Seebo: Using Industrial AI to Predict and Prevent Manufacturing Disruptions


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Manufacturing companies face numerous issues that affect yield, particularly problems in the production line. In order to address these problems, production line data must be available, insightful, and relevant for teams on the factory floor. Smart factory solutions offered by Seebo automatically translate data from production processes into intuitive, visual, and actionable insights for quality and maintenance teams, process engineers, and management.

In an exclusive chat with Mirror Review, Seebo CEO and Co-Founder LiorAkavia speaks about the Industry 4.0 solutions offered by the company. Lior also explains Seebo’s strategy to deliver tools that help manufacturing companies optimize their production processes. Here are the extracts.

What are your thoughts on the current industry 4.0 technological sector? What type of trends have you observed over the last few years?

One of the strongest trends I’ve seen is the growing maturation of industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use in process manufacturing. Machine Learning (ML) and digital twinning  are the key enabling technologies for Industry 4.0 solutions today. For instance, take a look at predictive maintenance. Ongoing equipment and line failure has a massive impact on the manufacturing bottom line and it’s one of the most common causes of unplanned downtime, which costs manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually. Nearly half of that downtime stems from asset malfunction.

Predictive maintenance cuts out a large swath of unplanned downtime by enabling just-in-time maintenance using ML and artificial neural networks to predict asset malfunction. These predictions not only reduce downtime, but also cut costs by extending the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of production machines and equipment. Learning how to apply this developing technology and reap its benefits is the next challenge in the sector and it starts with determining clients’ primary business problems, as well as the right industrial AI approach to solve it. Seebo solutions are designed specifically for process manufacturing, where process failures are the prime root causes of downtime. Other software vendors provide solutions for discrete manufacturing, where mechanical failure of motors and bearings is the more common cause for downtime.

When was Seebo established? What are the core values and mission of your company?

Seebo was established in 2012. We’re pioneering process-based industrial AI solutions that empower manufacturers to predict and prevent disruptions in manufacturing under a particular downtime and quality issues. We deliver predictive quality, predictive maintenance, and production line intelligence solutions with unparalleled simplicity and accuracy.

Our customers use our Industrial IoT platform to infuse their manufacturing expertise into AI without the complexities of data science. The result is accurate and actionable production insights for operational teams that boost overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improve quality, and minimize maintenance costs.

Brief us about the services and solutions offered by Seebo. Which is your latest best seller service/solution?

The Seebo Industrial IoT Platform is the backbone of our solutions. The platform is Process-based industrial AI with tools that enable quick, code-free configuration and customization of the solutions, like Seebo Production Line Intelligence. This solution helps manufacturers set and track operational KPIs, prioritize problem-solving, investigate root causes, and take corrective actions. The Seebo Predictive Quality and Maintenance solution uses AI technology to automatically surface upcoming manufacturing disruptions, with root cause insights..

Our Process-Based Predictive Analytics automatically translates the business use cases into rule-driven alerts, and uses supervised and unsupervised ML to automatically and consistently derive actionable insights from historical data and real-time data.

Seebo Automated Root Cause Analysis detects the possible root causes of actual and forecasted production problems using anomaly detection, pattern analysis, and correlation analysis. Automated RCA is critical to improving operational speed, because it reduces the time and efforts for problem investigation, resolution, and prevention.

Our Digital Twin Analytics is a unique tool that makes it possible for users to visualize the manufacturing KPIs, alerts, and reports in the context of the production processes. It provides managers with complete operational intelligence, from the site level, through production lines, to specific machines, and individual sensors.

What makes your company stand out in the market?

Most Industry 4.0 solutions are plagued by a lack of contextual data on the production process, giving rise to false positives and misidentified root causes for problems. Seebo is the only process-based AI solution that provides accurate predictive insights which are based on data from the entire production line environment, including batch data, ERP and quality monitoring software, and production line processes.

Leading companies worldwide use Seebo to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), minimize maintenance costs, and continually improve quality.

Seebo also focuses on delivering value to teams on the factory floor as well as plant executives. Everyone from shift operators to process and QA engineers can use Seebo’s process-based Digital Twin and Production Line Intelligence solution to monitor the line, identify and investigate problems, take corrective actions, and get alerted before future problems occur. And, they can do it all without mastering data science.


Describe your roles & responsibilities as the CEO of the company. Which is your favorite part of this role?

Beyond managing the overall direction of the company, the favorite aspect of my work is working directly with customers, which includes listening to the problems that are keeping them from reaching their operational goals, brainstorming potential solutions with them, and getting feedback from them about our future directions. There’s amazing talent within our customers. When we combine their knowledge with the professional expertise of the Seebo team, we end up solving problems in practical ways. It’s exciting to see how we are making process-based AI mainstream.

Seebo boasts a talented and experienced team of top professionals, who are leading the way towards making our world connected. They are the chains at the core of Seebo’s DNA, consisting product designers, software and firmware engineers, manufacturing and hardware integration, as well as business development and marketing professionals. Mix in a culture of passion, creativity, innovation, commitment, and fun, Seebo creates magic that brings Industry 4.0 solutions to life.

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