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Dedicated to a mission to create and deploy Artificial Intelligent (AI) Chatbots to solve customer jobs to be done, Sciensio is a leading company in the Customer Experience Management (CEM) sector. It has developed AI Chatbots that deliver deep and engaging customer conversations on multiple channels, such as SMS, Web Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and more, to enable users to ask a question and get an answer, in seconds.

To gain more insights about Sciensio’s Chatbot capabilities, we asked their Co-founder and CEO, Chuck Elias, about their strategy for customer retention. He said that the most important factor in satisfying customers is to understand their specific jobs to be done. Chuck explained that companies today have enormous amounts of customer data, but often struggle to ask a basic question: what job is the customer hiring my product to do and does my product do it better than anything else?

According to Chuck, by focusing on this simple question, companies can begin the journey toward exceptional CEM, which Gartner defines as, “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.” 

Filling the Voids in the CEM Market

While companies use call centers, websites, and staff for customer service, delivering cost efficient, text based support at scale has not been available until now. According to Chuck, since everyone has a phone and can text, everyone is reachable, wherever they are. And since 98% of texts are read (most in under five seconds), messages are read and reacted to quickly. By combining the texting channel, with powerful AI and identity based responses, Sciensio’s AI Chatbots provide the specific information the customer needs, instantly.

Sciensio’s conversation design and natural language AI means that customers simply text, in the same way they would text a friend for advice or support. The bot responds immediately, with a natural and intuitive experience that customers enjoy using. Sciensio’s award winning AI Chatbots consistently deliver a greater than 95% Correct Response Rate to customer questions. Any questions the bot does not understand can be quickly transferred to another support channel, so customer support reps only work on the most complex and highest value customer needs.

CEO, Combining Strategy with Flawless Execution for Sciensio

Prior to Co-founding Sciensio, Chuck was a senior executive with several blue-chip companies and startups in the U.S. and in China. He has led business turnaround and growth in some of the most complex business environments. Chuck believes passionately in developing talent and creating a culture of rapid iteration and improvement. He says it’s not necessarily the big wins that are most important, but rather, the constant and relentless daily focus on removing friction internally and throughout the customer experience.

As the CEO of Sciensio, Chuck focuses on the overall business strategy, the product roadmap, and attracting and developing talent across all areas of the company. “It starts with having a ‘good enough’ business strategy and addressable market, and then attracting and developing great talent, who can deliver short-term results while also building the long-term capabilities needed for success.” 

Wide Range of Customer Service AI Chatbots by Sciensio

Sciensio’s AI Chatbots are used in a wide range of industries including healthcare, professional and collegiate sports, and trade shows. Having won more than a dozen industry awards, Sciensio’s EventBots line of products are the talk of the Events Industry. These AI Chatbots are specifically designed to address the needs of event participants and producers. Event participants simply ask a question and get an answer about the event, over any texting channel. This anytime, anywhere access to information (typically with <3 second response) is revolutionizing event communication with instant answers to such questions as “Where do I park? What’s the agenda? and “What should I wear?” Event producers get a powerful new channel to reach their event participants, along with a complete written record of every need and reduced support costs.

Sciensio’s most successful clients view AI Chatbots not as a technology, but as a valuable team member.  But unlike humans, EventBots answer exactly the way you want, every time, never get tired, sick or bored, and can handle thousands of disparate questions simultaneously. They are also continually learning and getting smarter over time, so event staff only have to deal with the most complex participant needs.

Developing Streamlined Strategies to Enrich Customer Experience

Sciensio’s relentless focus on removing friction has enabled it reduce the time to create and deploy an AI Chatbot from months — to weeks, days, and even minutes. Their custom AI Chatbots can typically be deployed in just few weeks and are fully operational and answering millions of questions within six weeks. Their self-service AI Chatbots can be deployed by the end customer in less than twenty minutes. Rapid deployment, high iteration, and continuous learning delivers higher and deeper customer engagement and ultimately, higher ROI for our clients.

Targeting New Industries with Rapid Chatbot Improvements 

Sciensio’s AI Chatbot platform enables it to build high engagement Chatbots for virtually any industry. Recognized by Google as one of only five recommended AI Chatbot providers, Sciensio uses leading edge technologies to provide a natural and engaging customer support experience.

Sciensio“The Early Days of AI Chat”, says the CEO of Sciensio

As a business problem solver and technologist, Chuck recognized early on the power of text based AI conversations to revolutionize customer service. He states: “when the web first arrived, we struggled to figure out how companies and customers wanted to use the channel for customer support. Today, every business has a website, and soon every business will have an AI Chatbot answering their customer questions.”

When asked about what advice he would give to those looking to enter the AI Chatbots space, Chuck stated, “Focus intently on the customer, create a natural conversation that they want to engage in, and solve their ‘job to be done’ better than any other tool… and you can win.”

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