SENLA: Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technologies for Delivering Proficient Software Testing Services


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In the present technological world, customer satisfaction is emerging as a critical business function responsible for driving organizations’ growth. This has resulted in organizations adopting new trends and emerging digital technologies to increase the overall customers’ experience.

Quality Assurance (QA) plays a significant role in this, helping organizations deliver high-quality and flawless products to consumers. Leveraging latest software testing & QA tools, SENLA with its top-notch team of QA specialists delivers trustworthy and efficient software testing & QA services to enterprises all over the world.

Initiated in 2012, SENLA is a prominent software development and consulting company, which offers enterprise software development and testing services to companies who seek assistance from proven manual and automated testing professionals. Its development offices are based in the UK, Poland, Croatia, and Israel. Till date, SENLA has catered its multiple software testing services across numerous industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Logistics, Healthcare and Insurance, E-commerce.

Comprehensive Range of Testing Services

SENLA offers multiple software testing services that includes functional testing, module testing, system testing, acceptance testing, cross-platform testing, integration testing, usability testing, localization testing, UI testing, performance testing, security testing, configuration testing, compatibility testing, and mobile testing.

For this, its expert team relies on Tried-and-True quality assurance process with its 6-step plot: choosing the right testing strategy, outlining testing activities to be performed, choosing the right tools, executing the testing activity, delivering reports, and providing test results and recommendations.

The clients who hire SENLA for its software testing services receive benefits such as high quality work, scope of implementing latest testing softwares, completion of projects within stipulated timeframe, advanced level of transparency during the entire testing process, a ceaseless collaboration between SENLA’s experts and clients’ teams, and understandable and apparent project results.

Making a Significant Difference in the Industry Through its USP

A USP defines the key factor or characteristic that sets a company apart from its competitors. When it comes to SENLA, the leading software testing company’s USP is its comprehensive range of offerings based on expert opinions and rich domain background.

What began as a small QA vendor company is now recognized as one of the QA market leaders having its own QA School. Impressively, SENLA was the first company to set up and organize technical courses in four universities and groom top-notch engineers for the future.

Employees’ Leading Organizations towards Growth and Success

The performance of an organization depends on how earnestly and efficiently its employees accomplish their given tasks. Their technical skills, knowledge acumen, troubleshooting capabilities, and outcome-oriented mindset make them the backbone of the organization. SENLA’s USP being its workforce comprises of 200+ certified technical specialists with degrees in programming, mathematics, physics, and engineering. The certified technical specialists are able to create solid solutions that meet the requirements of their customers’ demands and likewise deliver high quality solutions to their clients. In addition to this, SENLA’s annual growth of staff and financial turnover is 20% showing that its employees are assisting in the QA & testing company’s growth.

A Forward-Thinking Leader Ensuring SENLA’s Rapid Growth & Continued Success

Igor Danilov, the Co-Founder of SENLA established the firm with a mission to provide enterprises with the most recent technologies and cutting-edge development processes to ensure that they enjoy benefits over the competitors. As the Co-founder of SENLA, Igor has his fair share of responsibilities and challenges. However, the most challenging part about his job is to administrate a vast team of professionals, work with legacy technologies of the clients as well as enhance the company’s growth and revenue. Therefore, in order to accomplish this, Igor along with his fellow team is always trying to explain the customers of how they can optimize the development process to reduce their financial investments and time.

Igor’s passionate outlook and impressive professional background has ultimately contributed towards SENLA’s market dominance. Under his mentorship, the company has accomplished prestigious achievements. To name a few, SENLA was verified as a TOP software development supplier by, Extract, ITFirms and DesignRush – American IT research companies.

Facing the Future Head-On

Every fast-growing organization faces a series of challenges. However, recognizing and overcoming these pitfalls beforehand is what truly preps up the company for the future in the competitive marketplace. Being a fastest growing company, SENLA often faces the constant obstacle of streamlining and automating multiple business processes. Another factor that puts it on high alert is the emerging industry trends. To tackle these issues head-on, SENLA’s expert team frequently attends various effective conferences and arranges internal and external brainstorming sessions to discuss issues and exchange knowledge & ideas.

Upcoming Trends in the QA & Testing Industry

SENLA’s team has witnessed few emerging trends and technologies that are bound to dominate the industry this year. These upcoming QA & Testing trends include early adoption of digital technologies by businesses and effective use of API, testing of the internet of things (IoT), maximum protection against cyber attacks, and utilizing technologies such as Blockchain, AI and machine learning. Furthermore, Igor shares that the demands for security professionals will also increase; experts who will precisely evaluate the functionality of security systems and keep data safe from hacking. Undoubtedly, these technological trends will transform the conventional QA methodology and tools and take it to a completely new level.

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