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Skyglue Inc.: Integrating Google Analytics With A Robust Add-On Tool

Skyglue Inc

In today’s challenging business domain, it has become a necessity for both small and large businesses to utilize every tool at their disposal to stay competitive and profitable. With the arrival of pioneering technologies such as Big Data, organizations need a powerful tool that can manage Big Data process and this becomes possible through__ analytics. Google Analytics (GA) is a prominent tool mostly used by data-driven organizations so that they can analysis customers’ behavior & preferences and deliver better services to them based on the generated data. However, companies have to use GA programming APIs and change the production code if they want to track any visitor click journey on their website. The entire process behind this is very time-consuming and error-prone. To simplify this tracking process, SkyGlue Inc., offers a powerful solution that focuses on making event tracking easy without developers as well as helps companies to accumulate the vital missing data for web analytics.

Offering Simplified and Beneficial Insights through Analyzed Data Reports 

Initiated in 2010, SkyGlue provides a top-rated GA add-on tool for data collection, CRM integration, and reporting. As a top-rated GA application partner, the company aids businesses to resolve real issues and puts the power of advanced web analytics in the hands of marketers and analysts. It also assists companies to learn and influence the behavior patterns of website visitors. The Fremont, CA-based company stitches all the individual visitor interaction sequences and offers individual visitor report and funnel report for website visitor insight analysis. According to organizations’ business needs, SkyGlue provides data collection tools, data reporting tools, and data integration tools. By using these add-on robust tools, companies can easily track people and actions on the web without writing any code. It also allows websites to incorporate visitor data into databases or CRM for lead optimization.

SkyGlue: A Useful and Powerful Event-Tracking Automation Tool

SkyGlue is a JavaScript-based, event-tracking automation tool. With this tool, companies can track visitors’ interactions with the HTML elements on their website in various modes __ fully automatic, partially automatic, or fully customized. This can be done by simply adding one snippet of JavaScript into their websites. It streamlines access and visualization of advanced website data usage.

Generally, the clients who utilize this tool are marketing agencies, lead generation, and e-commerce website owners. They are attracted towards SkyGlue because of the numerous benefits its offers that involve no code writing/editing, instant data availability, increased marketing effectiveness and efficiency, and saving time and money.

Utilizing Unique Tactics to Stay Ahead of the Curve

With the rise of the internet and social media, competition has increased rapidly across all industries. As a result, every organization has to deal with its competitors, satisfy the ever-growing needs of customers, and generate more avenues for revenues. The primary way of ensuring companies to stay ahead of its competitors is by managing the following things _ productivity, innovation, infrastructure, and marketing. Through its unique approach, SkyGlue keeps insights on the customers’ behavior and preferences as well as asks for feedback on the features and services so that it can improve the quality of offered services and also fulfill customers’ needs.

SkyGlue’s Latest Development in Tools

In order to fulfill the ever-growing demands of customers, organizations need to leverage advanced technologies and update their existing systems. As a GA event tracking automation tool vendor, SkyGlue upgrades its tools to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Following are SkyGlue’s tools that are updated with new features.

  • Data collection tool: This tool now supports more personalized configurations to allow group elements selections, dynamic event value setting as well as improve the performance and scalability.
  • Data reporting tool: It has modified the funnel reports that support individual visitor drill-down, funnel dropout analysis, open funnel and close funnel comparison, and more.
  • Data integration tool: This tool now supports over 50 CRMs and databases, including Salesforce, MySQL database, Oracle database, SQL server database, etc.

For further development, the company also supports two-way data integration with GA. As a result, companies can import data into GA and export data out of GA efficiently.

An Experienced Technologist Leading Organization towards Success

Eric Yi Huang is the Co-Founder and CTO of SkyGlue Inc., who created the company with a vision to make data collection and data insight discovery easy and intuitive. After getting his Ph.D. from Indiana University, Eric joined Microsoft and contributed his work in Microsoft cloud service from incubation to V1 release. Being an experienced technologist, Eric keeps a strong focus on cloud computing, distributed computing, and large data processing over the Internet.

Additionally, he has worked on several major cloud projects such as gSoap, LEAD, WS-Navigator, Biztalk Service, and Microsoft Windows Azure AppFabric. As the Co-founder of SkyGlue, Eric tries to offer solutions, which can add value to clients’ businesses. According to him, running a business alone provides a very good perspective on the world of business. However, the business can thrive only when real values are provided to customers.

The Most Scalable Google Solution

Search engine giant, Google offers various products and services around the world. According to Eric, the most scalable consumer-oriented Google solution out of all Google products is Google search. Google search handles about 63,000 searches per second and 15% of all these searches have never been searched on it before. On the other hand, the most scalable business-oriented Google solution is GA. GA is used by over 50% of websites on the internet. It tracks all visitors of the websites and generates real-time reports for them. From these generated reports, they can improve their services and deliver better customers’ experience.