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Scott Brown

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Today, numerous leaders are rapidly emerging across varying industries. The healthcare industry and its multitude of substance abuse treatment centers is no exception.  

Nestled in the quaint bedroom community of Murrieta, California, Solution Based Treatment (SBT) is recognized as the predominant leader within the southwestern anchor of the Inland Empire. At its helm is the dynamic and charismatic force of Scott Brown who serves as the organization’s founder, CEO, and visionary. Driven by an innate desire to do life-changing and meaningful work, Brown has his sights set on the betterment of tomorrow and is committed to helping people free themselves from their addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other mental health issues. Under his auspices, SBT has transformed itself into one of the most sought-after centers in the region.   

Our interviewing team was comfortably positioned directly across Brown’s rather immaculate desk. It is a large workspace and atop it rests different monitors; an expensive box mod; yellow note pad and Montblanc pen. A 65” television rests behind his desk and below that a decorative sign that reads, “Remember where you came from.”

Brown, clad in pricey jeans and TravisMathew polo, sits at ease behind his desk.  His demeanor is relaxed and there is a confidence about him that borders on cocky but never actually crosses that line. His tattooed sleeves deliver a definite sense of, “Been there. Done that.” 

He grins—a contagious boyish grin—“I hear you’ve got some questions for me.”

And so our interview began.      

We Begin, At the Beginning

When Brown established SBT, his primary aim was to help individuals empower themselves to reach their highest potential. Covering the spectrum from sub-acute detox and residential care to partial hospitalization and outpatient services, SBT’s curriculum is rooted in the 12 steps and supported with onsite psychotherapy, individual and group counselling. It also provides mental health, psychiatric, and medication management services. 

Additionally, SBT’s clinical, psychiatric, and medical teams have always been more robust than it is required for baseline Substance Abuse Disorder treatment, states Brown. Due to this, its medical and psychiatric services–in conjunction with addiction specialists–are uniquely positioned to fulfil the pent-up and ever-increasing demand for these highly sought-after services.  

Alongside its expansive offerings, Brown credits the organization’s success to the courageous individuals—usually those broken emotionally, physically, and spiritually—that sought help and placed themselves in SBT’s care. “These are beautiful people that choose a different path, a different way, and a different life. It’s because of them that I get up every morning,” asserts Brown.  

Moreover, a bulk of Scott’s treatment team and a vast majority of SBT’s staff (including Brown) are recovering addicts actively working their programs. “We suit up. We show up. And we strive to walk-the-talk on a daily basis,” he adds.   

From Rags to Riches

Throughout his professional career, Brown has been involved in various aspects of sales and marketing. Sales and lead generation are the core parts of his existence. Brown knows how to garner interest, drive traffic, and close deals. Ensuring he could help a majority of people and their loved ones get the help they deserve, he leveraged this expertise and applied it to the front-end of the treatment paradigm. 

Brown has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. However, he believes all those to be pale in comparison to what he has managed to do at SBT. “Given the tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice by some critical individuals—what began as a passionately fuelled pipe dream has turned into this incredibly personal and live-saving endeavor,” continues Brown. “I’m humbled by what we’ve been able to accomplish here.”   

Catering to the Increasing Demands

Since the advent of the pandemic, addiction and mental health markers across the globe have been steadily increasing. The subsequent and indefinite continuation of environmental and societal restrictions has further propelled the challenges. “We are experiencing various upticks in inquiries about—and demand for—enhanced treatment services. And the scope and severity of mental health issues being identified by our admission’s team and clinicians are ever-increasing,” asserts Brown. 

“We’ll do what we have always done—adapt.”

The pandemic created an environment of unprecedented and rapid transformation. From initial phone conversations with individuals and their loved ones to preliminary screeners and assessments—the conversation changed. “While safeguarding our clients and dedicated staff members has always been core to our business, it was exemplified in the face of a global pandemic,” states Brown. Heeding to the pandemic, SBT made quick adjustments throughout the organization. 

According to Brown, the key factor and primary reason behind the company’s success is that the modifications it implemented were designed to be fluid. Anticipating the ever-evolving situation, SBT continuously braced its staff and clients for future adjustments.  “As policies and regulations continue to morph—we’ll do what we have always done—adapt,” he adds. 

“Scott Brown tells it like it is”

Brown is a man who pushes himself out there, speaks the truth, and encourages others to be the best versions of themselves. Brown adds that one needs to be honest with themselves and commit to being honest with everyone else to be truly successful.

At the end of the day, I want the people that I work with, work for, and those who work for me to say, ‘Like him or not, agree with him or not, Scott Brown tells it like it is. He always shoots straight. And I always know where I stand when I’m dealing with him,” concludes Brown.

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