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Digital presence is the present and future for businesses across all domains. Over the last few years, the arrival of social media and the importance of social presence was noticed all around the world. Though the growth was gradual but with the wake of COVID-19, it was accelerated by a decade. Industries globally witnessed this overnight turnaround—where the majority of businesses were now eager to turn online. The major beneficiaries of the change were the online E-commerce companies who observed immense growth. This motivated other players to jump into the market but soon realized that they were unable to mark their presence.

This gave an opportunity to companies like Social Media 55 to cater to the needs and requirements of the budding as well as established companies. Incepted in 2014, Social Media 55 offers a wide-ranging portfolio of services which includes social media advertising, endorsement, and management.  Since its inception, it has aided numerous SMME across multiple industries to grow their digital marketing and build their social presence.

‘A La Carte’ Style

An award-winning company, Social Media 55 is a complete digital marketing agency. Especially focused on small to medium-size businesses, the company is proficient at nano-targeting through its specialized digital marketing. It helps the company in delivering unparalleled results to its clients. Presently, social media is considered an epicenter of growth and is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It has the ability to communicate and target a wide range of audiences in real-time. Social Media 55 understands and acknowledges the importance of social media which helps it to recognize the exact needs and requirements of the client.

The rapidly evolving business landscape is held tightly by the company through its extensive offerings. It offers innovative solutions that deliver the most effective strategies specialized to fit the business needs. The company’s fully customized approach allows its experienced digital marketing leaders to tailor the services to best compliment the business needs. Moreover, through its wide range of services, customers get an ample amount of time and energy to spend on the core aspects of the business. The services are designed in such a manner that it caters to any size of businesses—its ‘a la carte’ style options are designed to maximize the ability to communicate with the target audience.  The list of services includes,

  • Branding & Creative Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Advertising
  • Video & Photography
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEM, PPC & AdWords

Finger on the Right Pulse

With more than 5 years of experience in the Digital marketing industry, Social Media 55 follows the belief of having a comprehensive social media presence. The company advises businesses to be present on all the major social platforms while linking those profiles to the website. This will help the business to get a proper domain authority as social media platforms have an incredibly high domain and page authority. Furthermore, the company is specialized in B2B centralizing its entire focus on growing the clients’ business.

This has helped the company to get acknowledged with various awards and recognitions including – the winner of the Clutch 1000 B2B Award for the 3rd consecutive year. Furthermore, it has been rated as the top 1% Excellence Award of Agencies for three consecutive years by UpCity. Also, has been recognized by Neil Patel as the 5th Best Social Media Agency in the world for 2020 and referenced as experts in Niche Marketing. Its website,, has a 4.25% conversation rate for small businesses month over month for the last two years.

The unique approach of Social Media 55 has not only helped to win various awards and recognition but also help it to evaluate each clients’ current needs—further, determining which social listening platform best aligns with its goal. The company strongly feels that it has a finger on the pulse of new companies and technologies, to ensure that they are connecting the clients with the services best suited to them.

Exceptional Expertise

The man behind such an innovative and focused driven company—Joseph Rothstein, Founder, and CEO of Social Media 55. He began his career in the digital space with his passion and love for wireless and technology. Joseph spent several years working as a small business advisor for AT&T and was integral in growing Blackberry in the Canadian market. Before founding Social Media 55 in 2014, he continued to follow his passion and love by helping brands establish themselves online and developing a comprehensive strategy for small brands. With over ten years of digital marketing, social media, and SEO experience, Joseph is a driven CEO and hands-on team leader. His experience leveraged him to provide exceptional expertise in positioning SMB’s online from all over the world and a deep understanding of the competitive landscape.

Focusing on the Opportunities

The arrival of coronavirus upheld the world with a tremendous shock before anyone could realize the world was under lockdown. This crisis has caused a lot of damage to the world—especially the businesses. However, it also allowed businesses to get out of the comfort zones and survive through global pandemic with innovative ideas. “I believe due to the era of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have accelerated online activity by a decade.  What was keeping people offline for so long, overnight with COVID-19 it forced the masses to jumpstart their online careers,” says Joseph.

Joseph has asserted that the #1 priority right now is to support others especially the local businesses. Social Media 55 is facing a growing pressure that SMB’s are facing. The company was ready for remote working as some of the team members have been working from remote locations. It has team members spread in dozens of cities throughout the United States and Canada. The only change that Social Media 55 faced was that the core team could not operate from the HQ as the team was in COVID-19 “Red Zone”. In order to tackle the change, the team quickly adapted to Zoom and Google Hangouts and other preferred screen sharing and conferencing tools. “All of us have been quite fortunate and have been busy throughout the pandemic. We have had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands and entrepreneurs,” said Joseph.

Future Ready Services

Joseph believes Video, Influencer Marketing, and Podcasts departments are ready, willing, and capable to dominate over the next few years. Social Media 55 is future-ready as these three departments in the company is growing at a rapid pace. Its video production department deals in the production of social media short films and production videos. Social Media 55 provides professional E-commerce product photography services at the most affordable rates in the industry and have one of the fastest turnaround times.

Moreover, its Influencer Marketing department have hundreds of micro-influencers, athletes, public figures who are registering as Social Media 55 influencers/ambassadors. Though, the company has been fortunate to be worked with some of its favorite podcasts, are yet to launch the Social Media 55 Podcast.  It is in the works and looking forward to bring a digital marketing podcast to the table with its very own team at SM55.

Social Media 55

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