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According to the conventional wisdom, ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’. From the Roman plague to the discovery of the new world in the Americas, to combating world wars – necessity has led to breath-taking modern innovations. The COVID-19 pandemic is another travesty that has forced all stakeholders to imagine a new world. A new world where technology can drive costs down unshackles employees with more autonomy and brings communication to the forefront of growth. Hence, technology isn’t a north star on a dark night today. On the contrary, technology is the equivalent of ‘open sesame’ for enterprise communication, and growth. If you are looking out for the next-gen enterprise communication mantra in business, SilexPro is a company worth looking out for.

A Futuristic Horizon  

Every technology or innovation is carved into a vision before it finally surfaces, and takes the real world by storm. SilexPro, launched in 2015 envisioned a unique meeting world experience by engaging all senses. The company today offers automated and full-fledged video conferencing collaboration solutions. The vision ahead of its time understood the limitations of our virtual experiences and imagined something far more elegant. A few years back, the company had introduced solutions like Silex PTE Center of Table solutions. This unique all-in-one group collaboration system has been used by prestigious organizations and government entities alike for professional conferencing and is likely to become an item of choice after COVID-19 since it provides natural social distancing. The company foresaw the downfall of group collaborations during a crisis like the COVID-19, and prepared solutions that are easy to use, intuitive, and brought enormous productivity on-board for enterprises.

According to Ronald Hajj, the passionate team at SilexPro is the major driver of its success. Their ability to bring positive disruption to their clients and empowerment of clients to drive their technological prowess will continue to motivate the team

Innovative Offerings

Companies like SilexPro have been very instrumental in overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID-19. SilexPro has been revolutionizing communication technology, mainly conferencing and collaboration solutions for several years. However, during the covid-19 crisis, people have realized the importance of seemingly small human factors such as maintaining eye contact during conferences. The virtual nature of work has forced people to take communication far more seriously than ever before. Moreover, it has also driven demand for better audio-visual experience for virtual conferences. During the crisis, SilexPro has launched a series of new collaboration solutions that are easy to use, plug and play and of high quality. These solutions are suitable for any person working remotely or from the office, having a technical background or not. The COVID-19 crisis is likely to be a boon for early-birds like SilexPro, which has foreseen the challenges of virtual communication.

SilexPro has launched a variety of solutions to meet the on-going challenges. This includes High quality/Low Cost Bluetooth headsets, wireless speakers, Portable USB touch screens, All-in-One USB cameras, Flexible USB DocumentCam/WebCam, All-in-One smart projectors and more. Moreover, the technology also engages viewers keeping in mind factors like ease of use and easy integration to further enterprise communication needs.

Furthermore, SilexPro devices have proven very effective in improving productivity at numerous organizations. One such example is the single-click wireless presentation systems introduced to share content in a click from up to 4 presenters. This has resulted in tremendous traction for SilexPro through a positive response from its customers. On their continuous efforts to upgrade the services and solutions, the CEO of SilexPro, Ronald Hajj comments, “Our customers reach out to us for our exemplary innovation and cutting-edge customization advantages. As long as we stay ahead of the curve in solving traditional problems in regular meetings, we will continue to rain in the storm of innovation in the digital meeting world.”

A New Model for E-Learning

The field of e-learning has received a major uplift during the COVID-19 crisis. On one hand, many teachers unfamiliar with technology, unfamiliar with etiquettes of virtual communication are surfing the wave of e-learning. Moreover, there are many expensive technology solutions that promise a seamless experience. However, the seamlessness of the experience is often limited by connecting programs. Hence, SilexPro’s  High Quality/Low Cost series of intuitive and plug and play devices (such as multiuse Document/Webcam and portable USB touch screens) is ideal for those looking for easy to use solutions offering a high quality for professional use such as in e-learning.

As schools are under constant public scrutiny during the pandemic, the e-learning model will likely become an important reality for many. Hence, designing a foundation for tomorrow’s learning model has become essential. Many also report positive stories for children as colleges are forced to cut-down fees for next year. The constant pressure to move downwards in costs, and growing demand for innovation in technology, will likely spur growth for SilexPro in the near future.

A Mantra for Success

Building a smart virtual room for innovative communication has become essential for office workers, as well as for freelancers. Moreover, in corporate settings, virtual conferences have become significant as these offer cost-saving advantage, and help increase productivity for many employees. SilexPro offers a bundle of suits for remote employees, freelancers, and employees working from the office as well. These include cost effective teleconferencing accessories like quality Bluetooth headsets, portable touch screens, HD Cameras with wireless mics, flexible multiuse document/web cameras and all-in-one smart projectors. This helps provide a seamless experience to all participants from any location.

The Challenging Road Ahead

Economists worldwide anticipate major challenges for businesses on the road ahead. The COVID-19 crisis will likely exacerbate the economic crisis for many during the pandemic. Moreover, the social distancing guidelines will make it even more difficult to bring productivity back to pre-COVID levels. The management of SilexPro understands that it is important for businesses to invest in modern innovative solutions to find a new way to achieve growth objectives. SilexPro management has empowered its workforce with simplistic and innovative solutions to meet the challenges ahead.

The company focuses on taking e-learning to the next level with its rich offerings in the coming years. According to Ronald Hajj, the company will up its offering in the coming months, along with new solutions to tackle the foreseen challenges and to set the trends for the post-COVID19 “return to normal life” period


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