achieve results.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Caleb and his team took all necessary measures to ensure the safety of their partners and associated employees. They made essential equipment like PPE kit immediately available to their partners, which led to a swift response while visiting people’s homes. This resulted in a major safety net for franchise partners, who in turn delivered tremendous customer service for people seeking home repairs during the pandemic. Caleb believes this is the key to success in the franchise business. He states, “We ask for feedback from our franchisees, and treat it with utmost seriousness. We regularly make changes to our operations based on the feedback, and improve the system as a whole”.

Investing Wisely in the Future

Caleb recommends potential franchisee partners to put support above all before choosing a franchise partner. He also states that the second consideration should be to look at the industry and making sure it is a perfect fit for them. According to him, the franchise model can be a commitment for a lifetime. Hence, partners need to invest their money, and faith towards a long-term commitment they are comfortable with. He also recommends speaking with other franchise owners to be sure of the decision. He believes the feedback will assure franchisee owners of their investment, and happiness among them is a good sign for the business.

Caleb sees a clear and bright road ahead for the business. He states people in the property restoration business need to adapt to constant changes that are going around us. With changing weather, and related issue, customers are always on their toes while dealing with uncertainties in life. He believes investing in a franchise like SOCOM provides a major head-start for a small business. On one hand, the overhead costs remain extremely negligible. On the other hand, the franchise model ensures a brand name that everybody already knows. According to Caleb, this is a priceless investment in a franchisee model among many others.

Building a Robust Support System for Partners

The franchise model of SOCOM Restoration promises many advantages for its partners. The franchise model provides its partners with a key backbone of a global marketing model. The SOCOM Restoration also promises an intensive 7-day training program for all partners. The program aims to teach partners the nitty-gritty of the insurance business with the capabilities of handling customers with an insurance loss. Moreover, the franchisee partners can add on several new services to their repertoire as they see fit including bio clean-up, trauma, asbestos abetment, and meth abetment. Furthermore, franchisees will also hands-on approach from the CEO during moments of crisis. Caleb asserts, “During emergencies, I travel to the partner’s location and help them overcome potentially grave challenges.”

Chasing Growth with a Proven Process

Caleb believes as the CEO of a relatively new start-up, he must don many hats. However, when asked about his core priority, he remains convinced it is in the growth of his franchisee partners. He is bombarded with regular queries from potential partners as he makes his way to work. He keeps his partners engaged while simplifying the business model, and focussing their attention on marketing efforts.

Similarly, his team also remains proactive with helping their franchisee partners realize their potential, and fulfil it with dedicated support. They aim to focus on guiding the franchise partners through the complexities of their profession. Caleb states, “We focus on service, and strive to support our franchisees with guidance to allow them to reach their goals. We train them to be top professionals in the industry”.

SoCom Restoration

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