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Scribe Technology Solutions’ roots date back to 2001 when Mark D. Boyce (CEO and President) noticed that a very small amount of the information generated during a patient encounter was used to better the delivery and documentation of healthcare. He noticed that both providers and patients would benefit by combining technology to capture and later to manipulate and analyze that information. Consequently, with an innovative approach of using patient data to better inform providers in order to improve their productivity and profitability, he decided to step into the healthcare field and established Scribe Technology Solutions.

As technology was not solving the issues presented to the providers, the company first looked at better ways to complete clinical documentation focusing on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and patient encounters. Recently, Scribe has found solutions to improve its billing, coding, and revenue cycle management solutions for all healthcare providers. Moreover, the widespread adaption of mobile phones and devices provided a foundation for the company to connect its innovative technology to the providers–giving them a ‘platform in their hands’ that would improve their profitability, productivity, and patient care.

Wide Spectrum of Solutions

Scribe provides a complete family of patient encounter workflow solutions to record, manage, complete, and communicate clinical documentation that can be combined in any way to solve the individual organization’s needs. The company works with each practice to learn about the providers’ workflow and goals to engineer the processes that fit best. It premiere solutions include,

  • ScribeTeleCare:

It is a telehealth solution designed and created by and for healthcare professionals. The flexible architecture allows for a virtual replication of a provider’s physical office workflow. This tool can be used with or without the documentation component. Moreover, providers can support the care of their patients and facilitate reimbursement with one tool.

  • ScribeMobile:

It is an app for both Android and iOS devices that gives providers greater freedom to focus on their patients instead of being tied to their computers and keyboards. The application gives providers the ability to capture patient encounters quickly and efficiently, and the ability to review, approve, and access patient documents and schedules at any time, and any place.

  • LiveScribe:

It gives providers the option of having a remote scribe to listen and record the patient encounter in real-time, resulting in more focus on the patient, faster, and accurate documentation as the EMR is completed by the scribe during the encounter. Moreover, with the addition of Livescribe to ScribeMobile, providers can further extend the capabilities of their devices by connecting to a remote (virtual) scribe in real-time to complete encounters.

Scribe’s each practice values the work its sales engineers do to uniquely tailor the solutions by listening and understanding the workflows and goals of the providers. “Our ability to utilize innovative technology within familiar technology such as mobile devices gives providers the flexibility to practice medicine on their terms,” said Mark.

An Experienced and Well-versed Torchbearer

Mark has more than three decades of management experience in finance, operations, marketing, and technology. He has worked with companies such as IBM, where he helped to start the IBM PC division. Later at Anixter, he was instrumental in formulating the strategy that fueled their growth from a $500 million company to a $1.5 billion company.

Being the CEO at Scribe, Mark has led the company operations since its inception. Besides leadership, he also takes part in designing the technology for the solutions. “One area that I enjoy working on—though not typically done by a CEO—is to continue working on architecting the technology for our solutions,” adds Mark.  Having his roots in computer science, Mark also enjoys getting into the core of the programs.

Uninterrupted Customer Service

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted all aspects of the healthcare landscape. In the documentation of healthcare, the acceptance and widespread use of telemedicine has been a major change due to the pandemic. Though the technology had been previously available, the restrictions on in-person medical appointments fueled the demand for good telemedicine practices.

As both patients and doctors become more accustomed to this change and insurers set new reimbursement policies, the use of telehealth visits is expected to remain a viable option for many types of visits. In these testing times, Scribe has been relentlessly serving its customers. Though some providers were not able to see patients through the entire pandemic, most are back to a full capacity in their practice. ScribeTeleCare was launched in the first quarter of 2020, which turned out to be essential throughout the pandemic.

Not missing a Stride

Unlike several companies who scrambled as their workforce started working from home, Scribe didn’t miss a stride when the pandemic hit. Addressing its core mission of serving the providers, Scribe’s team understood what additional burdens providers faced during the pandemic and continued to provide the quality of service that keeps its customers happy.

A majority of Scribe’s staff is a blend of employees from other companies that have merged with Scribe. Mark believes in the expertise each employee brings to make the best choices within the framework of the company’s goals and missions. “By not limiting our pool to one geographic area, we can attract the best of the best,” he added.

The growing Telecare Trend

As patients and providers adapt the regular use of telecare for numerous appointments, the telecare trend is expected to grow, particularly for specific types of appointments such as follow-up and behavioral health visits. Making the most of these opportunities, Scribe is continuing to work on improving its current solutions and developing new ways that providers can improve their productivity, profitability, and patient care. The company believes that its flexibility and expertise will rise to every challenge in the near future.

Scribe Technology

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