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Technology has become an integral part of almost every business today. While some businesses are using technology to scale up and grow rapidly, some are still unaware of the massive untapped potential of technology. Thus to bridge this gap and open up a plethora of opportunities for businesses, Mukesh Maran (Founder and Director) founded SegWitz in 2019. SegWitz is a Puchong, Malaysia-based IT company providing custom software solutions for startups, SMEs, and corporate clients.

Prior to founding SegWitz, Mukesh was offering his IT consultancy and web development services since 2017. He consulted several companies that had outsourced their development to a vendor. He also helped companies that faced problems with their software projects, fixing them and bringing them back on track. However, when the demand started growing, he started hiring developers and established SegWitz. Since then, SegWitz is on a mission to help businesses utilize technology to their advantage.

Customized IT Services and Solutions

SegWitz aims to be the leading IT services company in Malaysia. Building on its technologies, competencies, and customer interests, the company strives to create value for its stakeholders and customers. Thus, it focuses on the intersection of its client’s emerging needs, acceleration of business, and technological change, and provides customized services and solutions allow businesses to streamline workflow and improve productivity. These solutions include,

  • Custom Web Development: Web UI/UX Design, Development, Service Desk, Infrastructure, Optimization, Coding, Support.
  • Custom Mobile Apps Development: UI/UX Design, Development, Infrastructure, Advisory, Optimization, Coding, Support.

These solutions are provided by SegWitz’s team of passionate developers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving the problems with technology to meet the business needs. Being the Founder and Director, Mukesh spearheads the team. His main role is setting the direction of the company as well as directly dealing with the clients. Moreover, he is in charge of sales as well. He works alongside several mentors and business coaches that help and guide him to make key decisions. He is leveraging his experience in software development and programming to drive SegWitz towards unparalleled growth.

Helping Businesses go Digital

The devastating outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the software landscape. Several businesses and individuals have realized the importance of technology as a powerful tool that can help reduce costs and increase revenue by creating a new selling channel. Due to the pandemic restrictions, several companies started selling online by developing new mobile apps or web apps.

Consequently, unlike other companies, the crisis benefitted SegWitz significantly. The company saw an increase in its revenue during the lockdown. Moreover, several companies hired SegWitz for consultancy, mobile application development, as well as web application development. To cope with the increasing demand, the company had to expand. Thus, it started hiring more developers.

On the contrary, a number of software developers and programmers lost their jobs during the lockdown. As a result, they shifted towards freelancing and started offering their services at an affordable (lower rate) price. Thus, SegWitz stopped making business websites and shifted its focus towards custom web app and mobile app development. “SegWitz has a great team of passionate web app and mobile app developers and we are directing our resources and experience in providing our expertise for businesses to digitize,” said Mukesh.

Unmatched Work Quality

Remote working has become an integral part of the new normal. SegWitz was prepared for the transition to remote working as the company had the work from home culture even before the pandemic. Hence when the lockdown was imposed, the company was able to continue with its current projects as it had the required remote working tools in place and an already trained team to use them. Regardless of the changes made due to the pandemic, SegWitz’s team put its client’s project quality in the first place and ensured optimum work quality.

Projects Lined up for the Future

Mukesh believes that in the near future, more companies are going to set aside a budget to invest in bespoke software to digitize their operations and/or to find a new business model or to start a whole new tech startup. Preparing for the future, SegWitz is currently planning several new packages including—SegWitz ReInvent, SegWitz ScaleUp, SegWitz Digitize, and SegWitz Startup.

SegWitz ReInvent will offer web app redevelopment and mobile app revamping services. As a lot of custom softwares used by companies are out to date and have numerous bugs, SegWitz is providing its expertise to rebuild such softwares. SegWitz ScaleUp helps emerging businesses leverage technology to grow. Moreover, SegWitz Digitize digitizes and/or automates business operations to enhance quality and reduce error rate as well as reduce costs. Lastly, SegWitz Startup helps startups that are in the idea stage to build web/mobile apps to start.

SegWitz did an in-depth study on its client base and realized that the aforementioned are the packages the company is experienced with. “Therefore, once the world gets back up from the COVID era and economy starts booming, it will be the right time for SegWitz to start pitching for the right companies,” added Mukesh.


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